Crossing Void Tier List 2020 Top 50 characters List

Crossing Void Tier List 2021 | Crossing Void Characters List Overview

Crossing Void Tier List 2021 | Top 50 characters List

Launch internationally in 2018, Crossing Void has consistently increased a strong player base. With the cleaned components of a strategic turn-based RPG and a rich cast of more than 50 characters, the game was made to be played for quite a long time.

To arrive at Crossing Void’s end game substance, the player must watch the game’s current meta to augment the quality of their gathering.

We’ve assembled a tier list that positions the best characters and their going with upholds so players can get a decent handle of which characters to put resources into.

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Crossing void Global Tier List

Crossing Void’s gameplay frameworks are not normal for some other gacha game in the market. Its enhancement depends intensely on how well you can uphold your main characters.

Crossing Void Tier List & Game Play Video

In that capacity, just the main characters will be positioned, and their best backings will be listed with them. A table itemizing each character’s capacities will be given after the rankings.

Crossing Void Tier List 2020 Top 50 characters List

So well that is off the beaten path, we should make a plunge directly into the most exceptional and best Crossing Void tier list character out there.

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Crossing Void Tier List 2021


The Best of the Best

The best characters in the game to utilize and Build on.

Main Character Recommended Support Alternative Support
Kimono Asuna Leafy Kuroyukihime
Alice Kirito Zero
Dual Blade Kirito Kuroyukihime Holo
Kimono Shana Kuroyukihime Asuna
Tomoka Yuuki Mikoto


Extremely Powerful Characters But not Yet the Best

Incredible characters who can make you play through much simpler.

Main Character Recommended Support Alternative Support
Hatsune Miku Len and Rin Leafy
Taiga Tomo Holo
Maid Taiga Zero Yukina
Miyuki Zero Kuroyukihime
Butterfly Kuroyukihime Zero Haruyuki
Accelerator Holo Touma
Mikoto Touma Zero


Characters with Potential to be very Strong with the Right Setup.

Characters that can possibly be outstanding amongst other gave you give them the correct arrangement.

Main Character Recommended Support Alternative Support
Kojou Yukina Kirito
Selvaria Emi Alicia
Yukina Tomo Touma
Asuna Kirito Emi
Swimsuit Mikoto Zero Miyuki
Ako Mashiro Rusian
Bikini Mikoto Kuroko Leafy
Emi Sadao Celty
Kuroyukihime Kirito Miyuki
Kuroko Mikoto Tomo


Below Average Characters that should be Replaced when possible.

Characters that actually have utility more often than not yet are effectively replaceable once you get higher-tiered units.

Main Character Recommended Support Alternative Support
Kirito Leafy Kuroyukihime
Shana Whilhelmina Miyuki
Bride Kuroyukihime Kouko Holo
Izaya Sadao Miyuki
Kirino Kuroneko Holo
Kuroneko Holo Zero
Maid Kuroko Izaya Holo


The Worst Characters in the Game.

These characters need genuine buffs and adjust so they could have greater utility in fight. They are right now the most exceedingly terrible characters in the game.

Main Character Recommended Support Alternative Support
Qwenthur LLENN Havia
Rentaro Haruyuki Enju
Shizou Celty Ryuuji

