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FF Unban Request: Free fire is one of the most played battle royale game. The game has some distinctive aspects that set it apart from other battle Royale games.

The distinctive personality with a range of skills are one of their characteristics.

In recent years, free fire has progressively climbed to the top of battle royale genres.

The game has achieved a strong player bare all around world.

This resulted various content creators have provided content for their audience.

No streaming and YouTube Bing are two most popular content creator using free fire.

A Singapore based company named Garena created and published free fire.

It is a division of parent firm sea limited,which was formerly known as Garena.

The game won the 2019 Google Play store price for best popular vote game due to its popularity.

Free fire mobile game has more than 1 billion download and 80 million daily users globally.

On this over 50 players paraglide into an island to play game and each player looks for weapons and guns to use to kill other players.

The winner has to win by killing the other players.

The winner will receive a BOOYAH. In this game there are three maps.

The first one is called Bermuda, the second one is purgatory, and the third one Kalahari.

Within 10 minutes the map shillings to the point where everyone who is playing game gather at one place, making it simple for you to finish the game.

There are more levels provided within it that allow you to play by forming a team.

This is why the game has gained a lot of  popularity.

FF Unban request 2022

Due to vast popularity of free fire game, the Garena itself has introduced an anti cheating system that always keeps an eye on players attitude and behaviour in game.

The violation of any rule may result the game will be punished after being detected by the system.

There are many grounds for get account banned some of them are:-

  • Team up with cheaters
  •  Using non official programs to provide an edge to gameplay
  •  using modified
  •  using unauthorized tools that interact with free fire game client.
  • Modifying model files to gain unfair advantages
  •  By passing free fire anti hack system via illicit local data transfer.
  • Being reported by multiple players and detect abnormal gameplay.

If you are so certain that you have not engaged in unethical behaviour and have not frequently teamed up with cheaters. 

We will provide the necessary information regarding free fire and ban request.

Garena FF unban request 2022

Sometimes free fire ID may get banned or  suspended and we are unable to play the game, then we also have solution to these problems.

Let us discuss steps to ff unban request

  1.  Firstly, open the official Garena customer support website on your device.
  2.  Then select e-mail us now to contact the customer care support of the game.
  3.  include a subject and a detailed description of your problem
  4.  send your ticket and customer service will get in touch with you soon.

As mentioned above, Garena responds to inquiries  within few days. 

If they determine it is not troublesome, then they will lift the prohibition within few hours. 

This measure will enable players who get bulk reports to regain access to their account after being mistakenly banned.

Garena Free Fire help centre

Many players are facing various problems regarding Garena free fire game as many of them are complaining about their issues like:

  •  While trying to login 
  • Some are facing problems like losing their accounts which wire linked with Facebook. In this case many have invested their money to buy game stuff like diamonds etc.

In order to clarify these doubts, we need the contact details of Garena free fire help centre.

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How to submit a request 

Firstly you need to login to your free fire game account 

 Steps to be followed :

  1.  Open official website of Garena free fire help centre.
  2.  If you open customer service website you can auto login to website.

If you are using other browsers like Google Chrome, the only thing you need to do is tap on sign in and then tap on the login option.

And here what you have to do is; login to your free fire account  through Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter etc..

  1.  If you are having any doubts you can easily find out the answers through the set of FAQ’s being provided.
  2.  If you didn’t get a satisfactory or clear answer to your doubt, then we will give you another option ;

You can tap on the arrow just beside your name on the screen.

Then you will be seeing a list and from that list you need to choose ”submit your request” option from drop down menu.

  1.  The next thing you need to do is choosing your game client version 
  •  India : free fire 
  •  India : free fire Max 
  1.  The next thing you will be viewing is your free fire account UID and in game nickname will be prefilled. This data cannot be changed.
  2. Next thing you need to do is choose the type of request from the Dropdown list.
  3.  If you are facing any other problems write it in detail and you can send the same to the free fire customer support team.
  4.  Reassure you the free fair customer service agent will definitely reply you and solve your concerns as fast as possible.
  5.  After you submit your concern you are allowed to check the updates of your concern on the same site of free fire help centre.

If you are never facing any difficulty In logging in or filing a complaint then you don’t need to worry about it.

This is happening because of high traffic in website, so just keep refreshing site again and again.

Here is a brief guide on what to select at the type of problem :

  1.  Payment issue :

If you already purchased an item and didn’t received it the price of items is showing in wrong currency or USD and  you didn’t receive the special  airdrop.

  1.  Game concerns :

If you need to report any abuse report, event issue or technical issue .

Abuse report: If you need to report about verbal abuse of another player.

 Event issue : If you face any problem with any game event.

 Technical issue : If your facing a technical problem.

  1. Negative diamonds: If you have any negative diamond restriction.
  2. Hacker report:

If you need to report anything about a hacker and provide all details requested in form, take note that proof of hackers required.

Final words

Free fire is a game which has gained popularity during recent years.

Distinct personality with a range of skills are one of their characterisation.

In this article we have provided information regarding ff unban request.

We have provided you with every available information for receiving your account.

The only thing you need to follow is the steps we have provided.

If you have any further queries you can give your concerns in comment box.

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