T20 World Cup 2021 Schedule T20 | T20 World Best Teams, Host, Time Table, Venue

ICC men’s T20 World Cup is one of the most awaited tournaments in cricket history.

ICC T20 World Cup 2021 is going to take place in the country of United Arab Emirates.

UAE has been hosting a lot of sports events lately this is just a feather in the cap, especially when they did not decide to host this tournament in the first place.

Beginning from 17 October 2021, ICC T20 World Cup 2021 is going to have a first round.

All the rounds that are going to take place will have a separate meaning for themselves.

The first round is going to start from the date mentioned above.

The delay caused in carrying out the tournament is because of the Global pandemic that hit the entire world.

Cricket is a game of nations and of the countries which were severely affected, just like any other country.

The initial T20 World Cup 2021 date was planned to be 18 October, 2020.

Not only was the date changed but also, the value changed from Australia to UAE.

The covid-19 pandemic delayed the seventh season ICC T20 World Cup 2021 but there are definitely no regrets, since it is anyway coming back.

All the people are really excited, in the country of India and also, around the world since the ICC T20 World Cup 2021 schedule is confirmed.

This is going to happen just after the IPL in UAE gets over and the countries can return to their national jerseys.

At one point of time, the tournament was also going to be held in India but due to the rise in coronavirus cases around the nation, the plan was dismissed.

The final ICC T20 World Cup 2021 schedule begins from 17th October, 2021 and goes on till 14th November of the same year.

More about the tournament is given in the article below.

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T20 World Cup 2021 Schedule

T20 World Cup 2021 Schedule T20

Round 1 Fixture

Match NoDateMatch CentersTimeVenue
117-Oct-21Oman Vs Papua New Guinea3:30 PMMuscat
217-Oct-21Bangladesh Vs Scotland7:30 PMMuscat
318-Oct-21Ireland Vs Netherlands3:30 PMAbu Dhabi 
418-Oct-21Sri Lanka  Vs Namibia7:30 PMAbu Dhabi 
519-Oct-21Scotland Vs Papua New Guinea3:30 PMMuscat
619-Oct-21Oman Vs Bangladesh7:30 PMMuscat
720-Oct-21Namibia Vs Netherlands3:30 PMAbu Dhabi
820-Oct-21Sri Lanka  Vs Ireland7:30 PMAbu Dhabi
921-Oct-21Bangladesh Vs Papua New Guinea3:30 PMMuscat
1021-Oct-21Oman Vs Scotland7:30 PMMuscat
1122-Oct-21Namibia Vs Ireland3:30 PMSharjah
1222-Oct-21Sri Lanka  Vs Netherlands7:30 PMSharjah

Super 12 – Group 1 Fixture

Match NoDateMatch CentersTimeVenue
123-Oct-21Australia Vs South Africa3:30 PMAbu Dhabi
223-Oct-21England Vs West Indies7:30 PMDubai
324-Oct-21A1 Vs B23:30 PMSharjah
426-Oct-21South Africa Vs West Indies3:30 PMDubai
527-Oct-21England Vs B23:30 PMAbu Dhabi
628-Oct-21Australia Vs A17:30 PMDubai
729-Oct-21West Indies Vs B23:30 PMSharjah
830-Oct-21South Africa Vs A13:30 PMSharjah
930-Oct-21England Vs Australia7:30 PMDubai
1001-Nov-21England Vs A17:30 PMSharjah
1102-Nov-21South Africa Vs B23:30 PMAbu Dhabi
1204-Nov-21Australia Vs B23:30 PMDubai
1304-Nov-21West Indies Vs A17:30 PMAbu Dhabi
1406-Nov-21Australia Vs West Indies3:30 PMAbu Dhabi
1506-Nov-21England Vs South Africa7:30 PMSharjah

