Mobile Legends Barats Complete Guide & Best Build 2020

Welcome to Gaming Freak Hero Guide Tutorial 2020. In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Mobile Legends Barats in the game.

I will share 9 Best Tips about Barats and explain Barats Passive & Skills; You will know Mobile Legends Barats Build 2020 & Emblems, ML Barats Best Spell.

MLBB Barats Strength & Weakness and finally give you some Tips and Tricks, How to Play With Barats 2020 Effectively.

So are you Ready to know about Dino Rider “Barats”?

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Mobile Legends, heroes like Claude, Leomord, Harith, Hayabusa, Carmilla, MLBB Upcoming HeroLuo Yi, Chou, Kimmy. So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Barats.

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Mobile Legends Barats Passive – I Am Big!

Whenever his skill hits a target, he will gain a passive stack if it hits multiple targets, he will get multiple stacks.

Each of these stacks will make him grow and his physical and magical defense will increase by 5 points.

Barats I_AM_BIG!

This passive can reach upto 25 stacks and it last for 12 seconds, hitting targets with skills will reset the timer.

If you weren’t able to hit any targets in the past 12 seconds you will return to original state. Each of his stacks also grants him 3% resilience.

At max stacks, he will have 75% resilience. At max stacks, this resilience will make a 2 seconds stun (any CC) last for only 0.5 seconds.

When his passive reaches 16 stacks, his basic attack will deal high damage. This basic attack also slows down enemies for 0.2 seconds.

Mobile Legends Barats Skill 1 – So- Called Teamwork

This skill deals damage to enemies in a fan shaped area. After a brief moment, it deals damage again.

Barats So-Called_Teamwork

This skill slows down the enemy by 30% for 1 second. The range of this skill increase at 6, 11, 16, 21 stacks.

Mobile Legends Barats Skill 2 – Missile Expert

After casting this skill, it will push enemies in the path after a short delay and deals damage.

Barats Missiles_Expert

You can shorten the length of this skill. Using this skill against a wall will stun the targets.

Mobile Legends Barats Skill 3 – Detona’s Welcome

Barats will devour targets, after 1 second he will spit out the target and deals damage. You cannot move while using this skill, but you can use your movement wheel to choose where he spits.

Aiming this skill on a wall or on others enemies will stun them and deals additional damage. When he uses this skill he will be immune to CC (stun, knock-up etc.) effects.

Mobile Legends Barats Skill 3 – Detona’s Welcome

If the enemy leaves the ultimate range before he devours, this skill will be cancelled. When his stacks reach 6, 11, 16, 21 the damage of this skill will be increased by 25%.

After unlocking his skill 3, he will get 5 stacks when he re-spawns. At level 2 ultimate he will get 10 stacks and at level 3 ultimate he will get 15 stacks whenever he re-spawns.

That’s all for his passive & skills.

MLBB Barats Best Spells

  • Flicker is my recommended spell for Barats. You can combine it with his ultimate skill too.


  • Apart from Flicker, “Vengeance” is also a good option for him. Since he has to stay in the front line and tank a lot of damage, Vengeance will help to deal extra damage.


MLBB Barats Best Emblem Set

For Barats Use custom Fighter Emblem. Use the Talent points on physical & magic defense and physical penetration. Use Festival of Blood Talent it will give him more Spell Vamp.

Barats Use custom Fighter Emblem

You can also use Assassin Emblem for Barats. Use the talent points on movement speed and physical penetration. Use Killing Spree talent it will regen HP whenever you get a kill.

Assassin Emblem for Barats

MLBB Barats Best Build

This is my recommended build for ML Barats. His skill damage scales based on his HP. So, it’s important to build HP items on him.

MLBB Barats Best Build

With this build he can be tanky and can also be a good damage dealer. If you want you can throw in 1 or 2 attack items.

  1. Rapid boots
  2. Thunder Belt
  3. Brute Force
  4. Immortality
  5. Athena’s Shield
  6. Queen’s Wings

Mobile legends Barats Skill Combo

Skill 3 (Aim towards a wall or other enemies) – Skill 1 (Pre aim before he spits) – Basic attack then Skill 2 (Bring enemy back to Barats).

Mobile legends Barats Skill Combo

Always aim your ultimate towards a wall or a group of enemies to stun and deal extra damage. Or if you’re near turret, you can put the enemies under the turret.

Mobile Legends Barats Guide & Tips and tricks

ML Barats Skill upgrades order

  1. Skill 1 – Unlock & Max First
  2. Skill 2 – Max Last
  3. Skill 3 – Upgrade Whenever Available

At the start of the match, unlock skill 1 and buy 2 Mana necklaces. Later you can upgrade it to Thunder belt.

You can pick either mid or bottom lane and support your teammate to farm. One important thing to remember when playing Barats is Do not let your passive timer run out.

Always keep an eye on this timer, use your skill on any target (include creeps) before this timer ends.

Whenever you’re roaming just use skill 1 or 2 on nearby monster and you’re good to go. If you want to gather stacks faster go to a minion wave or use Blue buff.

If you’re being chased, you can use your skill 2 to push enemies away from you. Before using your ultimate, make sure enemy has already used their escape skill.

Mobile Legends Barats main damage source is from his basic attack. So don’t retreat when your skills are down when in a fight.

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That’s all for this How to Play Barats in Mobile Legends guide, tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.



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