PUBG New State & BGMI Download Link [APK+OBB] 2021

PUBG is one of the most popular mobile games to ever exist. Pubg battlegrounds was the first ever multiplayer battle royale game for smartphones in India.

A lot of people in the country have a decent smartphone to run games which is the reason why mobile games are so popular.

Battleground mobile India download process is really easy as you just have to go to the Google Play store and search for the game, before installing it.

Pubg New State, on the other hand, is a good upgrade from the original Player Unknown’s BattleGround.

The original pubg mobile India download was available on the Google Play Store but due to the political tensions between India and China, this was taken down from the Google Play Store of India.

The PUBG new state, however, is available on the Google Play Store for the Indians to pre-register as well.

This is going to open up a lot of features and a lot of new maps that you may be excited about.

PUBG mobile India Apk download is still available on a lot of websites.

You can actually use the stable version if you connect to a VPN.

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PUBG Mobile India APK Download Procedure

PUBG New State

Battleground mobile India download is the closest version that you can get according to the original PUBG.

Here are the steps you can follow in order to carry out the procedure of battleground mobile India download:

1. On your Android phone, go to the Google Play store and search for the keyword “battleground mobile India

2. The first result that you will get will give you an access to download the BGMI.

3. You can open the game and play after the installation process is completed.

4. Allow for all the permissions that they ask inside the game and you may have to download some in-game data as well. This is called the resource pack and downloading this is really very important.

5. After the two processes of downloading is complete, you are required to restart the Battleground mobile India application on your Android phone.

6. After accepting the privacy policies, you will be able to login to the game. You can choose to login using Facebook or even your Google account.

The best part is the fact that these two are not the only options that are available. All your data will be saved according in your login ID which is why you should choose it very carefully.

It’s that simple to process the battleground mobile India download and you can enjoy the pubg experience in India, which wasn’t available a few months ago.

Many people have had started playing this game ever since the early access was released.

Pubg mobile India download can also be done by certain third party websites such as APK pure.

These are the ones that Tencent made and you can get the exact experience as you used to get before in the original game.

The Pubg mobile India download link apk is

Going to this particular link would open up a page that would allow you to redirect to pubg mobile India download link APK, which will be a file of around 767.9 MB.

This is actually an XAPK file which means that this pubg india download will give you the APK as well as the OBB data.

These are the important things needed in order to carry out the pubg India download procedure from a third party website.

Enjoy the game after the Battleground mobile India download and install is completed.

The same maps are available in the game which makes many Die-Hard PUBG fans want to play this.

BattleGround Mobile India Review

Krafton are the makers of this game and it will not be wrong to say that they did quite a decent job with this game, at least.

They definitely had an already made model to look and replicate but some of the changes that they couldn’t replicate, makes the gameplay a little worse than the original.

The performance of the game is definitely good. All the things that you could do in pubg india apk can be done after Battlegrounds mobile India Apk download.

The satisfactory level as compared to pubg can never be achieved by any creator. After all, original is original.

There are few changes here and there that do not affect the gameplay. This includes the bleeding of green blood, which was the red in Pubg India Apk.

Besides, after having done the battlegrounds mobile india APK download, you would be able to “finish” enemies and not “kill” them. At least, that is what Krafton calls it.

Overall, amidst all the controversies related to pubg around India, creating this game was just a breath of fresh air for all the mobile gamers.

Pubg India apk download and install would let you play the game and the process is as simple as it was initially.

There are a few terms and conditions that were given to the creators of the game which is why few very important things such as a possibility of straining your eye is also discussed during the game.

Pubg India Apk download also gives you the possibilities to manage these tips and tricks that they keep giving during the time of rebooting the game.

This can be disabled but after you have seen this for at least a month. After one month of Battleground mobile India download, you will be able to disable these for no interruptions while running the game.

Most of the features of this game is taken directly from the Chinese version of the pubg mobile india download which gained a lot of popularity in the Indian consumer market.

Pubg mobile India download will give you the similar sort of premise but the user experience is not upto the mark according to original pubg version.

PUBG New State: Updates and APK Download

Now that the procedure of Battleground mobile India download is already discussed, it’s time to discuss the BGMI New State APK download.

It is not actually called the battlegrounds mobile India but is called PUBG: New State.

The update received for this game till now is the fact that is available on the Google Play Store for you to pre register on your ID.

If you do so, whenever the game is available on the Google Play Store you will be able to carry out the procedure of BGMI new state APK download, and then play the game with new maps.

Krafton claims that the battlegrounds mobile India new state APK will actually give you access to the near future of 2051.

This is the case that has been confirmed and the PUBG corporation has been working on this game for a long time now.

The trailer of the game is released and the new maps look absolutely amazing to the hardcore mobile gamers.

Set in Troi, you will be a part of the Battle Royale with 99 other players, while all hundred tries to survive in the game.

The API used in the game is Vulkan that have said optimise and give you a very smooth gameplay performance.

Battlegrounds mobile India New State APK will be available on different sites as well. This will be available from the day that Krafton allows the game to be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

The release date that’s decided is October 8, 2021 and fans can’t wait anymore for this amazing game.

Where is the pubg new state Battleground mobile India download process:

1. On your Google Play Store, search “PUBG: New State”. The first result that comes will allow you to pre register to the game.

2. After the pre registration is done for now, wait for October 8th when the game actually becomes available on one of the world’s largest application markets.

3. Install it, after its release to enjoy the activity dynamic graphics that the new game brings to you.

Another process to get the battleground mobile India download link is to go to one of the most popular websites for game APKs, uptodown.

This will let you download the APK + OBB which you can install on your device.

Here is the process:

1. After the Battleground mobile India download APK is completed, you would have to check if your phone allows to install applications from third party websites.

2. If the answer is yes, you will be able to install the file quickly. If the answer is no, you may have to enable installation from third party sources on your Android device.

3. After having enabled it, click on the background mobile India download file install the game and play. The icon will be available on your home screen for an easy access.

The PUBG experience was missing from India but 2021 has been that year of trying to get the game back to the Indian audience that loved it so much.

By the release of the sequel, the hype of battleground mobile India download is even more.

This is originally made by the South Korean company but after all, the Battleground mobile India download option is given by the creators, Krafton.

It looks like they have taken charge for bringing the PUBG experience back to India and mobile gamers cannot be more excited about it than they already are.

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