Super 12 – Group 2 Fixture

Match NoDateMatch CentersTimeVenue
124-Oct-21India Vs Pakistan7:30 PMDubai
225-Oct-21Afghanistan Vs B17:30 PMSharjah
326-Oct-21Pakistan Vs New Zealand7:30 PMSharjah
427-Oct-21B1 Vs A27:30 PMAbu Dhabi
529-Oct-21Afghanistan Vs Pakistan7:30 PMDubai
631-Oct-21Afghanistan Vs A23:30 PMAbu Dhabi
731-Oct-21India Vs New Zealand7:30 PMDubai
802-Nov-21Pakistan Vs A27:30 PMAbu Dhabi
903-Nov-21New Zealand Vs B13:30 PMDubai
1003-Nov-21India Vs Afghanistan7:30 PMAbu Dhabi
1105-Nov-21New Zealand Vs A23:30 PMSharjah
1205-Nov-21India Vs B17:30 PMDubai
1307-Nov-21New Zealand Vs Afghanistan3:30 PMAbu Dhabi
1407-Nov-21Pakistan Vs B17:30 PMSharjah
1508-Nov-21India Vs A27:30 PMDubai

ICC T20 World Cup 2021 Final & Semi Final Match

DateTeamsSemi-Final | FinalTime
10 Nov 2021TBC vs TBC1st Semi-Final7:30 PM
11 Nov 2021TBC vs TBC2nd Semi-Final7:30 PM
14 Nov 2021TBC vs TBCFinal7:30 PM

History of ICC T20 World Cup 2021

T20 World Cup 2021 Schedule T20

The defending Champions walking into the T20 World Cup 2021 are West Indies having won it back in 2016.

Winning the biggest gold in T20 cricket was definitely very exciting for the team and that would give them a headstart with confidence, walking into the next tournament.

Few stadiums around UAE have really small grounds which help any team score more runs.

The 2016 final of the ICC T20 World Cup featured an amazing performance by Carlos Brathwaite in the last over. It was miraculous, to say the least.

ICC T20 World Cup 2021 was declared as unlikely to be held by Australia, keeping in mind the situations.

The plans were changed so many times and the build up has been so long and that is the exact reason why the excitement of the fans cannot be contained anymore.

First of all, the tournament that was initially supposed to be held in Australia was changed very rapidly because of the situations around the world.

This was a time when all the sports tournament schedules were changing and so did the t20 World Cup 2021 date.

Now it has been postponed to late 2021 and cricket enthusiasts do not have any complaints since they get the idea of the moment.

T20 World Cup 2021 schedule India was also supposed to be decided when the Chairman of BCCI, Sourav Ganguly, said so.

This was also not possible because of the same reason, that wasn’t properly cured in the first place.

BCCI was given a time till 28 June, 2021 to decide where the tournament will be held. Later, it was decided that UAE and Oman will host the tournament.

Recently, there was a cyclone in Oman which put in jeopardy, the chances of the world cup happening.

The dream of the world cup is big for Oman and UAE, especially considering the fact that they have their own rising cricket team.

This is inspiring for all the people who want to pursue cricket from the United Arab Emirates.

The Qualification Procedure for ICC T20 World Cup 2021

The T20 World Cup 2021 schedule India never happened and the hosts were changed in no time.

The qualification rules clearly said that the top 9 ranked icc full members in cricket will directly be qualified for the tournament along with the hosts.

It doesn’t make any difference for India, in the first place, since even though the designation of hosts were taken away from them, they are in the top 9 ranked ICC full members list which automatically qualify for the tournament.

These plans were also changed and now it is decided that among the top 9 full members, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh actually going to go through the qualification round which is the first round.

4 teams will be chosen from the qualifier round. Two groups are divided, out of which two teams will be qualified for the original tournament.

The next round is actually called super 12, where two groups are divided as well, but there are 6 teams in each out of which the top two teams will qualify for the knockout stage.

The rules of the knockout stage is really simple.

There will be two semi-finals in the ICC T20 World Cup 2021 and the winners of those respective matches will go on to the finals to face each other.

This is the entire qualification process and more detailed version is given below.

A total of eight teams are already selected and they are:

  1. Australia
  2. India
  3. England
  4. South Africa
  5. West Indies
  6. Afghanistan
  7. New Zealand
  8. Pakistan

Australia, England, South Africa and West Indies had already selected for group 1 in the super 12 stage.

This stage is going to be really interesting because all the teams are going to compete against teams that are in their groups itself.

This basically means that no team from group 1 will have a match with any team from group 2, before the semi-final game.

ICC T20 World Cup 2021 is really going to be amazing, consider the fact that some of the rules, and the qualification procedure is also changed.