Crossing Void Tier List – Crossing void Characters list

Crossing Void Tier List – Main Characters

Character Skills Cross Skills
Mikoto Lightning Bolt Electric Shock Railgun Vending Machine Killer (Shizuo)
Railgun Upgraded (Kuroko)
Electromaster & Imagine Breaker (Touma)
Kirito Spinning Shield Horizontal Square Starburst Stream Wife Protector (Rusian)
Kendo Brother and Sister (Leafa)
Who’s the Strongest in ALO (Yuuki)
Pro and Newbee (AKO)
Lovers in Aincrad (Asuna)
Miyuki Ice Thorn Zone Interference Inferno Magical Girls (Zero)
Brother Complex (Kirino)
Student Union Member (Kuroyukihime) Idol Girl Performance (Asuna)
Rentaro Inzen Genmeika Unebiko Ryuu Inzen Kokutei Unlimited Burst Promoter and Initiator (Enju)
How is your hand? (Haruyuki)
Shana Crimson Hien Kessen Ougi Cutest Girl Group (Mikoto)
Tendou Palace’s Flame Haze (Wilhelmina)
Girls with Special Effects (Erio)
World Order Protector (Yukina)
Ako Heal Angelus Caelum Online Game Couple (Rusian) Unrealistic People (Mashiro)
Emi Skylight Charge Skylight Flame Slash Hero’s Awakening Angelic Power Working Class Hero and Satan Poor Living Condition
Kuroko Instant Darts Dart Rain Demolition Best Roommate in Tokiwadai (Mikoto) Judgment Division 177 (Uiharu) Judgment (Tomo)
Kirino Stardust Witch Meruru Smiling Queen of Nightmare Meteor Arrow Happy Clean-up (Ryuji)
Double-sided Queen (Kuroneko)
Twin-tail is the Strongest (Kuroko)
Be my Younger Sister! (Hinata)
Yukina Exorcising Charge Young Lightning Strike the Blood Owner of the Countering Weapon (Rentaro)
We Will Break Your Imagination (Touma)
Miko Group (Yukina)
Asuna Quadruple Pain Neutron Mother’s Rosario Lovers in Aincrad (Kirito)
Idol Girl Performance (Miyuki)
Inheritance of 11 Combo Sword Skill (Yuuki)
Mothers (Emi) Absolute Field (Shana)
Shizuo Signpost Whack Berserk Attack Brawling Puppet of Ikebukuro Unable to Control Power (Dokuro-chan)
Don’t Judge a Man by His Look (Ryuji)
Ikebukuro Legend (Celty)
Archrival (Izaya)
Kuroyukihime Death by Flashing Death by Barraging Starburst Stream Black Lotus and Silver Crow (Haruyuki)
Star Burst Stream! (Kirito)
A Lady Does What She Wants (Kouko)
Taiga Sled Attack Don’t you dare ignore me Irritating! Dragon and Tiger (Ryuji)
Girls Who Cannot Take Care of Themselves (Mashiro)
Tiger, Wolf and Bunny of the Zoo (Holo)
Mean Girl (Kuroneko)
Tomoka Soothing Fireworks Fan Dance Pure Angel Happy Clean-Up (Kirino)
Little But Powerful (Enju)
Nichibu Dancer (Kouko)
