Mobile Legends Benedetta Release Date 2020 | Skills Analysis

Mobile Legends New Hero Benedetta is the assassin hero that is being tested in the MLBB advance server.

The hero has a lot of interesting skill effect, especially loaded dash abilities. Mobile Legends have been turning stones to keep the MLBB community engaged with creative stunts.

And this is one of the interesting introductions to their awesome Hero line-ups. So, let us check out whats the new MLBB hero, Benedetta is bringing & When Mobile Legends Benedetta Release?

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For now, let’s focus on ML Benedetta.

Mobile Legends Benedetta Release date

  • Benedetta will be released on 07 November 2020. She will be available for Free as Benedetta is 100th Hero of MLBB So, Developer decided to Benedetta will be available as a Free hero.
  • The new Assassin hero Benedetta log in from 11/7 to 11/8 to claim the hero for FREE!
  • As usual, Benedetta will launch with an alternate skin that players can buy with diamonds. Players can buy the New hero and his skin at a discounted package whatever Moonton Fixed after release Benedetta.

Benedetta is an Assassin hero, and is one of the few female assassins in the game like Fanny and Karina. She excels in chasing enemies and dealing high burst damage with her skills.

ML Benedetta’s Passive and Skills:

ML Benedetta Passive-  Elapsed Daytime

  • By holding down her basic attack button till her bar is complete Benedetta can dash while dealing damage. Since this is just a basic attack this doesn’t have a cool-down.

Benedetta Skill 1- Shadow Slash 

  • Benedetta will step back for a brief time, then unleashes a half-moon shaped area of effect damage. Remember that this skill is delayed, it is better to use wisely rather than just simply casting it.

Mobile Legends Benedetta Skill 2 – An Eye for an Eye

  • This is a delayed blink skill. Benedetta will glow for a while, in a glowing state she is immune to all damage and Crowd Control effects. Proper timing is needed for this skill.

MLBB Ultimate – Alecto Final Blow

  • Benedetta will charge for a short time, then dashes to a designated direction, after the dash, the dashed path will have a continuous Area of Effect that damages the enemies inside it.
Ultimate: Alecto: Final Blow- Benedetta

Benedetta will surely be in players mind as these skills and the stats are considering her to be the new OP hero of Mobile Legends.

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