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The initiative of making India digital has reached out to the states as well. The Madhya Pradesh government has been circulating out a lot of portals lately.

One of them is Bhulekh MP which is one of the most used as well as one of the most important portals out there.

Ever since a pandemic hit India in 2020, a lot of the people did not have the option to go to government offices and know the updates or details about any of their possessions.

This is why MP Bhulekh has gained so much popularity lately. Nobody wants a crowd at the offices which is why many people are opting to know about their land records online itself.

This is a step towards the future and the Madhya Pradesh government is really handling the website well.

This portal is told to be made for only the service of the citizens and it also does the same.

What is a better thing than to be able to keep a watch on your land records from your computer device or smartphone.

There are a plenty of things that you can do as soon as you log on to the MP Bhulekh website.

All of the details about your land records will be available on the website and this option helps save a lot of time of the citizens.

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Main Purpose Of Bhulekh MP

Bhulekh MP Best Guide
Bhulekh MP Best Guide

MPBhulekh saves a lot of time of the citizens of Madhya Pradesh by providing the land record mp on the website itself.

All the details and information that are required for you to know about your land that is registered under the government, is available on this website.

The portal was created for the easy transmission of information and they have successfully done it as well.

All you would need is a smartphone and an internet connection for stay updated with your land records.

The registration process is also very easy which basically suggests more that the main intention of this website was to save the time of the citizens.

Our mobile phone can easily run this portal and all you would need, at a maximum, would be to receive an OTP that you have to enter on the website.

More details about how to access the website and see your MP land record is given below.

MPBhulekh lets you log into the portal after which you can try to get all the land record MP available.

Tehsildars were in demand when this portal was not there. Now, none of the citizens of Madhya Pradesh will have to stand in lines for them.

Due to the introduction of this website to the citizens, the rate of corruption will definitely decrease.

All information is available to you online and you do not even have to print anything.

Here are a few things that you can keep a track of when you go to the official website of MP Land Record which is the Bhulekh MP website.

How To Check The Information Of Khasra Khatauni?

Bhulekh MP Best Guide
Bhulekh MP Best Guide
  1. Go to the official website of Bhulekh MP which is and find the free services dropdown menu.
  2. Under the free services dropdown menu, you will be able to see the option to view your MP Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni. Click on that.
  3. You will have to fill in details like your district, tehsil or even name.
  4. After having done so, one of the most important things to remember is your MP bhulekh khasra number.
  5. Enter that before entering the captcha available in front of you and then click on submit.
  6. The map of your Khasra Khatauni will be open which you can take a print of if you wish to.
  7. You may not even require a print because you can access the website anytime to find any necessary details about it.

How To Know MP Land Record Details?

Bhulekh MP Best Guide
Bhulekh MP Best Guide

1. On the homepage of the official website, you will find an option for searching.

2. Click on that which will allow you to see mp bhu abhilekh map as well. Bhu-naksha is also another word used for the MP Bhu Abhilekh maps.

3. Search for the ‘public user‘ option which will ask you to login to your account.

4. The login procedure is supposed to be completed after entering your username, department and the password that you set for yourself during the time of registration.

5. The last step before clicking on submit is to fill the captcha. This test is only to check the authenticity of your login actions.

6. After you have logged in successfully, all the land records are going to be available in front of you. You can also choose to keep a print of the MP land record.

How to Register And Login in Bhu Abhilekh MP As A Public User?

Bhulekh MP Best Guide
Bhulekh MP Best Guide

Logging into the website is really important as all features of the Bhu Abhilekh MP can only be achieved after doing so.

1. On the homepage of the website, you will find an option to register as a public user.

2. Clicking on that will open a new page for you, where you are supposed to enter all the details about yourself.

3. Fill in the captcha and click on Submit, thus completing your procedure.

Here are the steps that you have to follow in order to log in to the bhulekh Madhya Pradesh website:

1. After entering the URL of the Bhulekh Madhya Pradesh website, you will find a login option hovering around the right side of the page.

2. You do not have to click on anything since the details that you need to fill will be available on the homepage itself, just under the login subheading.

3. The details that you have to enter is your username, your department, password and the-then captcha.

4. Clicking on submit will log you into your account, while clicking on forgot password will help you reset it, just in case.

A bunch of features is available in the bhuabhilekh MP website and all of the access is available to you after you have just logged in.

The land maps are available in the most detailed and manner that you can ask for.

There is definitely a reason why this has become one of the most used portals in Madhya Pradesh.

The bhuabhilekh MP website has more information than just the maps, but they are important nevertheless.

How to check any MPlandrecord on the website?

  • First of all, search for the free service option on the homepage.
  • Login to the portal and it will ask you to enter your district and Tehsil.
  • All the MPBhuAbhilekh land records will be available in front of you according to the district and tehsil.
  • Find the one that is yours and get the details about that particular from MPBhuAbhilekh website.

The website interface of MPBhuabhilekh is amazing and very easy to navigate.

All the details that you are viewing in the website can also be printed and kept with you for furter security.

All the information about all the measle or Khasra is also given if you know a certain details about it beforehand.

As already mentioned, khasra number is one of the most important details.

MP bhuabhilekh gives you the option to register a complaint on the website as well.

You may want to do so if you are not able to find your MP bhuabhilekh land record, you can actually write a complaint.

The government will try to get into your complaint as soon as possible and will try  to call you.

This does not necessarily have to be a complain but can also be a proper suggestion for the betterment of the bhulekh Madhya Pradesh website.

Bhulekh MP is indeed the best portal for the citizens of the Madhya Pradesh.

These complaints and suggestions can also be checked from time to time in order to know where your details might have reached.

How to keep a watch on Madhya Pradesh village map?

Bhulekh MP Best Guide
Bhulekh MP Best Guide

There are few features that is exclusive to the bhulekh Madhya Pradesh website and one of them is the facility to watch any land Record that is in the Madhya Pradesh village.

  1. The homepage of the official website will also give you the option of finding village maps if you look for it.
  2. The procedure is almost the same, enter your login ID and password and fill in captcha.
  3. Bhulekh MP will ask you to select the village.
  4. After doing so, it will give you a bunch of land records that you may find to be useful for yourself.
  5. Logging out of the website every time you login is a good habit, so nobody can try to misuse your account even mistakenly.

The village list is also available on the Bhulekh MP website. All you have to do a search for that option after logging in.

Fill in the necessary details and then see the village list that is in Madhya Pradesh.

These informations are not only helpful for the people who have land records but also for the people who want to know about the state of Madhya Pradesh.

एमपी भूलेख gives you all the options to do so and you couldn’t have asked for more from the Government of Madhya Pradesh.

This portal was one of the best jobs in a long time and rightly so.

So much of the crowd is reduced in the government officers and so much of the time is saved of the citizens.

I hope you guys learn something Bhulekh MP Best Guide article, pls comment and suggest.

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