Overwatch Tier List Oct 2021| Best Overwatch Character Tier List 2021

If you are a gamer or a fan of eSports, it is quite impossible for you to not have played or even heard of Overwatch.

If you are looking for secret tips to excel at the game, this Overwatch tier list is just what you need to read.

This team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game, set on a near-future earth, has been topping the favorites chart of most gamers around the world.

Created by Blizzard, this game has been dominating the eSports industry ever since it was first released in 2016.

The most intriguing aspect of the game that is sure to keep you glued to your controller for hours on an end is probably the fact that the roster of heroes you choose from keeps changing and evolving, modifying and readjusting their capacities.

Remember being scared to the bones on hearing Genji’s war cry?

Well, he is still good, but with his Dragonblade becoming less effective and the enemy mostly playing on a loose formation, the veteran has become really underwhelming. And this is exactly where the fun lies.

The requirements of the Overwatch Meta keep changing and so do your chances of winning against your opponent team. We are well past the days when all you had to do to dominate the game was picking up three to four tanks.

Well, one thing every Overwatch fan is going to agree with hands down, is that the 32 hero cast of this game is iconic and one of the best among all online games of the day.

However, the changing atmosphere of the game allows some heroes to be more efficient and powerful than the others at different points in time.

Although we are not here to tell you if your favorite hero is the most powerful one, we are going to present you with an Overwatch character tier list of the heroes, ranked according to their survivability, mobility, versatility, and DPS/HPS.

Take a careful look at our Overwatch tier list for useful tips and tricks that might help you excel.

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  • Tier 1 – Wrecking Ball, Zarya, Tracer, McCree, Zenyatta, Mercy
  • Tier 2 – Reinhardt, Sigma, Echo, Sombra, Widowmaker, Ashe, Ana, Brigitte, Baptiste
  • Tier 3 – Roadhog, D.VA, Winston, Torbjorn, Mei, Symmetra, Hanzo, Lucio
  • Tier 4 – Soldier 76, Orisa, Reaper, Junkrat, Doomfist, Pharah, Genji, Moira
  • Tier 5 – Bastion

Overwatch Hero Tier List Oct 2021

Enough said, Let’s now get straight to the part that you’re here for.

Here is the Overwatch tier list for Oct 2021.

S-Tier or the Meta-Creating Tier

These heroes are the best ones and would be found atop every Overwatch tier list for February 2021 that you will find. They have excellent mobility, astounding versatility, superb win rates, and really high pick rates.

  1. Wrecking-ball: For obvious reasons, we have chosen to begin our list with the fierce, chaos-creating Wrecking ball. When on your side, you’ll love the magnificence with which he would wreck your opponent’s team, but facing him as an opponent puts you in a really hard situation.
  2. Reinhardt: Next in line, we have the tank incarnate hero Reinhardt who has a really high damage absorption potential and also does great damage to the enemy’s line of defense.
  3. Ana: Ana is the best support hero in the entire list, which is probably why despite being a little hard to master, she has one of the highest wins and pick rates in the entire game.
  4. McCree: This attacker hero is enough to have your offense line sorted. His skill set would help you deal with your enemy effortlessly in close combat
  5. Moira: Moira’s healing ability is a must-have if you are planning on creating a winning squad. Her mobility rate and short cooldowns will add to your team’s potential.
  6. Tracer: Although she is undoubtedly one of the best killing machines in the entire game, you will not find her atop every Overwatch tier list owing to the fact that she can be really hard to master. However, once you have learned how to use her, wrecking the enemy’s team is just a matter of time.
  7. Zarya: This is another favorite hero in the gaming community. Her massive damage potential makes her one of the deadliest tanks you might ever have to face.


The A-Tier heroes are just as good as the S-tier ones in this Overwatch tier list, but the present meta somewhat dims their light.

If you are a skilled player, however, you can easily win games depending solely on these heroes.

  1. Sigma: A surprising combination of a good DPS hero and an excellent Tank, Sigma has the spotlight on himself despite being the newest addition to the roster.
  2. Hanzo: One of the most versatile heroes, this attacker has outstanding mobility and great damage. Master him, and winning the game becomes as easy as ever.
  3. Echo: The only reason why she is not in the S-tier despite her extraordinary mobility and damage potential is that this newly added Attacker hero is a little difficult to master, and so has a low pick rate.
  4. Lucio: This extremely powerful Support hero does not only defend your team well but also acts well on the offense line.
  5. Mercy: One of the best Support heroes in the entire game, Mercy claims a respectable position in the A-Tier because of her healing and buff abilities.
  6. Genji: Who doesn’t love good Genji? Remember the time when he would appear at the top of every Overwatch tier list? Those days are gone now, but this hero still remains everyone’s favorite because of his mobility and damage potential.
  7. Roadhog: Roadhog is another Tank hero who is a must-have in your team.


These heroes in the Overwatch tier list can be used effectively in a team that already has S and A-Tier heroes to provide a balance to your team.

  1. Widowmaker: The game’s premier sniper, Widowmaker can be a real strength even though she is hard to master.
  2. Va: She is a strong tank whose defense matrix alone can get your game going.
  3. Junkrat: Another efficient attacker, Junekrat is a danger for every enemy team.
  4. Ashe: Ashe can wreck your enemy side in a really short span of time which makes her very valuable in team fights.
  5. Doomfist: With a more than fifty per cent win rate, Doomfist is another asset your team needs.


