Mobile Legends Leomord Guide & Best Build 2020

Welcome to MLBB Hero Guide Tutorial 2020. In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Leomord in Mobile Legends 2020.

I will share 11 Best Tips about Leomord and explain Leomord Passive & Skills, Mobile Legends Leomord Build 2020 & Emblems, Leomord ML Best Spell.

MLBB Leomord Strength & Weakness and finally give you some Tips and Tricks, How to Play With Leomord 2020 Effectively.

So are you Ready to know about Feature the thief “Leomord”?

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Mobile Legends, heroes like Harith, Wanwan, Carmilla, AtlasLuo Yi, Chou, Kimmy. So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Leomord.

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Leomord Passive – The Oath Keeper

He has a very simple passive. If the enemy’s HP is below 30%, Leomord’s basic attack will deal critical damage.

Leomord The_Oath_Keeper

Leomord Skill 1 – Momentum

This skill deals Physical damage and slows down the enemies by 60% Using this skill will give Leomord a shield.

You can click this skill again to deal damage immediately or you can wait for it charge completely to maximize its damage Interrupting Leomord while charging will launch the attack immediately.


Leomord Skill 2 – Decimation Assault

This is his dash skill It also deals physical damage and slows enemy by 50%.


Mobile Legends Leomord Skill 3 – Phantom Steed

Leomord brings his horse into the battlefield, it knocks back enemies in its path it also deals physical damage and slows down enemies by 50%.

When it comes in contact with Leomord, his movement speed and defense is increased by 30 points Also, he can attack while moving, when in mounted state the duration of the mounted state can be seen below Leomord.


MLBB Leomord Skill 1 Mounted – Phantom Stomp

This skill deals physical damage and slows down the enemies in the area.


MLBB Leomord Skill 2 Mounted – Phantom Charge

This is a dash skill, it also knocks back the enemies if they are in the path it also deals physical damage That’s all for his passive and skill.


MLBB Leomord Best Spell

  1. I primarily recommend you to use “FLICKER” it comes in handy for many situations.
  2. You can also use “AEGIS” it when you or your teammate is low on HP.
  3. You can also use “RETRIBUTION“, he can’t farm fast in early game so having retribution is good.

Mobile Legends Leomord – Emblem

Use “Custom Fighter” emblem for Leomord use talent points on HP and physical attack. In first and second row use “Disabling Strike” talent it will add an extra slow effect of his skill.

Mobile Legends Leomord - Emblem

Use “Common Physical” if you don’t have fighter emblem use talent points on HP and physical attack use “open fire” talent it will increase physical attack after using a skill.

Mobile Legends Leomord - Emblem 2

MLBB Leomord Best Build

For Leomord ITEM BUILD, I will guide you through each item one by one.

MLBB Leomord Best Build

  1. For the first item, I choose “WARRIOR BOOTS“, it will give enough defense against physical damage early game if the enemy team has more magic damage get “TOUGH BOOTS” if you roam a lot get “RAPID BOOTS“.
  2. For 2nd item, I choose “ENDLESS BATTLE” for Lifesteal and CD Reduction, When in Mounted state his skills have low CD, so he can also make use of true damage really well.
  3. For 3rd item, I choose “BERSERKER’S FURY” to increase the damage from his passive.
  4. For 4th item, I choose “CORROSION SCYTHE” to increase his attack speed and physical attack not only his skills have slowed, with “CORROSION SCYTHE” his basic attacks also have slow effect.
  5. For 5th item, I choose “ROSE GOLD METEOR” to increase his survivability.
  6. For 6th item, I choose “BLADE OF DESPAIR” for more damage.

This build is for full Damage for a semi-tank build, just change these two items.

MLBB Leomord Best Build 2

Mobile Legends Leomord – Skill Combos


Mobile Legends Leomord - Skill Combos


Mobile Legends Leomord - Skill Combos ambush

Mobile Legends Leomord Guide & Best Tricks

At level 1, don’t buy “HUNTER’S KNIFE” right away buy Jungle item only after 4 minutes, so that you won’t miss any experience from minion wave.

Take buff only if there is someone to help you otherwise, don’t try to solo buff before level 4 Help your assassins to take buff, even assassins have a hard time clearing the new jungle.

Make sure you help them always try to last hit minions, Leomord passive makes it easier to last hit use skill 1 with clear minion wave and to poke enemies while landing.

Once you reached level 4, roam and try to be aggressive when in mounted state you get a lot of attribute boost.

When you are low on HP, use skills to get a shield, then use it again to move immediately when in mounted state, always move around and use basic attack.

So that enemies can’t target you easily when the enemy is running far away, use ultimate to knock them back and to increase your movement speed. That’s all for this guide hope you become pro after using this trick.

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That’s all for this How to Play Leomord in Mobile Legends guide, tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.




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