How to Download Instagram Video 2022| Savefrom IG Best Method

Instagram is an application packed with numerous pictures as well as videos. Thus, users on the app are likely to come across a very engaging post that they may wish to download on their device right away!

If you’re an Instagram enthusiast, we’re pretty sure that you must have experienced this situation.

You would just wish to download that particular video on your mobile Savefrom IG phone to probably watch it later some time or simply re-upload it to share it with your buddies.

Whatever the case, you will need to have an Instagram video downloader on your device and if you start searching, you are going to come across plenty of these available on the internet.

To make it simpler for all of you, we are going to present to you the easiest way to download Instagram videos on your device in 2022.

In this post, you will learn about How to Download Instagram Video from Savefrom IG all the steps that are involved in the process and we will also answer some of the most frequently asked questions that must be popping up on your head.

So without any further ado, let’s get started!

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Using for downloading Instagram video

savefrom net

For downloading any videos or photos on Instagram using Savefrom IG, you will just need to follow the simple steps that we have provided below.

You can follow the same instructions for PC as well as your mobile device.

How to download videos from Instagram using Savefrom IG online video downloader?

If you wish to download any video or photo on Instagram using SaveFrom IG online downloader, you must follow the three easy steps below:

Step 1. Copying the URL of the Instagram video or photo that you wish to download

First and foremost, you will need to go to the Instagram page of the particular video that you wish to save on your device. Simply, click on the three dots along with the video and copy its URL.

Once you are done with this, just go back to the website of

Step 2. Pasting the URL into the input domain

Now, you need to paste the respective URL of the Instagram video that you just copied into the input space that you will find on the top of the page of the Instagram Downloader.

After this, just tap on the right-hand side of the option so that it starts with the process of downloading your Instagram video.

Step 3. Clicking on the download option

It is worth mentioning that only the best video quality will be chosen by default for your Instagram video so you don’t need to worry about your desired video getting blurred or of poor quality.

However, in case you wish to choose a distinct quality or layout, you will also find plenty of options that you can easily choose from.

How to download Instagram videos from the address bar?


An easy, as well as a quick method to get started with the process of downloading straight from the address bar of your browser, is also possible if you make use of a simple and short domain which you will need to add before the URL of the video or photo that you wish to download.

For instance, you can use something like “” or “”).

We have also provided you with an example of a post for a better understanding below:

After you hit the enter option, you will instantly get redirected to a page featuring plenty of options for downloading that you can choose from.

Keep in mind that the best video quality that is available for the video will be chosen by default.

However, if you wish to select another quality for your video than what is chosen by default, you can also choose to select the same.

To get started with the downloading process, all you need to do is make a click.

Can I download private videos on Instagram?


Yes, you can easily download any private video on the Instagram app. However, the special feature is only available for Helper, the browser extension.

Any Instagram video downloader available out there has the feature to save videos or photos of a private account without first getting access to your account.

They will make use of your account for logging in on the Instagram app and then go on to download the video that you wish to save.

Now that the access to your Instagram account contradicts the philosophy of the Savefrom IG that promises privacy as well as data protection of the user, the developers won’t ever think of adding an opportunity like this.

For downloading a private video on Instagram in mp4 or even any photo, you will first need to install the company’s browser extension that is “ Helper”.

Is online Instagram video downloader free?

Yes, the video downloader for Instagram is free and it will continue to stay like that.

What quality is offered by the video downloader for download?

SaveFrom IG video downloader online service works to search and display all valid choices. This means that these are the greatest quality of the source file that is possible.

In case the necessary quality is not currently available for your video, this implies that the particular file is only available in that quality and you will not be able to view any other choices apart from that.

The default quality that is provided by the downloader is typically MP4 format together with 720p resolution for an Instagram video.

Downloading Instagram videos on iOS for free

It is pretty simple to save any videos on Instagram on your iPhone merely with an online video downloader for Instagram and through the Safari browser on iOS mobile devices.

Keep in mind that this will only work for the latest version of iOS which is the 14th version as well as any other recent versions.

First and foremost, head to the Instagram application on the iOS device that you are using (iPhone or iPad) and then copy the URL link of the video post that you wish to download.

Now head back to the iOS Safari browser on your device where the website of has already been opened.

Simply paste the post URL link in the input area and click on the button that you will see on the right-hand side of this space.

Now, in just a few seconds, you will be able to see the link for downloading your video.

Downloading Instagram videos on Mac OS

It is equally simple to save any Instagram video on your Mac OS device. First and foremost, you will need to start by installing the browser extension.

After this, you have to use a short domain that is “” and alternatively, you can also make use of the online Instagram video downloader.

The video that you must have downloaded will get saved on your Macbook device in its default folder.

Downloading Instagram videos on Android

There are plenty of ways that you can use for downloading any Instagram video on your Android device.

The first as well as the most user-friendly for Android mobile devices is the Android APP where you simply need to download its APK file.

Another effective method that you can use is making use of the website. The third method is to use a short domain that is “ /”.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Where will I be able to view my downloaded files?

After you have successfully downloaded the Instagram video that you wished to save, all the files will be simply located in the default folder that is set on your device for saving all the content downloaded from the Internet.

In case your device does not have any other settings, then your default folder will be named “Downloads”.

Q.2 Will Savefrom IG keep a record of the downloads of the user?

No, savefrom doesn’t keep a record of the downloads of any user. The company claims to regard the privacy of their users and keeping a history of the downloads will be contrary to their viewpoint on the privacy of the personal data of the user.

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