PTET Answer Key 2021 & Date Solved Question Paper PDF Download

PTET Answer Key 2021 which is solved is available in the PDF format.

As we all know, a lot of competitive exams are conducted all around India in different times.

A lot of people, especially the ones that are living in Rajasthan, know about this exam and some of them are even preparing for this.

Students from Rajasthan give this pre-teacher education test in order to be able to study B.A, B.Ed./B.Sc.

There are different courses according to what you want to actually pursue.

The PTET Answer Key 2021 is in demand for a lot of students. It will be released for their better and there’s no way anything can be any better than this.

It is very important for any student to check the marks and all the details about this release.

More information about PTET answer key date 2021 is given in the article below.

This answer key will be really helpful if you are preparing for the PTET exam.

Appearing for this examination requires you to as an aggregate of 50% in the last exam that you have given.

This may include the examination that you have given under a state board or any university that is recognised.

The guidelines that are available on the PTET 2021 official website mentions that there will be no relaxation when it comes to the percentage.

Even if one misses the 50% cutoff by 1 mark, he/she will not be able to appear for the examinations. The rule is that strict.

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PTET 2021 Official Website Details

The Pre teacher education test is applied for and appeared for in large numbers.

It is true that this education test is conducted at the state level by an authority called Dungar College, Bikaner.

This information is based on the September 2021 exam of PTET.

As already mentioned, a large number of people appear for this exam and all of these people are from the state of Rajasthan itself.

All the students that gave the examination on 8 September, 2021 prepared nicely for it and the results for this was announced on 28 September, 2021.

Rajasthan Higher Education Minister, Bhanwar Singh Bhati announced the results on September 28 which was supposed to be announced on September 29, initially.

The results were declared a day before while the exams happened almost 2 weeks later than the initial PTET answer key date 2021.

The first date that was given for scheduling the PTET exam for this year was back in August 29.

However, the examinations were actually conducted on September 8, thus giving the serious students more time to prepare for this and not even fall back by a fluke.

PTET Raj 2021 is the name of the PTET 2021 official website where not only the details about all the examinations that were held or are yet to be held are given, but also the results for the latest PTET exam is given.

The counselling registration is really important to be done, after you have cracked the PTET exam.

All the options and the schedules are given in PTET Raj 2021.

The important details and the general instructions are supposed to be followed thoroughly in order to stay updated.

Once you have given the exam and passed according to the marks you have obtained, you will be able to choose among the two courses that PTET exams offer, thereafter.

If you are graduated student who has applied for the examination, you would only have to do a 2 year course in Bachelor of Education (B.Ed).

On the other hand, if you have passed your High School, which is 10+2, in the simple Indian language, you would have to do an integrated course that would take four years to complete.

This can be in any of the following: B.Ed/B.Sc./B.A.

On the official website-, you will also get the helpline numbers of PTET, which you can contact regarding any query that might have arised.

Important notice given under the general instructions subheading on the homepage of the official website.

This includes the letters that colleges send for registration purposes.

The website is very clean and easy to navigate, which makes the experience much better for the students.

Colleges register for counselling and then they ask for a fee of 5000, no matter which of the two courses you’re choosing.

After you have done so, you will be able to choose a college of your preference, after which the colleges will allot you and the other students after the first counselling.

Eventually, you would have to pay an admission fee which is the last major step before getting admitted to a college in Rajasthan.

Details About PTET Answer Key 2021

Answer keys are really important after exams like PTET because this lets you know how many of the questions you have answered correctly and how many have you not.

This increases the self-awareness and if a candidate actually remembers all the answer that he/she have had selected, a perfect idea of how much marks has been scored will be right there in front of the candidate.

To remember all the answers that you must have selected, isn’t it important that you first look at the question paper?

PTET question paper PDF download question paper is also available on a number of websites including the official one.

The answer keys are a little difficult to get but the PTET answer key 2021 can also be downloaded in the PDF format and accessed.

After completing the PTET question paper pdf download question paper process, you will be able to see all the 200 questions that were given in the examination of 2021.

The paper is very well available in the official website, which has a total marks of 600.

This means that each question was marked at 3. A total of 5 lakh students appeared for this examination, which includes the general students and the students belonging from different classes.

For the latter, the aggregate percentage required to appear for the examination is 45%.

The number is the same for the students that are physically challenged or widowed/divorced.

Here are the detailed steps on how to check the PTET Answer Key 2021; Follow these steps and get an access to the answer key that was released:

1. Go to the official website- and choose the option of answer key, that will be available on the homepage itself.

2. It is really important to remember the set number or even to just keep it close to yourself while carrying out the process. Enter the set number in the dialogue box where it is asked.

3. Click on “Submit” to get the PTET answer key 2021 available in front of you eyes.

4. This particular page can also be saved in the form of PDF, which means that the accessibility would be way easier. Once it is downloaded, it can also be viewed offline and that too, without any hassle of entering the set number multiple times.

5. The last step to print the answer key is optional and would definitely depend on your convenience. In the PDF file, click “Ctrl+P” in order to print all the pages, back to back. You just have to follow-on through the steps and the printing process will also be completed.

The counselling registration for B.Ed. has already started from 14 October and will go on till 25 October of 2021.

The college can also be chosen by you till October 20.

Basically, the exam and the results for this year has already released and if you’re planning to appear for the exam next year, all you need to do is follow the website, from the time the exam is announced.

Any aspiring candidate can even follow the website now in order to know the entire procedure of not only giving the exams and getting the results, but also the process that comes after you have passed the tests.

Another way to view the PTET question paper pdf download question paper and the answer key to it is to search on Google for it.

The entire intention for doing this is to cross check all the answers that you may have attended.

As an aspiring candidate however, checking the questions and the answers of the latest year can actually give you a good idea about the difficulty and the preparation that is required for you to crack this Rajasthan-based examination.

There are memory based questions and intelligence based questions. Both of these skills required in order to pass the exam.

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