Mobile Legends Chou Guide & Best Build 2020

Welcome to MLBB Hero Guide Tutorial. In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Chou in Mobile Legends.

I will share 10 Idea’s about Chou and explain Chou Passive & Skills, Mobile Legends Chou Build & Emblems, MLBB Chou Best Spells.

MLBB Chou Strength & Weakness and finally give you some Tips and Tricks, How to Play With Chou 2020 Effectively.

So are you Ready to know about Chou?

We have previously discussed How to master playing with other Mobile Legends, Heroes like Leomord, Harith, Wanwan, Carmilla, AtlasLuo Yi, Claude, Kimmy. So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Chou.

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What is Mobile Legends Chou – Basic Attributes

What is Mobile Legends Chou - Basic Attributes

What is Mobile Legends Chou Passive – Only fast

After travelling 8 yards (by walking or using skills), Chou’s passive will be triggered. When his passive is ready, his hands will start to glow.

What is Mobile Legends Chou Passive - Only fast

When his passive is triggered, his next basic attack will deal extra damage and slows down the target. This Enhanced Basic attack can’t critical strike.

How to use Mobile Legends Chou Skill 1 – Jeet Kune Do

His skill 1 totally has 3 phase, all phases are short dashes and deals physical damage. He can move through some walls using skill 1.


The first 2 phases only deals damage, the 3rd phase deals damage and knocks up the enemies in the area The 3rd phase of this skill will reset the CD of his skill 2.

How to use Mobile Legends Chou Skill 2 – Shunpo

This is a short dash skill. He can go through most walls using this skill. While casting this skill he gains a shield based on his physical attack, lasts 2 secs.


After dashing, he gains 40 points of Physical Penetration which allows him to deal more damage for 2s. During the dash, Chou will be immune to CC effects.

How to use Mobile Legends Chou Skill 3 – The Way of Dragon

His ultimate has 2 phases, First Phase deals damage and Knocks back the enemy. After first phase, you can tap this skill again to chase and deal continuous damage.


If you tap this skill again immediately after using first phase, it will result in a short kick. For longer kicks, wait for a brief time before using the second phase. That’s all for his Skill explanation.

MLBB Chou Best Spells

  • Flicker is the best spell to use on Chou. You can surprise ultimate enemies using Flicker.


Mobile Legends Chou Best Emblem Set

If you’re using Damage Build Choose Assassin Emblem. Use the Talent Points On Movement Speed And Physical Penetration.

Use Killing Spree Or High And Dry Talent Both Are Good For Damage Chou.

MLBB Chou Best Emblem Set

If you’re using Tank Build Choose Tank Emblem Use The Talent Points On Hit points And Cd Reduction.

Use Brave Smite Talent It Will Reagan HP Every time You Cc An Enemy.

MLBB Chou Best Emblem Set 1

MLBB Chou Best Build

  • This is my recommended attack build for Chou.

MLBB Chou Best Build

  • If you want to play Chou as Tank/Support you can use this build.

MLBB Chou Best tank Build

Mobile Legends Chou Best Skill Combo


S1 – S1 – S2 – S1 – S3 – MOVE RWRS FROM TARGET – S3


If you’re a beginner Chou, start practicing these combos. These 2 combos are easy to learn. Master both before moving on to other combos.





After mastering Basic combos, add skill 2 and basic attacks between combos to increase damage output.





Freestyle combos will make your game play look professional. It will be hard to learn Freestyle combos as beginners So, i recommend to learn other combos before this.

MLBB Chou Guide and Tips & Tricks


At the start, Unlock Skill 1, if you’re playing as support take the mid lane or bottom lane to support your carry heroes. If you’re playing a Fighter, go top line and cut the first minion wave between the turrets.

If the enemy starts chasing you, escape using Flicker. After clearing the top lane, take Lithowander or Lizard. Then take small crab, it spawns at 00:45 s.

If you have support from Mid lane, you can also invade enemy red, buff after clearing first wave. Don’t use your skills like any other dash skill. Save it and use when the enemy is casting their CC skill.

Mastering Skills will be hard, but try to immune as much as possible you’ll eventually get better. When moving around always hold skill 2 this will make it easier to react faster.

To counter Aldous ultimate use skill 2 towards him when he’s about to collide (this applies to similar projectile skills too) When using ultimate, instead of using Hero Lock.

Just swipe the ultimate in the enemy direction. This method will make it much easier and faster to mark the right enemy. Use Damage Chou like an Assassin. If you see enemy damage dealers, off-guard tries to quickly kill them.

After getting 1 or 2 core items, roam around in the enemy jungle to pick up easy kills. Using skill 2 will make you deal extra damage to turrets. Chou’s first basic attack will always deal high damage.

You can use this to finish low HP heroes or to steal creeps. When ganking always use the first 2 phases of your skill 1 from inside the bush. To make sure the enemy doesn’t have enough time to react.

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That’s all for this How to Play Chou in Mobile Legends guide, tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.




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