T20 World Cup 2021 Hosts And Venues

T20 World Cup 2021 Schedule T20

UAE, as a cricket team, is not going to play the tournament. Oman, however, is in the qualifier rounds.

This means that they do stand a chance to get to the tournament if they are in the top 4 teams once the round one ends.

All the teams are going to compete in the tournament, including the ones that are going to be a part of round 1 are given the time till 15 October, 2021 to choose their squads.

There were few changes in the squads of a lot of teams and that is only because everybody wants to take their team to the world cup tournament with a hope of grabbing it.

It is definitely a serial feeling to be able to win the ICC T20 World Cup 2021.

This is the major event in cricket after the 2019 World Cup happened, that was won by England by the barest of margins.

The final match of the 2019 World Cup was so amazing that people have been wanting to see action that is highly-staked.

It is when you are fighting for the world cup, is when you are at your best as a team.

T20 is one such format in cricket which is considered to be unpredictable by many critics around the world.

The fact that each team gets only 20 overs to play makes the course of the match change in just a matter of 5 overs.

4 venues are decided for the tournament to take place in and around.

Dubai international cricket stadium in Dubai with the capacity of 25,000 people is the first one on the list.

Next comes the very renowned Sharjah cricket stadium that is located in Sharjah with a capacity of 27,000 people.

Cricket enthusiasts have lived many matches in Sharjah and they cannot wait for the world cup to happen in the same stadium as well.

The Sheikh Zayed cricket stadium is definitely gaining the popularity it deserves.

With a capacity of 20,000 people, this is the Abu Dhabi Stadium where the second half of the IPL 2021 is also being held.

It is actually both Sharjah and Abu Dhabi stadium. Al Amerat Cricket Stadium is the one that is in Oman.

This only has a capacity of 3,000 people but has been chosen as one of the grounds that the matches will be played in.

ICC took a lot of decisions before choosing these and there is no way any plan is going to change, having come so close to the beginning of the tournament.

T20 World Cup 2021 Time Table And Streaming

17th October is when the first match will be conducted and it is a round one match which are supposed to be for the qualifiers.

22nd October is when the round 1 will finish and you can actually see your favourite teams play the super 12 stage matches.

These are really very important bakers the top two teams of each group in super 12 will advance to the knockout stage.

23rd October is going to be the date when this super 12 extravaganza begins, in the ICC T20 World Cup 2021.

The first match is going to be played by the first host that was ever decided for this tournament.

It is going to be Australia and South Africa facing each other in a Group 1 match.

The first group to match however is a rivalry that has been so widely talked about in the world of cricket.

On 24th October 2021, India will take on Pakistan after a long time. Only in ICC tournaments, do these two teams get a chance to face each other.

India and Pakistan do not play any other independent tournaments because of the political tension that is ever present.

The lesser you get this match, the more excited you are for every single one of them and there is no way anybody from Pakistan or India is going to miss this amazing match.

India is also one of the favorites to win the entire tournament and getting a challenge like this in the first match will clearly show their intention and fans cannot wait for it.

All the updates about all the matches in the T20 World Cup 2021 will be available on a bunch of websites.

The leading websites are cricbuzz.com and sports.ndtv.com which you can access in order to stay updated about the match, ball to ball.

Live commentary is also available on these websites which make the experience even more worth it.

It’s almost as if you are reading the match in the most blissful way possible. Following these live updates are really very easy.

It does not matter if you are too busy to access a video playback of any of the t20 World Cup 2021 matches, and it definitely does not matter if your internet connection is slow.

Since these websites only load texts, you will be able to look at them even with a very vague internet connection.

These websites were only designed for the convenience of people that cannot follow the match by watching it.

This was a very thoughtful Idea and the execution is as perfect as anybody could have asked for.

If one has the time, the situation, and a proper internet connection, he can watch the T20 World Cup 2021 live streaming on hotstar.

Hotstar has been the leading streaming service to stream the sport of cricket to the audience of India.

This has been a fact for as long as anybody can remember.

Following the live stream is a good way to keep yourself updated with the matches that are happening in the T20 World Cup 2021.

The best part about this is the fact that you can watch it from anywhere and all you would need is to log on to hotstar and then access the matches live.

