4 Best Mobile Legends Upcoming Hero 2020- Mobile Legends Brody Release Date

Welcome to Gaming Freak MLBB News. In this post we will cover the 4 New mobile legends Upcoming Hero 2020-2021.

As a part of the Project NEXT that aims to improve Mobile Legends’ features and game-play, Moonton, Mobile Legends’ creator have decided to add more heroes to the game to further widen the roster.

Because of this, more and more strategies will come into fruition so it is essential to know the new heroes that Mobile Legends is about to add in their game.

4 New mobile legends Upcoming Hero 2020-2021

We have previously discussed How to Master Playing with other Mobile Legends, Heroes like Claude, Leomord, Harith, Wanwan, Carmilla, AtlasLuo Yi, Chou, Kimmy. So make sure to check these Hero Guides as well. For now, let’s Focus on Mobile Legends Upcoming Hero 2020.

Mobile Legends New Hero Benedetta

When the body suffers, the spirit blooms.

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Mobile Legends Benedetta Guide & Benedetta Best Build 2020

Mobile Legends Benedetta

Benedetta Release date

  • Benedetta will be released on November 07. She will be available for 599 diamonds. If players don’t want to spend money, they can get her for 32,000 battle points. As usual, Benedetta will launch with an alternate skin that players can buy with diamonds. Players can buy the New hero and his skin at a discounted package whatever Moonton Fixed after release Benedetta.

Benedetta is an Assassin hero, and is one of the few female assassins in the game like Fanny and Karina. She excels in chasing enemies and dealing high burst damage with her skills.

I will be explaining MLBB Benedetta’s Passive and Skills, MLBB Benedetta Best Build and Emblems, MLBB Benedetta Best Spells.

Benedetta’s Passive and Skills:

  • Passive: Elapsed Daytime By holding down her basic attack button till her bar is complete Benedetta can dash while dealing damage. Since this is just a basic attack this doesn’t have a cool-down.

  • 1st Skill: Shadow Slash Benedetta will step back for a brief time, then unleashes a half-moon shaped area of effect damage. Remember that this skill is delayed, it is better to use wisely rather than just simply casting it.

  • 2nd Skill:  An Eye for an Eye  This is a delayed blink skill. Benedetta will glow for a while, in a glowing state she is immune to all damage and Crowd Control effects. Proper timing is needed for this skill.

  • Ultimate Alecto: Final BlowBenedetta will charge for a short time, then dashes to a designated direction, after the dash, the dashed path will have a continuous Area of Effect that damages the enemies inside it.
Ultimate: Alecto: Final Blow- Benedetta

Best Perfect Mid Lane Hero In MLBB 2020

MlBB Benedetta Best Build:

  1. Bloodlust Axe Benedetta relies on her skill so much so it is wise to equip Blood-lust Axe so that you can maximize the spell vamp and cool-down reduction that the item provides.
  2. Warrior Boots The small defense that this boots provide will have a huge effect for Benedetta. It is crucial to have this item since Benedetta’s skills are delayed leaving her with so many openings.
  3. Blade of Despair The skills of Benedetta may be delayed, but the damage those skills provide are actually great. To further enhance the damage of those skills it is wise to buy Blade of Despair early in the game.
  4. Hunter Strike As an assassin that relies too much on her skill she needs to have an item that will greatly reduce the cool-down of her skills, furthermore, Hunter Strike’s passive will give Benedetta more mobility.
  5. Endless Battle After casting her skills, Benedetta can make use of her basic attack damage and turn it into true damage using the Endless Battle’s passive.
  6. Immortality If the game managed to last till late game the Immortality will be a game changer for Benedetta since she can immune for a few seconds after being revived and escape safely thanks to her mobility.

Best Emblem for Benedetta:

  • Assassin Emblem with the Killing Spree Talent This emblem will allow Benedetta to recover 15% of her HP and temporary movement speed boost for a short time after eliminating an enemy.

Best Spells for Benedetta:

  1. Retribution As an Assassin jungling is essential if you want to gain EXP and Gold quickly so that you can support and gank your allies’ lanes. Retribution will help you clear the jungle faster and safer.
  2. Petrify– If you are playing Benedetta as a laner it is best to use Petrify to cover up her delayed skill. The stun provided by this spell will destroy the enemy before they even have the chance to blink.