These heroes have an average utility and do just fine with the right team composition and experienced player.

  1. Baptiste: Although he has a lower win rate, Baptiste can be a really useful hero in the backlines.
  2. Brigitte: This hero’s hybrid capacities to act as a tank and support hero makes her really valuable in team selection.
  3. Orisa: Use her as a complementary tank with the other tanks from the higher tiers of this Overwatch tier list to utilize her best.
  4. Soldier 76: As an effective all-rounder, Soldier 76 is one the safest choice for beginners.


These heroes have really specific utilities and are therefore placed near the bottom of this Overwatch tier list.

  1. Reaper: Reaper can be really useful in close combat, but his defense and health are really low.
  2. Pharah: She has a basic skill set and is useful only for beginners.
  3. Mei: She is an average attacker with an ice wall and de buffs.


These heroes were once really outstanding and favorite among gamers, but now they have almost completely fallen off of the meta and hence have the least utility in the Overwatch character tier list.

  1. Torbjorn
  2. Symmetra
  3. Bastion
  4. Sombra
  5. Zenyatta
  6. Winston

Many of these heroes were once really beloved by the gaming community and topped the Overwatch tier list, but the present setting of the meta does not give them enough scope to exhibit their skills.

They can be used in experimental matches, but avoiding them in team battles is a wise decision. As such, their pick rates and win rates have also dropped at present.

How does a tier list work Overwatch?

Well, now that you know what we think of which hero, let us tell you how a tier list works, or more specifically, how this Overwatch tier list works.

This list is completely in tune with the game’s current season and is valid for all ranks. As you might have already noticed, this Overwatch character tier list consists of five levels that we have grouped all the heroes into.

The first is S-tier. As you might have already noticed, this tier consists of the best heroes in this Overwatch tier list.

They undoubtedly fit into almost any composition you would make, and have a really high pick and win rates.

After the S-tier the A, B, C, D, and F tiers are ranked in decreasing order of efficiency, with the F-tier consisting of the least efficient characters that have completely fallen off of the Overwatch Meta.

However, let this list not discourage you to choose characters you are specifically a fan of. Feel free to use them if you think you can handle the game even with their limited and reduced powers.

While constructing this Overwatch tier list we tried to keep in mind the following factors:

Overwatch Tier List 2021 & How its Work?

  • Win rate of the characters, or the chances of the hero being included in the winning team.
  • Role efficiency.
  • Pick rate in competitive play or the frequency with which a hero is picked.
  • How versatile the character is and how well they fit more than one role.
  • Their potential damage and healing power.
  • How well the hero can survive by healing, absorbing, or eluding the damage.

The Meta

If you are into gaming you have most certainly have heard the word, Meta, getting tossed around in the community.

Meta is the term gamers use to refer to the most common and reliable way the pro gamers play the game to increase the chance of winning.

The Meta changes from time to time. To stay updated on Overwatch Meta you have to stay connected with the community.

We have been following the recent overwatch leagues and found that most of the metal strategies included two snipers.

The Sniper becomes a reliable choice for Pro gamers because of their high damage and a greater chance of survivability.

As the snipers are usually stationed far away from the fight they are excellent in both early defense and effective offense.

A few changes have been made in the overwatch character tier list after the new patch by the Overwatch team.

The supports are more relied upon nowadays to deal some heavy damage.

This is why in this Overwatch Meta the position of the supporting characters has to be perfect so that they can easily attack and also save themselves from taking damage.

Neither they have a big shield to hide behind anymore nor they have gained more buff values. In this Meta, you have to bet on strategy rather than single-minded positioning.

Supports have to focus on dealing more damage as the tanks have to be played differently.

The meta batteries popular in the community now depends highly on mobility and DPS. Say goodbye to buffy heroes and slow strategy.

Right now quick heroes with perfect placement and good map awareness are the key to winning.

With numerous Overwatch tier lists doing rounds on the internet, we have tried our best to keep our list relevant and suited especially to the present season.

We have taken all the changes into consideration and hope you found them useful and relevant.

This Overwatch tier list ranks the efficiency of the heroes, but what’s more important in gaming, than fun and adventure, right? So pick any hero you like and join a battle! All the best!

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Q: Is Overwatch a battle royale?

Answer: Yes, along with other modes in Overwatch, Battle Royale mode and workshop have recently been included by the developer Blizzard.

Q: Which Platforms can I play Overwatch on?

Answer: You can play this game on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Q: Are Global Servers available for this game?

Answer: At present, there are servers for Asia, Australia, Middle East, Europe, North America, and South America.

Q: Is Competitive Play available in Overwatch?

Answer: Yes, Competitive Play is available in Overwatch.

Q: How many characters or heroes are allowed in each team?

Answer: In the Competitive and Quick Play modes, you can have only 2 Tanks, 2 Supports, and 2 Damage heroes in each team.

Also, in both these modes, you can have only one of heroin in each team. In Competitive mode for masters, there are Hero Pools, which means that certain heroes cannot be used for the week.

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