Angry Birds Journey Best Guide 2022 | How to Solve Puzzles and Clear More Levels

Angry Birds Journey: Angry Birds is one such name that needs no introduction.

It is a truly iconic game in the entire gaming industry and continues to rule over it along with a few counterparts. 

The Angry Birds series is specially designed for players looking for an easy, comfortable, and fun game.

It is quick and doesn’t require much effort or commitment from the player’s side.

These games are easy on the mind and you can play them and drop them as per your wish.  

One new addition to the popular series is Angry Birds Journey, which was just launched in January 2022.

It features the traditional gameplay that the game is supposedly popular for.

Nonetheless, there are many new and modernized elements added to the game as well.

For all the fanatics, Angry Birds Journey is like a breath of fresh air!

It is traditional cum modern, fun, relaxing, and challenging at the same time! 

To help you get started on your journey, we have mentioned below an extensive Angry Birds Journey Beginner’s Guide!

It will add considerably to your gameplay regardless of whether you are a beginner or not. 

This guide comprises 8 different Angry Birds Journey Tips, Tricks & Strategies that will teach you How to Solve Puzzles and Clear More Levels easily in the game. 

Let’s have a look. 

Angry Birds Journey Beginner’s Guide

If you have played some other Angry Birds games before, you would already be aware of the basics.

For those who don’t know, the primary idea in the game is to pass through the large range of levels provided in the game.

On each level, you will be tossing your trusty pals from a heavy slingshot for overthrowing the pig and his structures.

Defeating this pig is your main objective in the game. 

You will gradually be unlocking different kinds of birds that will not only smash into the strictures but also have some distinct traits and abilities to offer.

They will come in handy for some specific situations. 

Having said that, it’s time to look at some Angry Birds Journey Tips, Tricks & Strategies to help you make the most of this game. 

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Angry Birds Journey Tips, Tricks & Strategies | How to Solve Puzzles and Clear More Levels

Now that you know a few basics, let’s have a look at some effective Angry Birds Journey Tips, Tricks & Strategies that will boost your gameplay to a great extent.

If you wish to know How to Solve Puzzles and Clear More Levels, read these tips carefully: 

Get Acquainted With The Different Birds

The first and foremost trick to being incredible at the game is to be well-acquainted with the birds.

Angry Birds Journey features a range of unique birds, each one having a special trait of its own.

They feature distinct colours and shapes.

These include The Yellow Bird, The Pink Bird, The Black Bird, The Silver Bird, and The Red Bird. 

It is crucial to know what each of the birds does because, for every shot, you will need a specific kind of bird to cause a specific kind of damage. 

To make things simpler, we have mentioned below all the different birds in Angry Birds Journey along with their characteristics: 

  • Chuck (The Yellow Bird) : The Yellow Bird, featuring a triangle shape. It makes its first contact with all the structures from a far-right point. From there, it goes on to pass through all the blocks, cutting them horizontally. 
  • Bomb (The Black Bird): The Bomb is The Black Bird of the game which, as you would expect, is a large, round bird. As soon as it gets in contact with a block, it immediately explodes! As a result, it causes damage to a specific amount of area surrounding the point of immediate contact. 
  • Silver (The Silver Bird): Just like Chuck, The Yellow Bird, Silver also passes through the block, cutting the area. However, unlike Chuck, it does so vertically and in the lower direction from the point of immediate contact. It is also known as The Silver Bird of Angry Birds Journey. 
  • Stella (The Pink Bird): After getting in touch with a block, The Pink Bird creates a little bubble surrounding her. And any block in her proximity gets captured by her. Then she separates them from her and moves them in the upper direction. Stella, The Pink Bird is amazing at putting together combos by tossing a few blocks in the direction of other structures. 
  • Red (The Red Bird): Last but not least, we have The Red Bird. This one needs no introduction because it is certainly the iconic Angry Bird in the history of the game. Red is good at darting into all parts of the area and clearing everything that comes in his path. The Red Bird repeats this a few times during each shot. 

And that was all about the birds of Angry Birds Journey!

Your half of the conflict is sorted once you thoroughly understand each one of these and their abilities.

To be able to use them to their maximum potential, this becomes important. 

Every Structure Is Different

In the first point, you looked at the variety of birds in the Angry Birds Journey game.

Just like that, there are also different structures in the game that the pigs use.

To name them all, you will be able to find wood, stone, as well as glass variants that are available in the game right from the start.

All of these have some unique properties that are activated after getting struck. 

Similar to birds, it is also crucial to understand more about different structures as well.

You must know how each one of these responds to damage so that you plan your shots accordingly. 

To give you a better understanding, the glass in Angry Birds Journey is the weakest structure of all.

Just like in the real world, it is delicate and hence, breaks into pieces very quickly.

You will be able to topple it just with a minimal amount of effort.

So when it comes to glass, you can consider inflicting chain reactions by tossing the glass over your opponents or other buildings and structures. 