Mobile Legends New Hero Brody Release date

  • The latest Mobile Legends hero on the Original server is Brody. This Hero will be add to the game on October 16th 2020. You’ll be able to unlock him at a 30% discount until October 16th.
  • He’s a Marksman Hero with burst and reap ability.
  • Here are some of his most devastating skills:

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Mobile Legends New Hero Brody

Brody is a marksman hero, like Bruno he specializes in critical damage despite having a slow basic attack. Brody excels in dealing burst damage both with skills and basic attacks. as Moonton has been 

I will be explaining MLBB Brody’s Passive and Skills, MLBB Brody Best Build and Emblems, MLBB Brody Best Spells. No one outruns their fate, no one does

Brody’s Passive and Skills:

  • Passive: Abyss Corrosion Brody’s basic attack needs to be charged thus being slower, but in return he’ll deal more damage. Brody will also leave a mark that stacks for every damage he deals

  • 1st Skill: Abyss Impact Brody will shoot out a normal skill shot that deals damage to enemies in a straight line. Hitting enemies will grant them a mark. The more mark the enemies have, the more this skill will do damage.

  • 2nd Skill:  Corrosive Strike Brody dashes to an enemy, once hit they will be stunned for a short time, furthermore Brody can move one more time in a designated direction.

  • Ultimate: Torn-Apart Memory All enemies within Brody’s range will be hit Brody. Marked enemies will receive more damage depending on how many marks they possess.

MLBB Brody Best Build:

  1. Bloodlust Axe- Brody can maximize the use of this item because of his marking mechanics, basically the more damage he deals the more spell vamp he’ll receive.
  2. Magic Shoes The shorter the cool-down of Brody’s skills the more mark he can inflict to the target and more mark means more damage using his ultimate.
  3. Berserker’s Fury Since critical damage is Brody’s main asset it is wise to further enhance it with this item so that he can have a more critical chance.
  4. Endless Battle Brody’s basic attack can inflict more damage once paired with this item, not only will he deal critical damage but also true damage which will melt enemies quickly.
  5. Blade of Despair With Brody’s passive and Blade of Despair he will be able to one-shot squishy enemies.
  6. Immortality A game changer for almost all heroes, Immortality can help Brody escape from his assailants using his 2nd skill that can stun the enemies chasing him.

MLBB Best Emblem for Brody:

  • Marksman Emblem with the Weakness Finder Talent Brody is slow, but this talent, Weakness Finder it will be easier for him to chase down enemies because it will slow them down.

MLBB Brody Best Spells:

  1. Purify As a Marksman Brody’s defense and HP is low so once he is Crowd Controlled it will be over for him already, to prevent this from happening he should carry Purify all the time.
  2. Retribution Jungling can also suit Brody because of his burst damage that can take down the jungle creeps faster. Retribution will make jungling safer and more secure with him.


Mobile Legends New hero Barats

You do things my way, on my turf!

Mobile Legends New hero Barats

Barats is Tank/Fighter Hero who can close the gap between enemies easily. He specializes on Damage and Crowd Control abilities.

I will be explaining MLBB Barats’ Passive and Skills, MLBB Barats’ Best Build and Emblems, MLBB Barats’ Best Spells.

Barats’ Passive and Skills:

  • Passive: I Am Big Barats will gain a stack, maximum of 25 for every time he damages the enemy. The more stacks he has the bigger he’ll get. Skills will be enhanced at max stacks

  • 1st Skill: So-Called TeamworkBarats will put a fan-shaped Area of Effect skill that lasts for a short period of time. This skill will be enhanced the more stacks Barats have.

  • 2nd Skill:  Missiles ExpertBarats deploys a missile to a designated area, after a short delay the missile will explode. Enemies in the rear of the missile will be pushed towards Barats.

  • Ultimate: Detona’s Welcome Barats’ dinosaur Detona, after a short while will devour a target and spit them out in a designated direction. Barats is immune while casting this skill.

