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Mobile Legends Martis Guide 2021 | Martis Best Build 2021

Mobile Legends Martis is one of the Underrated Fighters who can Sustain Insane Damage, Deals True Damage and can Instantly One – Shot Kill any Low HP Enemy.

Topics Covered in this article

  • Best Builds For Martis 2021
  • Martis Best Emblem set 2021
  • Martis Battle Spells
  • Skills & Passive Explanation
  • Martis Combo
  • Martis Guide & Gamplay Tips

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For now, let’s focus on Mobile Legends Martis Guide 2021.

Best Lane For Martis

Martis is played in any of Side Lanes especially Experience Lane.

How to Use Martis Skills?

Passive Ashura’s Wrath

Each time Martis uses a skill, his Attack Speed will be increased by 30% with a maximum of 120% Attack Speed Increase for 4 seconds.   Mobile Legends Martis

Skill 1 Ashura Aura

Martis pulls enemies and lines them up in a straight line in front of him. Martis deals 350 / 410 / 470 / 530 / 590 / 650 (+100% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage, and slow down enemies by 40% for 2 seconds.

Mobile Legends Martis

Skill 2 Mortal Coil

Martis charges and strikes enemies for 3 times, each time dealing 150 / 160 / 170 / 180 / 190 / 200 (+70% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage.

Martis will also knock back the Enemies hit during this Skill. Martis can change his direction on the third strike, which can also go through walls.

Use Again: Martis charges forward and knocks enemies up in the air and deals 200 / 220 / 240 / 260 / 280 / 300 (+150% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies along the way.

Martis will gain Control Immunity and 60% Damage Reduction during this Skill.

Mobile Legends Martis

Ultimate Skill Decimate

Martis jumps on a Single Enemy Hero, dealing 650 / 750 / 850 (+100% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage.

If you deal Damage more than 50% of Enemy HP, then this Skill will deal True Damage to enemy. If you deal Damage less than 50 % of Enemy HP, then this Skill will deal Physical Damage to Enemy.

Kills with this skill will immediately reset its cooldown and increase Movement Speed by 100% for 5 seconds.

When an enemy hero drops below 30% of their HP, a mark appears below the enemy hero.

 Mobile Legends Martis

Martis Skill Combo

  • Use Bush to Initiate the Combo as Surprise.
  • Use Skill 1 to line up all enemies.
  • Use Skill 2 to deal Damage to all the Enemies in front. This way you can Activate Martis Passive up to 4 times gaining 120 % Attack Speed now.
  • Use Basic Attacks to deal Damage.
  • When you see your Passive is about to end, then Use Skill 2 again to Activate the Last Phase of Skill 2 and also maintain the Martis Passive by 4 stacks.
  • Again, use Basic Attacks to deal Damage.
  • Use Ultimate to instantly Kill all Low HP Enemies.

Mobile Legends Martis

Mobile Legends Martis Skill Level Up Order

Skill 1 2 6 10 13 14 15
Skill 2 1 3 5 7 9 11
Ultimate 4 8 12

Mobile Legends Martis Guide

  • Try to cut Minion waves and Use Skill 2 to clear waves faster. Do Not Use Skill 2 Phase 2.
  • If you are against a Solo Hero who is squishy too, then try to dominate lane to have Advantage.
  • Try to Initiate and Chase Squishy Heroes only in Early and Mid-Game.
  • During Late Game, always make sure to start the Gank with Skill 2 to reduce all the damage taken.

Martis Best Emblem Set 2021

  • Assassin Emblem works really well with him.
  • Use points in the following Talents.
  • Agility – It increases your Movement Speed.
  • Invasion – It increases your Physical Penetration.
  • Killing Spree – It increases your Movement Speed and also restores HP on killing.

Mobile Legends Natalia

Mobile Legends Martis Battle Spells

Flicker – It lets you dash in your choice of direction.


Execute – It deals Extremely High True Damage to Enemies having Low HP.


Mobile Legends Martis Pros and Cons

  • Great Burst and DPS Damage.
  • Great Crowd Control Abilities.
  • Can Jungle Extremely Fast.
  • Not very Durable.
  • (Buy Immortality or Athena’s Shield or Oracle to give him durability).
  • Skills can be easily countered.
  • (Martis needs correct timing for his skills to be used efficiently. Best time to attack is to wait for enemies to use their Skills, especially Dash Skills).

Martis Strong and Weak Against

Strong Against

Pharsa, Natalia, Zhask

Weak Against

Diggie, Kagura, Akai.

Mobile Legends Martis Best Build 2021

Martis Core Items

  1. Bloodlust Axe – This provides Martis with Spell Vamp which will make her very Durable right from the Early Game.
  2. Warrior Boots/Tough Boots – Use any one of these Boots to gain some Defense; Type of defense will depend on the Enemy Line-up.
  3. Brute Force Breastplate – This item provides extra defense stats and mobility which helps in Fights.

Mobile Legends Hilda Build

Best Build for Martis 2021 as a Tank Support

  1. Bloodlust Axe
  2. Warrior Boots/Tough Boots
  3. Brute Force Breastplate
  4. Oracle – It increases HP Regen effect and also Shield Absorption by 30%.
  5. Athena’s Shield – It provides extra Shield which works well with her Passive.
  6. Immortality – It will revive you if die in a fight.
Mobile Legends Hilda Build

Best Build for Martis 2021

Martis Best Build 2021

  1. Bloodlust Axe
  2. Warrior Boots/Tough Boots
  3. Brute Force Breastplate
  4. Oracle
  5. Blade of Heptaseas – It will provide extra Physical Damage as you always give a surprise attack to your enemy.
  6. Blade of Despair – It will drastically increase your Physical Attack.
Mobile Legends Hilda Build

Martis Best Build 2021

Martis Lifesteal Build 2021

  1. Magic Shoes – It reduces Cooldown by 10%.
  2. Haas’s Claw – It greatly increases her Lifesteal which makes her durable right from the Early Game.
  3. Endless Battle – It provides lower Lifesteal but the True Damage and Mana Regen makes it one of the Core Items which is important for Martis.
  4. Oracle – It provides Magic Defence and also increases her Lifesteal Effect.
  5. Queen’s Wing – It provides High Defence, Extra Lifesteal, and more Damage.
  6. Rose Gold Meteor – It provides Shield and Magic Defence to Ruby. It also increases her Lifesteal.
Mobile Legends Ruby

Martis Lifesteal Build 2021

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