Hotstar has been really considerate with their plans which is why they released a few more in the past few months.

Hotstar has also been streaming all the IPL matches which gained a lot of popularity for the streaming service itself.

Hotstar has three plans precisely. One is called “Premium” which is priced at Rs 1499/year.

The second most expensive plan that hotstar has charges Rs 899/year and the number of devices that can log into this account is only two.

The premium account lets you log in to itself in 4 devices. The last one is the most budget friendly one since it only charges Rs 500/year.

This is called the mobile pack and you cannot watch it on laptop or TV.

All that you can access with an account that has Disney+ hotstar mobile subscription, is 1 smartphone.

These are the new streaming plans that was released when the community of cricket was at peak.

A lot of people have got the Hotstar subscription in order to watch the IPL 2021’s second half and the full tournament of T20 World Cup 2021.

The HD content that it provides makes it more appealing to watch and the fact that you will not get any extra ads during the time of a live match or even during the time of watching movies and series that are available.

All of these plans are going to allow you to watch the T20 World Cup 2021 live streaming of all the matches including the Round 1.

As soon as the super 8 round starts, the action begins for all the Indians and it is definitely going to be a thrilling ride.

With the captaincy in new hands, the excitement and curiosity is much more.

The Star Sports network is the world that has the telecasting rights of the tournament.

Everybody knows the TRP that world cup tournaments get.

This is the place where all the people who prefer different formats of cricket, or have different ways of viewing the matches come together and celebrate the amazing competition for the world cup.

For many people, 1 viewing of a match is not enough and they just want more.

Times like these are when these live streaming platforms who also make highlights/replays are in dire need.

More about T20 World Cup 2021

The tournament is coming back after a long time, more specifically five years.

This is the reason why stands around the United Arab Emirates and fans sitting in their homes and watching on their television sets are so excited for this.

Everybody knows that the action in any T20 match is something that is commendable and there is no way the T20 World Cup 2021 is going to be any different.

There are so many amazing teams that are trying to make a comeback and there are so many teams that have stayed in the top for as long as any cricket fan can remember.

Cricket is a game of legacy and you are only remembered once you have taken a good number of years to be dominating in this game.

Virat Kohli has given up the captaincy to the vice captain of India, Rohit Sharma.

This may just better the game for Virat Kohli since the pressure of the captain is not there in his shoulders.

He, as a batsman, is absolutely destructive and that is what people love about Virat Kohli.

He can make any impossible match, well within your hands since he is the perfect leader for any run chase.

People around the world respect him for this and the figures say it all.

There is no way is going to back down from becoming a good cricketer which is the reason why a lot of eyes will be on Virat Kohli.

The Indians can definitely count on him for winning them a lot of matches.

The thrill, excitement and enthusiasm is in everybody’s head for the T20 world cup to final director.

The venues and the schedule are already decided and the fans cannot wait for it anymore. India is one of the most renowned cricketing nations.

In the past 2 decades, this is a team that has soared heights and nobody can deny that around the world.

A total of 16 teams are going to play against each other in the Super 8 phase of the tournament.

Divided into two proper groups, the top two of each group is going to go to the knockout stage.

This is going to be a competition to remember and was a long time coming.

As soon as it comes, all the people around the world are going to be so really excited for it.

Walking into the tournament, the defending champions, West Indies, are going to be really confident about their abilities.

It is true that they won it back in 2016 and both their squad and form has changed ever since.

Even the 2019 World Cup performance of West Indies was not up to the par.

There were some amazing performances, one of which was Carlos Brathwaite’s bravery of keeping the match alive till the last, even though the end up losing it.

Performances like these are the ones to go back to in order to boost your morale before any big tournament.

India are also one of the favorites to win this.

The captaincy is in the hands of the former vice captain and everybody in this nation is going to count on Rohit Sharma for a win, this time.

For the past few years, India has been going so close to the 1st place but ended up as runners-up or in the top four.

It can finally change in the ICC T20 World Cup 2021 tournament. They, in fact, have a lot of rivalry to take care of.

The first-ever choice for hosting the tournament, Australia, is also another favourite choice of many.

Their performances have been amazing lately and a lot of people around the world comprehend them beautifully.

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