10 Best Tips & Tricks MLBB Thamuz Guide & Build 2020

Welcome to MLBB Hero Guide Tutorial. In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Thamuz in Mobile Legends.

I will explain MLBB Thamuz Passive & Skills, MLBB Thamuz Build & Emblems, MLBB Thamuz Best Spells.

MLBB Thamuz Strength & Weakness and finally give you some Tips and Tricks, How to Play With Thamuz 2020 Effectively.

So are you Ready to know about Lord Lava “Thamuz”?

We have previously discussed How to master playing with other Mobile Legends, Heroes like Leomord, Harith, Khaleed, Carmilla, AtlasLuo Yi, Claude, Kimmy. So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Thamuz.

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What are Mobile Legends Thamuz Basic attributes?

What is Mobile Legends Thamuz Basic attributes

What are Mobile Legends Thamuz Passive Grand Lord Lava?

When Thamuz attacks a target with his scythes, it leaves a scorch affect which deals continuous physical damage.

This burns effect won’t trigger if the scythe is not with him after returning the scythe is next basic will deal extra physical damage.

It also creates a gush of lava which explodes after 2 secs while exploding it will deal physical damage to enemies nearby.


How to Use Mobile Legends Thamuz Skill 1 – Molten Scythes?

He will throw his scythes in a direction; it starts to move slowly after hitting the enemy or after travelling some distance.

It also deals continuous physical damage and slows down the enemy, only the first hit deals high damage after some time.

The scythe travel back to Thamuz, it will pull enemies in its path, he can also retrieve the Scythe, by getting near to it or moving far away from it.


How to Use Mobile Legends Thamuz Skill 2 – Chasm Trample?

This is his only Blink skill, it deals physical damage and slows down enemy this skill can also be used to retrieve back his Scythe.


How to Use Mobile Legends Thamuz Skill 3 – Cauterant Inferno?

Using this skill will increase his attack speed and each basic attack will regen 2.5% of his max.

HP and the skill it deals physical damage to nearby targets every 0.5 secs, it lasts for 9 seconds that’s all for his Passive & skills.


MLBB Thamuz Best Spell

  • I highly recommended you to use “FLICKER” for him it will be very useful to escape, since he has only 1 blink skill.


  • You can also use “AEGIS“, it will be very useful in 1v1 situations “RETRIBUTION” can also be used, but even without retribution he can farm really fast.


MLBB Thamuz Best Emblem Set

Use “Custom Fighter” Emblem Use Talent Points On HP And Physical Attack Use “Disabling Strike” Talent. It Will Add Extra Slow Effect To His Skills.

MLBB Thamuz Best Emblem Set

Use “Common Physical” Emblem If You Haven’t Unlocked “Fighter” Use Talent Points On HP And Physical Attack Use “Open Fire” Talent It Will Increase Physical Attack After Using A Skill.

MLBB Thamuz Best Emblem Set 2

MLBB Thamuz Best Build

MLBB Thamuz Best Build

  • Also giving him HP items is good because, in Ultimate state his each basic attack gives him 2.5% HP now, let’s look at his replacement items.


  • If you are laning against mages get “TOUGH BOOTS if you like extra movement get “RAPID BOOTS” for full attack build replace these items Against lifestealer heroes.

MLBB Thamuz Best Build 2

  • Use “DEADLY BLADE For more Crit. Hits buy “SCARLET PHANTOM you can try items on your own, but, I recommend you to have at least 2 defense items.

Mobile Legends Thamuz Strength & Weakness

One of his biggest strengths is skill 1, with that he can be really aggressive in early game his skill 1 CD is very low.

You can spam it while laning to get easy kills also his skills have a lot of slow down effects. This will be really useful to poke enemies and all his skills are AOE damage.

So it will be very useful in team fights. He also has some weakness, His passive and skills.

Only meant to attack, he lacks defense, which makes him a squishier target and his skills only has slow down effect, he doesn’t have any disabling skills.

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MLBB Thamuz Guide Tips & Tricks

At level: 1, get “HUNTER’S KNIFE” and take buff or go to clear the minion wave use your Skill 1 and retrieve the scythe.

Then basic attack repeat doing this, to clear faster don’t take the buff, if your team has Fanny and mages who needs buff Thamuz isn’t a buff dependent hero.

Use the same technique to clear the wave also try to be aggressive, even at level 1, you can get easy kills you can start to gank other lanes, once you reach level 2.

For skill combo, use SKILL 3 before engaging, then SKILL 1 and use SKILLS to retrieve the SCYTHE you should be careful while fighting against CC heroes.

Because he might die easily Using skill 1 will grant you extra movement speed, use it whenever available don’t tower dive enemies with CC skills.

Your skill 1 stays there, even after you die, so use your skill 1 when you are about to die don’t drive recklessly in team fights.

Thamuz is an easy target to kill try to kill enemy team’s damage dealer first when you are low on health, use ultimate and clear minion wave to regen HP when you are chased by enemies, use skill 1 on them to escape easily.

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That’s all for this How to Play Thamuz in Mobile Legends guide, tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.


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