Affogato Cookie and Dark Cacao Cookie 2022 Cookie Run: Kingdom

Can’t understand all the fuss about Affogato Cookie and Dark Cacao Cookie? Don’t worry because we have got you covered! Here, we are going to throw some light on Affogato Cookie’s Details as well as Dark Cacao Cookie’s Details. 

Cookie Run: Kingdom is one of the most popular and beloved action RPGs these days and well, for all the right reasons.

It is worth mentioning that ever since its big launch, the game has been able to fetch around 10 million downloads solely on Google Play Store.

You can easily find and play Cookie Run: Kingdom on both Android as well as iOS mobile devices free of cost! 

Owing to its special updates, Cookie Run: Kingdom has always been the talk of the town.

The good news is that a new update was rolled out by the devs just last month and is as fascinating as it sounds!

This new update came along with two fresh cookies for the eternal roster as well as many special events.

The two cookies are called Affogato Cookie and Dark Cacao Cookie. 

In this article, we are going to dig a bit deeper into Affogato Cookie and Dark Cacao Cookie so that you get a clearer understanding of both of them.

We will talk about their specific rarities, roles, best toppings and more. 

So let’s not make you wait any longer and dive right into our Affogato Cookie and Dark Cacao Cookie guide. 

Latest Cookie Run: Kingdom Update 

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a well-known game that a large number of users enjoy worldwide. 

In this game, players are supposed to prepare a special team of different cookies, which are a crucial element of this stunning RPG.

Each of these cookies in a team has its unique powers to boast and players have to send them for the fight.

Apart from these battles and related stuff, you will also need to work on beautifying your in-game kingdom.

You can check everything out and then decide according to your unique tastes and preferences. 

Just like all the previous updates that Cookie Run: Kingdom has released up till now, this recent update comes along with a range of interesting events as well as a fresh set of characters.

Through these, you will easily be able to win plenty of free goodies in the game like rainbow cubes, crystals, speed ups, cookie cutters (special as well as magic), stamina jellies, star jellies, and much more! 

Two of the special additions to the game through this new update are Affogato Cookie and Dark Cacao Cookie.

Read on to learn more about Affogato Cookie’s Details and Dark Cacao Cookie’s Details. 

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Affogato Cookie and Dark Cacao Cookie

Affogato Cookie

One of the two fresh cookies added with the new update is Affogato Cookie.

It is going to take its position in the middle/centre of the stack as a Bomber character. 

The game developers also disclosed three special voice actors of the cookie.

For the English language, the background voice is Conrad Hayes; for Korean, it’s Hyun-wook Kim, and for Japanese, it’s Daisuke Namikawa. 

Let’s now take a closer look at Affogato Cookie’s Details. 

Affogato Cookie’s Details

Affogato Cookie: Best Toppings 

While the performance of Affogato Cookie is still unknown in a battle, we could only interpret a little about its abilities.

As a result, it may be suggested that a mixed or full spread of Cooldown or Attack Reduction toppings may be the best choice for Affogato Cookie. 

The Attack is going to aid in outgoing damage, however, the weakening debuffs of this cookie’s mastery are a primary counter to the latest powerhouses.

This also includes Eclair Cookie. This makes cooldown reduction toppings a crucial element in counteracting the powerful attack of Eclair Cookie. 

In the arena, the best build for Affogato Cookie is probably going to use a complete topping pack of Swift Chocolates.

This will allow you to get a couple of excessive abilities out. 

Affogato Cookie’s Details: Role

Affogato Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom is introduced as a character from the bomber class.

Although this was already predicted after a notable information leak from South Korea, now it has been officially confirmed as well.

With a centre spot and bomber role, the Affogato Cookie is expected to bring with it an area-damage cannon. 

Affogato Cookie’s Details: Rarity

The Affogato Cookie is classified as a cookie from Epic rarity.

They will most likely be replacing the Eclair Cookie in the regular gacha.

As a result, you can expect a greater rate of reduction as compared to other cookies that fall under Epic rarity.

Supposedly, as a lot of you would have already figured out, this also makes the Affogato Cookie the first-ever Epic Bomber cookie in the game just after the Sea Fairy Cookie based on the role/rarity combo. 

Dark Cacao Cookie

The second fresh addition to the game that this latest Cookie Run: Kingdom update introduces is the Dark Cacao Cookie. 

Dark Cacao Cookie is classified as a Charge character as well as Ancient Rarity which loved being at the front foot in a team.

Just like the Affogato cookie, three new voices have been announced for Dark Cacao Cookie as well.

For the English language, Patrick Seitz is going to be the voice; for Korean, it’s going to be Seung-ug Jeong, and for Japanese, Yasunori Masutani will be the voice behind the character. 

Let’s now take a closer look at Dark Cacao Cookie’s Details. 

Dark Cacao Cookie’s Details

Dark Cacao Cookie: Best Toppings

There are many reasons why you should choose a pack of Solid Almond toppings for your Dark Cacao Cookie. 

Like most of the other players, you may be tempted to choose Searing Raspberry for hitting hard in a pure attack.

However, choosing endurance may provide the Dark Cacao Cookie with some crucial time for getting a couple of extra attacks out.

This is supposedly going to result in far greater damage as compared to a scarcely buffed hit before Dark Cacao Cookie gets knocked out. 

As a result, we recommend you only go with Solid Almond as your best choice of toppings. 

Dark Cacao Cookie: Role 

Dark Cacao Cookie is often characterised by a huge sword and its role in the game is classified as ‘Charge’.

Unlike the Affogato Cookie which was positioned in the middle, Dark Cacao Cookie requires a position in the front.

This would also complement the position of the Affogato cookie on the field.

In practice, Dark Cacao Cookie can be expected to come in and handle great damage.

This is most likely going to alarm the opponent team a bit in the beginning.

As a result, it will create a great opportunity for other quick attackers in the game to avoid being stopped from having their moves in. 

Dark Cacao Cookie: Rarity 

Dark Cacao Cookie is characterised as an Ancient Rarity Cookie.

After Hollyberry and Pure Vanilla Cookies, it is the third cookie in the game of this type. 

Dark Cacao Cookie was depicted greatly in the last story chapters released by the game and will supposedly proceed with the same.

In the trailer, we can see the latest Ancient Cookie defending the kingdom by spreading chocolate all around the walls.

Post that, we take a look at his son, namely Dark Choco Cookie provoking his father.

All in all, one can expect great drama coming in here! 

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Cookie Run: Kingdom has been gaining a lot of attention ever since its latest update. Affogato Cookie and Dark Cacao Cookie have been on everyone’s mind ever since.

Along with that, the game developers also introduced a range of important enhancements to Cookie Run: Kingdom.

There will be many interesting events, goodies, and much more!

Supposedly, the game has also worked on fixing a few bugs and made some minor adjustments. 

If you haven’t tried out the game yet, head to your Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download Cookie Run: Kingdom right now! 

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