MLBB Barats Best Build:

  1. Shadow Mask As a tank surprising and setting up enemies for your carry is important which is why Barats needs the passive of this mask that makes heroes invisible.
  2. Warrior Boots Barats can do the job of protecting his core using this item, with this he can recklessly charge and absorb the damage meant for this carry.
  3. Cursed Helmet The additional HP and magic defense provided by this item will be helpful in dealing with a mage with burst damage, furthermore the item’s passive will be useful for chasing enemies.
  4. Antique Cuirass The damage reduction provided by this skill as long as the enemy keeps on attacking you will be essential because you need to charge towards an enemy all the time.
  5. Immortality If Barats gets killed before he can use his ultimate this item will make it easier for him to do it again, and since he is immune while casting his ultimate he won’t die again easily.
  6. Queen’s Wings Barats has a short cool-down on his 1st skill so he can abuse the passive of this item and regain more life the lesser HP he have.

MLBB Best Emblem for Barats:

  • Tank Emblem with the Smite Talent Barats a lot of Crowd Control skills, so the talent Smite will be useful for restoring his HP after he applied CC to enemies.

MLBB Barats Best Spells :

  1. Petrify Barats’ Ultimate has a short delay to cover up he can use Petrify so he can successfully devour the enemy and throw them in a designated direction.
  2. Flameshot This spell can help Barats trap the enemies more since Flameshot is similar to his 2nd skill he can push the enemy far more if he use this spell.


Mobile Legends New Hero Yve

Zhask, your fate is sealed!

Mobile Legends New Hero Yve

Yve is the latest mage added in the game, she shares almost the same mechanics as Pharsa and Zhask combined. Her specialty is poke and burst damage.

I will be explaining MLBB Yve’s Passive and Skills, MLBB Yve’s Best Build and Emblems, MLBB Yve’s Best Spells.

Mobile Legends Yve’s Passive and Skills:

  • Passive: Galactic Power- Yve gains a stack (maximum of 10) if she hits an enemy with her skills. Each stack grants her 2% additional movement speed.

  • 1st Skill: Void Blast- Yve will cast and Area of Effect skill that lasts for a short time, enemies inside the circle will be slowed for 60%. She’ll gain a stack for every enemy hero hit.

  • 2nd Skill: Meteor Fall- Yve will summon a spawn in a designated direction. She can use the skill again by assigning a position it will fire a continuous blast.

  • Ultimate: Real World Manipulation- Yve will summon a huge board on the battlefield, she can tap the squares on the board and will deal the damage on enemies above it. 15 turns to tap the squares are given and can reach up to 25 with the help of passive.

MLBB Yve Best Build:

  1. Ice Queen Wand This item will help Yve secure the damage dealt by her skills since they will be slowed down greatly by this item.
  2. Demon Shoes As a mage Yve consumes too many Mana with her skills, but this shoe/boots can help replenish her Mana without the need to recall back to the base.
  3. Clock of Destiny It is wise to buy this item for Yve as early as possible in the game because for every 30 seconds it will add 5 magic attacks to the hero as well as a bonus 300 Mana.
  4. Lightning Truncheon Paired with Clock of Destiny this item’s passive deals more damage the more Mana the hero has. This will help Yve deal devastating damage.
  5. Winter Truncheon This item’s ability will allow the user to be immune to all damage while not being able to move. Yve’s ultimate makes her way to open so this item can cover her.
  6. Divine Glaive This item grants the user an additional 40% magic penetration. With this item Yve will be able to deal more damage to fighter and tanks with high magic defense.

MLBB Yve Best Emblem:

  • Mage Emblem with Magic Worship Talent Yve can deal continuous damage to the enemies in a just a matter of seconds with this talent the damage dealt will leave a burn on the enemy that hurts them continuously for a short period of time.

MLBB Yve Best Spells :

  1. Purify While casting her ultimate Yve is not immune to Crowd Controls so to prevent enemies from interrupting her purify is highly recommended.
  2. Flameshot Enemies will try to interrupt Yve while she is casting her ultimate Flameshot can also push the enemies and allowing Yve to cast her ultimate freely.

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These heroes will be released every month, according to Moonton, however the order of their release is still unknown, so it is important for you to know about these heroes before they are even released so that you can have the biggest advantage among your enemies!

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