On the contrary, the wood variant is not that flexible and neither does it break so easily.

However, the hardest kind of structure is Stone for which you will need explicit hits to cause destruction.

Alternatively, you can also explode the TNT Crate to deal with stone structures. 

To make the fairest choices, you must keep all of this in mind.  

Blocks And Other Entities 

There are numerous blocks as well as other entities in the game that are connected with structures.

It is worth noting that different blocks in Angry Birds Journey act differently.

Some of these are bolted whereas some blocks can’t be annihilated at all.

There are many more and hence, it becomes important for you to understand it all.

This way, you will be able to use blocks to your advantage in the game. 

These include Mystery Blocks, Bolted Blocks, Jelly Blocks, Linked Blocks, Hatchling Balloons, Hatchling Cages, Targets, Chains, and Fireflies. 

Take Weaknesses Into Account, If Any   

Apart from just fulfilling the different objectives, Angry Birds Journey also helps you in progression.

This is why you must always try to play the game as efficiently as possible.

This will let you finish off your stages much quicker and easier. 

By the term ‘efficiently’, what we mean is that you must always try to complete these objectives using a minimal number of moves.

When you give rise to enormous chain reactions, it not only looks amazing but also helps you tackle harder levels in the long term.

Hence, practising efficiency is pretty crucial to the game and will let you make the most of it.  

The best way perhaps to play the Angry Birds Journey game efficiently is to look for any weakness in the levels.

Once you spot it, you directly aim for that weakness using the suitable kind of birds. 

For instance, some of such weaknesses may comprise certain elements of a level that are stuck by bolts or stacks of stones that are held up by delicate wooden walls.

When you destroy them, these may result in rockslides falling on your opponents. 

As mentioned earlier, not all structures are of the same kind in Angry Birds Journey.

For example, for glass variants, you may try aiming for the bottom of the structure so that the entire structure falls down and breaks into pieces.

As a result, all the pigs present inside this structure will be destroyed in one go. 

Many levels are also organized in such a way that you can create a very effective and massive chain reaction with great ease.

So it is important to scan and thoroughly analyse your level and aim for the appropriate weakness.

Use the weakness to your advantage and dominate the stage! 

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Play Smart With The Anger Meter 

If you played the game, you must have seen a gray hollow area near the Bird icon when it is loaded. This space signifies the Anger Meter. 

The Anger Meter in Angry Birds Journey is a special type of gauge which keeps on filling up every time you destroy blocks.

Once the Anger Meter is filled up to its limit, you will be able to use it for powering up the currently loaded Bird.

This can provide a major boost to its destructive abilities and enhance its overall skills massively! 

Once the Anger Meter has been filled, your screen will feature a slightly darker hue around the sides.

This will help you realise that the Anger Meter is now available to use. 

The meter demands you to make accurate and calculated shots.

The good thing is that it fills up with every destroyed block regardless of whether you and your bird destroyed it or it simply collapsed because of structural imbalance.

So you can simply wield the Birds that you don’t wish to leave at weaker parts of the structures.

This way, you will have your Anger Meter thoroughly filled up when you need to use it. 

Just a little tip- stay mindful when activating your Anger Meter as you won’t be able to reverse the action. 

Check Your Current Objectives

Most levels in the game are pretty direct and you can clear them simply by defeating all your adversaries.

However, it is always a good idea to take a look at your current missions or objectives.

You can locate them on the upper left-hand side of your screen.

Objectives in Angry Birds Journey will especially be useful when you are launching harder as well as more advanced levels.

This will supposedly provide you with a better understanding of what you need to prioritize in each shot. 

Don’t Break The Streak! 

As soon as you complete a stage for the first time, a streak will start on your behalf.

As you keep playing the game, this streak will provide you with an upgrade in the sunshine.

It will also provide you with up to 3 powered-up angry birds for launching the new level.

You must always try and ensure that you maintain the streak as it will ease out a lot of stuff in the long term. 

Stay Mindful When Using Special Powers 

Special powers are a crucial element in Angry Birds Journey.

However, the catch here is that you won’t be able to get access to them very often.

This is why it becomes important to stay mindful and save these special powers for the most appropriate time.

Use them only when you truly need them. If you are in a tough situation where you can’t seem to complete the level, you can consider dropping in the power here.

In simple words, Special powers are valuable and don’t waste at any cost! 

Final Words

Lastly, keep on practicing and enjoying the game! Angry Birds Journey is an extensive and extended game.

However, the deduction of stars, along with easy progression makes it a total delight! Players are assured to enjoy every bit of the game right from the start. 

If you wanted to know How to Solve Puzzles and Clear More Levels in the game, we hope that our Angry Birds Journey Beginner’s Guide solved that for you.

While playing any mobile game, it is important to have an appropriate strategy in mind. 

Make use of the above-mentioned  Angry Birds Journey Tips, Tricks & Strategies and go on to conquer your journey! 

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