Mobile Legends Ultimate Battlefield Guide 2021

Reaching mythical glory is still a dream of many MOBILE LEGENDS players. There are many reasons behind every game lost. Mobile Legends Ultimate Battlefield Guide 2021.

In this guide we will cover 2 out of 5 most important topics which can help you win even a losing game.

Topics:- How To Counter Farm Difference, How To Easily Defend Against Lord, How To Do A Perfect Comeback, What Not To Do When Losing, Importance Of Immortality.

For now we will only cover first 2 topics and rest will be covered in next guide.

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We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Mobile Legends, heroes like Claude, Leomord, Harith, Hayabusa, Carmilla, BaratsLuo Yi, Chou, Kimmy. So make sure to check these hero guides as well.

For now, let’s focus on Mobile Legends Ultimate Battlefield Guide 2021.

How To Counter Farm Difference

Farm Difference Is the main factor in deciding who will win in MOBA Games. More Farm = More Equipment = More Experience.

There are four main reasons of farm difference:

  1. Your team gave too many kills to the enemy (Feeding)
  2. Your team failed in early game and is under farm.
  3. Enemy destroyed more turrets and turtle.
  4. Enemy is stealing your jungle and gold.

Which team will have more farm depends on the early game itself. One of the important factors here is MINIONS.

First wave of minions gives good amount of gold and experience so never miss it. Always try to get the last hit of minions or you won’t get full gold and experience.

Here you can clearly see the difference in gold gained.

Here you can clearly see the difference in gold gained.

You should remember the following things while playing:

  • Never give out free skills to the enemy specially in early or mid-game.
  • Try to focus on turrets rather than chasing for skills
  • Shutdowns give more skills than usual kills so try to kill main hero of enemies.
  • Use Roam items properly and focus your farm on the damage dealer.

Most of the time farm difference starts from the first gank, usually team with successful first gank have higher farm.

After 2nd minion wave enemies will gank the solo laner to kill and push that lane.

If you are a solo laner, running away is the best option unless you have some CC immune and burst heroes like Xborg,Yu Zhong, Badang, Hayabusa etc.

Because If you fail to defend, enemy team will get turrets gold as well as kill you for more gold.

What To Do If Enemies Are already over farmed?

If enemies are using 1-3-1 Hyper Carry strategy you can easily cover farm difference with shutdowns and assists.

Mobile Legends Ultimate Battlefield Guide – What’s a shutdown?

Mobile Legends Ultimate Battlefield Guide 2020

On a normal kill you get 200 gold from the enemies. But if the enemy is beyond Mega kill and if you kill him you will gain much more gold.

Here you can clearly see the difference between a normal kill and a shutdown.

In hyper carry strategy, all the farm and kills are focused on a single hero and if you gank and shutdown this main hero your team will gain much more gold as compared to normal kill.

How to kill the main hero of enemies?

Killing him in fair fight is nearly impossible as you are under farmed, your only option is ambush him from bushes and kill him.

But beware enemies can also hide in bushes near your buffs and ambush while you are busy with buff.

Mobile Legends Ultimate Battlefield Guide – Points To Remember:-

  1. If you are under farm never try to engage enemies head on.
  2. Protect your inside towers (3 Main ones) and keep the lanes clear.
  3. Shutdown the enemies main hero first and then wipe out the rest.
  4. Beware of ambushes near your buffs.

Mobile Legends Ultimate Battlefield Guide – How to Defend Against Lord?

Lord is one of the game changer things in mobile legends. You can easily win using lord. But what if an enemy has slain the lord and is marching towards your base along with the lord.

In that case you will have to defend your base from enemies as well as lord.

There are 3 strategies you can use to easily defend against lord:

  1. Delayed Lord Trick
  2. 1-1-3 Lord Kill Strategy
  3. Ambush Lord Kill Strategy

We will discuss each of these strategies in details.

  • Delayed Lord Trick

Spawn time of lord is 9 minutes so enemies try to end game within 10 minutes while you are still at farm disadvantage.

But using this trick you can delay lord spawn time by 2 minutes easily.

Lord Spawns after 2 minutes of killing the 3rd turtle. So all you got to do is waiting till 8:30 and silently kill the 3rd turtle before 9:00.

Mobile Legends Ultimate Battlefield Guide 2020 1

This will delay the time of lord and he will spawn around 11 minutes instead of 9 minutes.

Generally of lord spawn is at 9:00 min. At 9:00 turtle will transform into lord and enemies can kill lord at 9:00 and finish game by 10 minutes.

Here if you killed the turtle around 8:40 so lord will spawn at 10:40.

You can utilize these 2 minutes to reduce some farm gap between your team and the enemies.

  • 1 – 1 – 3 Lord kill Strategy

Usually enemies leave lord lane and push other lanes while you are killing lord they will take 1-2 main turrets and finish the game as soon as possible.

That’s the basic principal of pushing with lord. Assume the lord is marching from bot lane and you have 2 fighters, 1 support, 1 tank and 1 hyper carry hero.

Many players don’t pay attention to other lanes and attack the lord lane together but you should not attack the lord with full 5 heroes Instead leave 1 fighter at top and 1 support at mid and 2nd Fighter with CC and burst at bottom with hyper carry and tank to finish the lord.

Top lane fighter will clear top lane and keep an eye on mid lane while mid lane support will clear mid lane.

Tank, hyper carry and fighter will take out lord in bot. Enemies won’t have a chance to take any tower and you can easily kill lord without any casualties.

Mobile Legends Ultimate Battlefield Guide – Points To Remember:

  1. Never leave your tower to kill minions or lord as enemies will sneak up from bushes and wipe out your team.
  2. Always take tank with you for killing lord so he can soap up damage of lord in place of tower.
  3. If your hyper carry is using Golden demon Build it won’t be much effective against lord so give him to clear top lane and use 2 fighters for lord.

  • Ambush Lord Kill Strategy

This is very risky but if you are not under farm it can turn the game over and you can win easily. Here is the strategy:

After killing lord many people wait for lord to start marching and follow lord in a lane and this is not a pro move.

You can easily setup ambush by hiding 3 people in a bush while 2 people will work as backup if ambush fails so you can avoid wipe out.

So you can hide near red buff or blue buff bushes and sneak up from behind to kill enemies and then easily take out lord and push to win and if your gank fails at least takeout enemy carry hero or else you will lose the game.

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Well guys, that’s all it for this Mobile Legends Ultimate Battlefield Guide. We covered 2 out 5 topics today. Remaining 3 topics will be covered in the next guide.

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