Qwenthur Soldier’s Assault Explosive Slide Barrage Best Partners on the Battlefield (Havia) Firearm Ambassador (LLENN)
Gentleman Soldier and Sexy Officer (Frolaytia)
Selvaria Blitz Flash Strike Azure Witch Female Officer on Battleground (Frolaytia) Cooking Enthusiast (Ryuji)
Transform! Strike! (Emi)
Valkyria on the Battlefield (Alicia)
Kuroneko Dark Sacrifice Shadow Familiars Dark Meteor Shower Double-Sided Queen (Kirino)
Kuroneko and Biri Biri (Mikoto)
Cat and Wolf of the Zoo (Holo)
Cutest Girl Group (Shana)
Kojyo Regulus Aurum Sadamelik Albus Kiffa Ater Gentle and Loving Brother (Kirito)
The 4th Primogenitor and Sword Shaman (Yukina)
Accelerator Random Vector Operation Unknown Black Wings Plasma Top of Academic City (Mikoto)
Muhahaha (Izaya)
Strongest vs Weakest (Touma)
Izaya New Hobby Kamaitachi’s Blade Deadly Trap Archrival (Shizuo)
Removalist and Client (Celty)
Intelligence is Power (Uiharu)
Charming Villain (Sadao)
Swimsuit Mikoto Iron Tango Senior’s Punishment Electric Storm Queen and Princess (Miyuki)
Heroic and Mighty (Kino)
Summer Mikoto Electrotherapy Repair Service Beach Arsenal Daily Screaming Routine of Girls’ Dormitory (Kuroko)
Cool Summer (Kirino)
Cute Doll Lovers (Yukina)
Summer Kirino Beach Girl’s Wrath Cutest Beach Girl Water Play! Cool Summer (Mikoto)
Get Along Well With Brother! (Leafa)
Bride Kuroyukihime Candle of Oath Romantic Gift Everlasting Light Florist (Kouko)
Dual Blades Kirito Double Circular Horizontal Arc The Eclipse Black is the Warmest Color (Kuroyukihime)
Male Protagonist Surrounded by Females (Touma)
Kimono Shana Blazing Charge Inferno Wrath Crimson Wings Contractor of the King from Alternate World (Zero)
Ice and Fire (Miyuki)
Cherry Flame Dance (Asuna)
Maid Kuroko Maid’s Service Ultra Service Cake of Love Maid at Tokiwadai Girls’ Dorm (Mikoto)
Black and Black (Kuroneko)
Sadist (Izaya)
Kimono Asuka Flashing Penetrator Phantom Moon Flash – Absolute Void Flash – Void Ripper In-laws in Action (Leafa)
President and Vice President (Kuroyukihime)
Butterfly Kuroyukihime Princess’ Order Butterfly Purify Deadly Butterfly Dance Boar and Butterfly (Haruyuki)
Animal Partner (Zero)  
Maid Taiga Clean Up Special Dish Tora Shooting Chair Terminator (Kuroko)
Future Wife (Yukina)
Alice Knight’s Attack Osmanthus Dance Osmanthus Guard Petals, swirl! Wooden Sword Wielders (Kirito)
Country Bumpkins in Action (Alicia)
Hatsune Miku The First Melody Song of the Future Rock ‘n’ Roll Fall in Love Unruly Jam (Kagamine Rin & Len)
Butterfly Waltz (Megurine Luka)

