Mobile Legends Revamped Miya Complete Guide 2020 & Best Build

Mobile Legends Revamped Miya Guide 2020 & Best Build

Welcome to Gaming Freak Hero Guide Tutorial 2020. In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Mobile Legends Revamped Miya in the game.

In this Guide we will cover below topics about Miya Passive & Skills, How to Gank? You will know Mobile Legends Revamped Miya Build 2020 & Emblems, ML Miya Best Spell.

MLBB Miya Laning & Rotation and finally give you some Tips and Tricks, How to Play With Miya 2020 Effectively.

So are you Ready to know about Revamped “Miya”?

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Mobile Legends Revamped Miya Passive

Each time Miya use her basic attack, her attack speed increased by 5% & stack upto 5 times.

After reaching full stacks Miya summons Moonlight Shadow, which deals additional basic attack damage.

Mobile Legends Miya Passive

The afterimage of Miya can also give Crit damage.

Mobile Legends Revamped Miya Skill 1 – Moon Arrow

Miya use this skill to spilt her basic attack to multiple heroes at a time, its lasts 9 second.


Mobile Legends Miya Skill 1 Moon Arrow

Its deal additional damage to the main target & 30% of Physical damage to the rest of the targets.

Mobile Legends Revamped Miya Skill 2 – Arrow of Eclipse

Miya can cast this skill in a designated direction and immobilize the target for 1.2s upon hitting.

Remember, the target at the middle will get the higher damage, but you can immobilize the target, even if you can able to touch the edge of the skill.

Mobile Legends Miya Skill 2 – Arrow of Eclipse

After hitting the ground it’ll spread into minor Arrows, which will deal damage & 30% slow effect.

Note- After casting the skill, there is a minor delay before it hits the ground, so cast it properly so that you don’t miss.

Mobile Legends Revamped Miya Skill 3 Ultimate – Hidden Moonlight

Miya removes all her de-buffs right away after casting her ultimate, and conceals herself for 2s.

It’ll also increase her movement speed by 60% for 2s and gain her full stacks for passive after the concealment is over.

Mobile Legends Miya Skill 3 Ultimate – Hidden Moonlight

Note- attacking or initiating will instantly reveal her from concealment.

MLBB Miya Best Build

This is my recommend build for ML Miya.

  • Use MLBB Miya Anti Heal Build, when enemy got high life steal & shield regeneration heroes like Esmeralda, Khaleed ETC.

MLBB Miya Anti heal build

  • Use MLBB Miya Safety Build, when enemies got heroes like Ling, Hayabusa, and Aldous for better protection & Safety.

MLBB Miya Safety heal build

  • Use Mobile Legends Revamped Miya Arrow Slaughter Build, when your enemies have no counter for Miya. This build will show you the true power of Miya.

MLBB Miya Best Build

MLBB Miya Best Spell

After the recent update, many of you will try to use Retribution to buy jungle item.

Taking Retribution will help you in farming. But it’ll put you in danger if you don’t get enough support from your team.


Especially in solo Q, if you don’t have any Escape spell, then you are so dead. So I recommended use Flicker for Miya, due to flicker you can easily escaped and even secure the kill.

Important Note- For Jungling, keep read and I’ll explain it in the Laning part.

Mobile Legends Revamped Miya Best Emblem

Assassin Emblem – Miya Lacks blink skill, so you can use Assassin emblem for both Mobility & Damage. For 1st row Max out Agility for Movement Speed.

For 2nd Row, Max out invasion For High Physical Pen. For Talent, you can use any of your own choice.

Miya Assassin Emblem

But I personally use Killing spree, it gives me extra Movement speed & HP after every kill.

Marksman EmblemYou can also use Marksman Emblem for more Crit damage & life steal. For Marksman Emblem Max out Fatal in 1st row for More Crit chances.

For 2nd row, Max out Doom for More Crit Damage.

Miya Marksman Emblem

For Talent, I’ll recommend Weakness Finder, it’ll decrease enemies Movement & attack speed any buy you time to finish him off.

Mobile legends Revamped Miya Laning & Rotation

For laning, while playing any MM you must go for Gold lane for early gold advantage. Many of you guys must be thinking, then what about the RED Buff!

As you all know, without Jungle item it’s Kinda hard to Secure Buff at the early game. Plus you’ll not get that much gold & experience advantage from creeps without jungle items.

So instead of wasting time in the jungle, try to secure all the minions for the first 3:40 mins in the game.

And also try to put pressure & push towers so that you can gain Gold from the towers also.

So don’t just go for the experience lane, to just secure 1 Red Buff in the early game. MM needs items to deal damage, so if you able to collect all the gold advantage from the gold lane.

Then it’ll help you a lot to secure the first Core Item.

Now coming to the rotation, after the first 3:40 mins in the game, you can switch lane with your teammates.

At the early game, keep your focus on collecting gold. After having one or two Core Items switch lanes so that you can secure Red Buff.

At this moment, you’ll have enough damage to Join the team fights, so now the Red Buff will be more Useful rather than in the early stage of the game.

After this keep your normal rotation on, keep an eye on the mini-map and join team fight when necessary.

Mobile Legends Revamped Miya Guide – How to Gank?

Remember you are the “Heroof this game, so your entry should be at the end moment. Jokes apart, while playing MM positioning matters a lot, always keep yourself low.

Never charge ahead of your tanks, to secure kills it’ll give enemies an open chance to kill you.

A good team will always target the back-line damage dealers first, so it’s your responsibility to maintain distance.

Stay behind and take them off, if your front-line is down then back off.

Mobile Legends Revamped Miya Tips & Tricks

Miya’s 1st skill is very effective in clearing lanes; it’ll help you to clear lane faster.

Miya 2nd skill can be used to harass enemies and even to protect yourself. It can stun multiple enemies at a time, so use it wisely.

Her ultimate is a really good escape skill and engage skill at the same time. Always use her ultimate to change your position instantly in a team fights.

It’ll surprise enemies and buy  you  time to finish them off.

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That’s all for this How to Play Miya in Mobile Legends guide, tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.



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