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So finally the wait of four months is over and the most awaited game, FAUG Gameplay Guide is here.

At first, when I heard about this game, I was not so excited about this game [NOTE: I’m a PUBG fan!].

But given the efforts of nCore Games, it is worth giving a try. So here is the review of the game.

Based on the recent Galwan Valley incident which took place on June 15,2020 between the Indian and Chinese troops engaged in aggressive melee, face offs , unpremeditated fighting at the Line of Actual Control (LAC), Sino-Indian border.

FAUG Gameplay Guide

FAU-G has three game modes as of now: CAMPAIGN, TEAM DEATHMATCH, FREE FOR ALL, out of which only the campaign mode is available now

Faug Gameplay Guide
Faug Gameplay Guide

It can be played in both offline and online.

Starting with the graphics it’s a pretty decent one, not as good as Call Of Duty Mobile or PUBG but did manage to look realistic and good enough.

Faug Gameplay Guide 1
Faug Gameplay Guide mode

The game starts with a brief overview of the recent Galwan valley incident after which the lead character Lt. Singh wakes up, wounded by the attack.

He then sets out in search of his crew. And while doing so he keeps on narrating dialogues like “Ek FAUG mission pura kiye bina wapas nahi laut ta” which will surely give you Goosebumps.

FAU-G Pros & Cons


Firstly Authenticity of the game it lets the players to get into the shoes of an army soldier and it focuses more on hand to hand combat, keeping in mind the bilateral agreement formed in 1996 that prevents Indian and Chinese troops to use firearm within two kilometers from the Line of Actual Control  [LAC].

Secondly, this game, unlike PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile, is a storage friendly game. It occupies 460 MB of space. So gamers do not have to compromise with their storage space.

The narration and setting of the game instills a sense of patriotism to our Indian gamers, which I’m sure will make us feel more proud of our Heroes over the border.

One of the striking features I noticed is the smooth interface of this game, which to be fair, I wasn’t expecting of.

If the developers stick to this level of dedication and talent, FAU-G can give PUBG and Call of Duty Mobile a healthy competition.


The campaign mode only offers hand to hand combat, which sounds exciting initially but then becomes monotonous.

The gamer should literally meditate before playing the campaign or he/she will definitely start to lose their temper and may as a well break their phones! {As we know we are no stranger to gamer rages!}

Another irritating feature is the inability to pick up the enemy force’s weapon. In a bid to overpower the enemy, we tend to choose a stronger weapon. So inability to not select weapon can be irritating.

A unique feature yet cons for me are the method of recuperating. Traditionally, the player uses a health/med kit to heal which in my book is a logical method.

But in this game, the player recuperates by sitting near a fireplace which I think is illogical. It depletes the realism for me.

Hence the players should carry some amount of resources with them to increase their health instead of going back to the last fireplace or unlock the current stage’s fireplace.

Currently the game has only hand to hand and combat weapons which has break limit.

Lack of guns decreases the credibility of a firefight. Owing to the real fact that no weapons were actually used in the conflict, it is acceptable for this game.

I also wanted the Chinese soldiers to speak in Chinese language rather than speaking in English. This again compromises the crediblity of the game in my book.

Faug Gameplay Guide 2
Faug Gameplay Guide

As of now, no weapons have been added. This makes the game realistic but lacks the crux of a firefight between 2 Armies.

Frankly speaking, the release date of this game is what gave this game traction in India. If not for the date, this game would have not made in roads within Indian gamers.

I hope we don’t get bogged down by these shortcomings. This game is very promising and ambitious.

It has definitely made a statement that Indian developers are capable of producing decent games. The main focus of this game will be the Multiplayer aspect.

If the Multiplayer part shines, this game will definitely give PUBG and Call of Duty Mobile a run for their money. I also hope we don’t overtly criticize this project and in turn give our support!

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