Crossing Void Global Tier List 2021- Support Characters

Character Skills Cross Skills
Support Mikoto Lightning Meteor Cutest Girl Group (Shana)
Best Roommate in Tokiwadai (Kuroko)
Cool Summer (Summer Kirino)
Kuroneko and Biri Biri (Kuroneko)
Maid at Tokiwadai Girl’s Dorm (Maid Kuroko)
Top of Academy City (Accelerator)
Liquid Proof Railgun (Misaki)
Support Kirito Sonic Charge Gentle and Loving Brother (Kojyo)
Lovers in Aincrad (Asuna)
Star Burst Stream! (Kuroyukihime)
Wooden Sword Wielders (Alice)
Support Miyuki Glacial Spikes Idol Girl Performance (Asuna)
Queen and Princess (Swimsuit Mikoto)
Ice and Fire (Kimono Shana)
Support Rentaro Rokuro Kabuto Owner of Countering Weapon (Yukina)
Support Shana Roaring Flame Cutest Girl Group (Kuroneko)
Absolute Field (Asuna)
Support Ako Impositio Pro and Newbee (Kirito)
Support Emi Tempest Fang Transform! Strike! (Selvaria)
Mothers (Asuna)
Support Kuroko Arrest Railgun Upgraded (Mikoto)
Twin-Tail is the Strongest (Kirino)
Daily Screaming Routine of Girls’ Dormitory (Summer Mikoto)
Chair Terminator (Maid Taiga)
Support Kirino Dead or Alive – Beach Smash Happy Clean-up (Tomoka)
Brother Complex (Miyuki)
Cool Summer (Summer Mikoto)
Double-Sided Queen (Kuroneko)
Support Yukina Mana Thrust The 4th Primogenitor & Sword Shaman (Kojyo)
Cute Doll Lovers (Summer Mikoto)
World Order Protector (Shana)
Future Wife (Maid Taiga)
Support Asuna Meteor Lovers in Aincrad (Kirito)
Idol Girl Performance (Miyuki)
Cherry Flame Dance (Asuna)
Support Yuuki Piercing Sword Inheritance of 11 Combo Sword Skill (Asuna)
Who’s the Strongest in ALO (Kirito)
Support (Shizuo) Herculean Throw Vending Machine Killer (Mikoto)
Archrival (Izaya)
Support Kuroyukihime Death by Crossing Black is the Warmest Color (Dual Blades Kirito)
Student Union Member (Miyuki)
President & Vice President (Kimono Asuna)
Support Selvaria Crushing Blow
Support Kuroneko Mortal Extermination Double-Side Queen (Kirino)
Mean Girl (Taiga)
Support Enju Bunny Hop Little But Powerful (Tomoka)
Promoter and Initiator (Rentaro)
Support Celty Here We Go, Coiste! Ikebukuro Legend (Shizuo)
Removalist and Client (Izaya)
Working Class (Emi)
Support Frolaytia Commander’s Protection Gentleman Soldier and Sexy Officer (Qwenthur)
Female Officer on Battleground (Selvaria)
Support (Hinata) Heart Melter Be My Younger Sister! (Kirino)
Sadao Satan’s Thump Might of Sacred Sword Charming Villain (Izaya)
Hero and Satan (Emi)
Support Leafa Healing Breeze Kendo Brother and Sister (Kirito)
Get Along Well With Brother! (Summer Kirino)
In-laws in Action (Kimono Asuna)
Support LLENN Pink Devil Firearm Ambassador (Qwenthur)
Support Wilhelmina Ribbon Prison Tendou Palace’s Flame Haze (Shana)
Support Touma Megaton Punch Electromaster and Imagine Breaker (Mikoto)
We Will Break Your Imagination (Yukina)
Male Protagonist Surrounded by Females (Dual Blades Kirito)
Strongest vs Weakest (Accelerator)
Support Uiharu Intel Analysis Judgment Division 177 (Kuroko)
Intelligence is Power (Izaya)
Support Izaya Dangerous Praise Archrival (Shizuo)
Muhahaha (Accelerator)
Support Haruyuki Laser Sword Black Lotus and Silver Crow (Kuroyukihime)
How is your hand? (Rentaro)  
Support Mashiro Lifelike Art Unrealistic People (Ako)
Girls Who Cannot Take Care of Themselves (Taiga)
Support RUSIAN Grand Cross Online Game Couple (Ako)
Wife Protector (Kirito)
Support Ryuji Heartening Gift Happy Clean-Up Don’t Judge a Man by His Look (Shizuo)
Cooking Enthusiast (Selvaria)
Dragon and Tiger (Taiga)
Poor Living Condition (Emi)
Support Kouko Passionate Kiss Nichibu Dancer (Tomoka)
A Lady Does What She Wants (Kuroyukihime)
Florist (Bride Kuroyukihime)
Support Havia Bullet Storm Best Partners on Battlefield (Qwenthur)
Support Alicia Ragnite Grenade Valkyria’s Raid Valkyria on the Battlefield (Selvaria)
Country Bumpkins in Action (Alice)
Support Holo Blessing of Wheat Field Ookami’s Wrath Tiger, Wolf and Bunny of the Zoo (Taiga)
Cat and Wolf of the Zoo (Kuroneko)
Support Boogiepop Wire Web
Support Kino Persuade Heroic and Mighty (Swimsuit Mikoto)
Support Erio Cosmic Supplies Girls with Special Effects (Shana)
Support Dokuro-chan Pipiru-piru-piru-pipiru-pii Unable to Control Power (Shizuo)
Angelic Power (Emi)
Support Tomo Umetsubaki Miko Group (Yukina)
Judgment (Kuroko)
Support Zero Magic Negation Magical Girls (Miyuki)
Animal Partner (Butterfly Kuroyukihime)
Contractor of the King from Alternate World (Kimono Shana)
Megurine Luka Midnight Pop Butterfly Waltz (Hatsune Miku)

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