How to Play Mobile Legends on PC? Best Beginners 2021

Welcome to Gaming Freak Guide Tutorial 2021. In this post, I’m going to show you How to Play Mobile Legends on PC for Beginners 2021.

You will know MLBB OVERVIEW, Features of Mobile Legends, System Requirements, Heroes Roles, mobile legends requirements 2021, How to Download MLBB on Phones and How to Download and Install Mobile Legends on PC.

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We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Mobile Legends, heroes like Claude, Leomord, Harith, Hayabusa, Carmilla, MLBB Upcoming HeroLuo Yi, Chou, Kimmy. So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on How to Play Mobile Legends on PC for Beginners 2021.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a free-to-play online multiplayer battle arena (MOBA) featuring a diverse cast of heroes, fast matchmaking, and quick-paced fights allowing short gaming sessions on the go.

This features a lot of what players would expect from a PC MOBA such as the League of Legends or SMITE, including: laning, jungling, item creation, hero roles, skins, and more.

The touch pad controls allow a smooth gaming experience on tablets and phones, with some customization options including auto-aiming, last-hitting with much more to make the game easier to control.

Players challenge other players all over the world, showcasing their country flags alongside their character choices.

The game features a sports community, which include: built-in live streaming and a streaming library to watch from inside the game, as well as an e-sports platform that provides players to watch high level play.

How to Play Mobile Legends on PC for Beginners 2020

The Main Features of Mobile Legends:- Mobile Legends Pc

  • A 5v5 MOBA Gameplay – take part in the classic MOBA battle against actual enemies, battling down the enemy’s tower over three lanes.
  • Includes Variety of Heroes – choose from a large range of heroes that match any role a player may like, including: tanks, mages, marksmen, help, and more.
  • Fast matchmaking – start a new game in ten seconds, and finish the game in ten minutes, thanks to the swift early leveling of the game.
  • Built-in Live streaming-stream your pro plays or explore the active stream library of the game to watch the games of others through a multitude of filters that allow players to look for heroes, levels, and more.
  • Amazing Mobile Controls – control your character with only a virtual joystick on the left and trigger abilities on the right, either through an auto-aiming function or a touchscreen manual.

Mobile Legends System Requirements:- Mobile Legends for pc

CPU : Snapdragon 430 Octa Core 1.4 GHz or equivalent and Above

GPU: Adreno 505 or equivalent and Above

RAM: 2GB and Above

Storage: 350MB up to 2 GB

OS: iOS 7/Android 5.0 and Above

Mobile Legends Heroes Roles

Seeking your role

The first step toward getting good at Mobile Legends is finding your place. Understanding your best position will not only help your playing, but will also make the game more exciting as well.

In MLBB there 6 Roles in the game like- Fighter, Tank, Marksman, Assassin, Mage, and Support. Every class is special, and plays the team a different role.

Tanks form the team’s shield. Such heroes have high points of health (HP) and high defense. Tanks break up enemy teams with their hardness, and help dampen damage.

If you love to be at the front, scooping up loads of damage, then the position of the tank is created for you.

Fighters are squad brawlers. Below this hero balance perfect matched between HP, defense and damage. These balanced stats allow these heroes to come in and come out alive from the battles.

If you prefer to get into the middle of the battle while killing heroes, your job is to be a fighter.

Assassins are squad ninjas. They have lower HP but higher damage, they roam the map and ambush enemies in the path.

If you like to be sly and to take down enemies, the role of assassin is made for you.

Mages are highly skill dealers of long-range damage. These heroes have higher Mana and lower defense, depending on their strong spells to chip away from the enemy’s HP fights and control teams.

If you love harassing spells to annoy your rival, you ‘d better choose a mage hero.

The team’s hero killers are Marksmen. Such heroes have a high degree of damage but poor agility and defense. Marksmen aid in killing enemy heroes during team battles.

If you want to cause harm and kill heroes, the way to go is to be a marksman.

Supports form the team’s backbone. Unlike mages, they have high Mana and low protection. Yet their spells hold their colleagues alive.

If you want to be in the back lines to keep your team alive then it’s best for you to be a support.

How to Download Mobile Legends on phones

  • Step 1: Go to Play store (Android) or Apple Store (iOS) then Search “Mobile Legends”
  • Step 2: Tap “Install”
  • Step 3: Open the App and Start Playing

Just Imagine you playing the game in big screen and enjoy all of the classic MOBA action. Unlock Mobile Legends’ true potential: Bang Bang with the free Android emulator BlueStacks.

You can Just play any Android video game or device right on your screen, with the help of BlueStacks.

You can now play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on PC and Mac without having to think about going through any extra hassles.

Only download the BlueStacks player for free and sign in along with your Google account.

How to Download and Install Mobile Legends on PC

  • Step 1: Download BlueStacks
How to Play Mobile Legends on PC for Beginners 2020
  • Step 2: Install the downloaded file
  • Step 3: Complete Google sign-in in order to access the Google Play Store, or you can do it later.
  • Step 4: Search for Mobile Legends  Bang Bang in the top right corner of the search bar
  • Step 5: Click on the search results to install Mobile Legends Bang Bang
  • Step 6: Complete Google Sign-In to install Mobile Legends Bang Bang (if you skipped step 2)
  • Step 7: To start playing, press the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang icon on home screen

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