Mobile Legends Helcurt Guide & Best Build 2020

Mobile Legends Helcurt Guide & Best Build 2020

Welcome to Gaming Freak Hero Guide Tutorial 2020. In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Mobile Legends Helcurt in the game.

I will share 9 Best Tips about Helcurt and explain Helcurt Passive & Skills; you will know Mobile Legends Helcurt Best Build 2020 & Emblems, ML Helcurt Best Spell.

MLBB Helcurt Skill combo and finally give you some Tips and Tricks, How to Play With Helcurt 2020 Effectively.

So are you Ready to know about “Helcurt”?

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For now, let’s focus on ML Helcurt.

Mobile Legends Helcurt Passive

If an enemy hero CC’s Helcurt, they will be silenced for 1.5 sec. this passive has a 4 sec cool down.

Note– CC means- Crowd Control, Effects like Stun, Knock up, knock back Etc.

Mobile Legends Helcurt Passive

This passive has a short range. If the target is outside the range they won’t be silenced.

Mobile Legends Helcurt Skill 1 – Shadow Transition

This is a blink skill, if enemies are nearby it will silence them for 1.5s and deals damage.

Mobile Legends Helcurt Skill 1 – Shadow Transition

Using this skill after using ultimate will increase this skill radius and it slows the targets by extra 40% for 1.5 sec.

Mobile Legends Helcurt Skill 2 – Deadly Stinger

By default, this skill only has 1 stinger. Basic attacks will increase the stingers, this skill can store upto 5 stingers (4 basic attack + 1 default stinger).

Mobile Legends Helcurt Skill 2 – Deadly Stinger

This skill will deal high damage, if all 5 stingers land on the target. This skill slows down targets for 3 sec. This skill only deals half damage on Minions/Monsters.

His stingers decrease by 1 every 8 seconds. Doing basic attacks will reset this timer. While in ultimate state, his stingers won’t decrease.

Mobile Legends Helcurt Skill 3 – Dark Night Falls

Everytime you upgrade this skill it will increase Helcurt attack speed permanently. When you use this skill, it will increase his movement by 65% and attack speed by 10% for 8 seconds.

When you use ultimate, enemies will have reduced vision range for 3.5 seconds. Anything beyond this range won’t be visible to enemies.

Helcurt ultimate hides every hero/minions on minimap for enemies. Helcurt ultimate does not have any effect on enemy Helcurt.

Keep that in mind if you’re playing Classic Mode. That’s all for his passive & skills.

Mobile Legends Helcurt Best Spell

  • If you’re beginner, I highly recommend you to use Petrify on him. Petrify will make it a lot easier to aim your skill 2.


  • Retribution is an alternate option you can use. You have to mainly focus jungling to earn experience and gold.


  • Dodging Helcurt skill 2 is easy. So, I would recommend petrify if you’re Beginner/Intermediate Helcurt user.

Mobile Legends Helcurt Best Emblem

Assassin Emblem- Always use Assassin emblem on Helcurt. Use the talent points on movement speed and physical penetration.

Miya Assassin Emblem

Use Killing Spree Talent, it will regen HP Everytime you get a kill.

Mobile Legends Helcurt Best Build

  • This is my recommended Helcurt Build, use this build if you are using Petrify battle spell.

Mobile Legends Helcurt Best Build petrify build

  • Use this build if you’re using Retribution as your battle spell.

Mobile Legends Helcurt Best Retribution Build

Mobile Legends Helcurt Best Skill Combo

Use Skill – 3(Reduce Enemy Vision) then use Skill 1(Silence & Gap Close) then do Basic Attack (Basic attack while they’re silenced) then use your Skill 2 (Use Petrify before using this skill if needed).

MLBB Helcurt Skill Upgrade Order-

  • Skill 1 – Max Last
  • Skill 2 – Unlock and max last
  • Skill 3 – Upgrade whenever available 

Mobile Legends Helcurt Gameplay & Tips and Tricks

At level 1, unlock skill 2 then go to experience lane if you’re using petrify as your battle spell. While in this lane you can reach level 4 fast, don’t miss any minions in the first 3 minutes.

If the enemy turret is left undefended, attack it and try to get as much gold as possible. Turrets give gold for the first 3.30 minutes of the game.

Stay in your lane for the first 3:30 minutes and defend your turret, don’t let enemy get free gold from your turret.

If you’re using Retribution as your battle spell, you should go mid lane. Buy Jungle item only after clearing first minion wave.

When you have Retribution, you should try to get most of your exp and gold from jungling. Helcurt has really good early game damage.

While laning, if enemy is nearby don’t use your stacks on minions. Hold on your stacks and use it on enemies.

You can pick up easy kills if enemies aren’t careful. If your allies are fighting, just simply use your ultimate.

This will give you assist & gold if they got a kill. It’s always good to have your stacks ready before joining a fight.

These way enemies will have less time to react. Helcurt skill 1 is good counter for skill dependent heroes, it will make them useless for 1.5 second make sure you aim it properly.

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That’s all for this How to Play Helcurt in Mobile Legends guide tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.

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