Mobile Legends Kimmy Best Build 2020 & Complete Guide

Welcome to MLBB Hero Guide Tutorial. In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Kimmy in Mobile Legends.

I will explain Mobile Legends Kimmy Passive and Skills, MLBB Kimmy Build & Emblems, ML Kimmy Spells.

Who are ML Kimmy Best Teammates, Kimmy Skill Combo, and finally give you some, Tips and Tricks How to Play Kimmy Effectively.

So are you Ready to know about Kimmy?

We have previously discussed How to master playing with other Mobile Legends, Heroes like Leomord, Harith, Khaleed, Thamuz, KaditaLuo Yi, Claude. So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Kimmy.

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What is Mobile Legends Kimmy – Basic attributes?

Mobile Legends Kimmy - Basic attributes

What is Mobile Legends Kimmy Passive – Chemists Instinct?

  • Because of her passive, she can attack while moving also her passive convert’s attack speed to movement speed her attack speed can’t be increased, attack speed stats will be converted into movement speed.

Mobile Legends Kimmy Passive - Chemists Instinct

How to Use Mobile Legends Kimmy Skill 1 – Energy Transformation?

  • This skill enhances her basic attack to deal magic damage based on her total Mag. And Physical attacks It also increases her basic attack range. This skill has 0 CD and it will drain her energy quickly.

Mobile Legends Kimmy Skill 1 - Energy Transformation

How to Use Mobile Legends Kimmy Skill 2 – Chemical Refinement?

  • This is her only dash skill It also deals continuous magic damage and slows the enemies by 60%. This skill can be used to dash through walls Using this skill will regen Kimmy energy.

Mobile Legends Kimmy Chemical_Refinement

How to Mobile Legends Kimmy Skill 3 – Maximum Charge?

  • This skill deals magic damage to enemies in the area. The longer you charge this skill, the more damage it will deal and farther it travels. That’s all for Kimmy’s passive and skills!

Mobile Legends Kimmy Skill 3 - Maximum Charge

What is Best Spell For Mlbb Kimmy?

  • For Kimmy, I recommend you to use “FLICKER“. It comes handy in many situations.


  • AEGIS is really useful when it comes to 1v1 situations. You can also use it to give your ally a shield.


What is a Best Emblem for ML Kimmy?

You can use either “MARKSMAN” or “MAGE” emblem for Kimmy.

  • For Marksmen Emblem, Spend Talent Points On Physical Attack And Crit. Damage In 1st And 2nd Row. Use “Electro Flash” Talent It Increases Movement Speed And Regen HP When Doing Basic Attack.

Mobile Legends Kimmy Best -Emblem

  • For Mage Emblem, Spend Talent Points on Magic Power in 1st And 2nd Row. Use “Mystery Shop” Talent You Can Purchase Items With 10% Discount.

Mystery Shop

MLBB Kimmy Best Build

  • For Kimmy, of course magic build is better to deal burst damage. Since, she can easily run out of energy we can’t totally rely on her skills. So, combining physical and magic items in her build is best in any situations.
  • So, she can make use of DHS passive really well and it also adds life steal effect. I’m not gonna buy BOOTS for Kimmy, because attack speed from the items will be converted into Movement speed.
  • For 2nd item, i choose “FEATHER OF HEAVEN” it gives Magic power and add magic damage in basic attack. For 3rd item, i choose “ICE QUEEN WAND” it gives spell vamp, and add slow effect to her skills. For 4th item, i choose “BLOODLUST AXE” it increases her total physical attack and adds more spell vamp.
  • For 5th item, i choose “WINTER TRUNCHEON” it gives Magic power and some defense, and its passive is useful in many situations. For 6th item, i choose “BLOOD WINGS” it increases your total HP and Magic Power.
  • This is my recommended mobile legends Kimmy build. In super late game, get “IMMORTALITY” to increase your survivability. For more damage, get “BLADE OF DESPAIR” instead of “BLOODLUST AXE“. You can also add “Berserker, Fury” to you build if you want critical strike.

MLBB Kimmy Best Build

Mobile Legends Kimmy- Best Teammates

Aiming with KIMMY is pretty hard so, having a lane partner who can stun or slowdown is good.

MLBB Kimmy Guide – Tips & Tricks

  • At level 1, unlock skill 1 and go with an ally who has CC skill Use skill 1 always to clear minion wave and to harass enemies her ultimate has low CD. So, don’t hesitate to use it Use skill 2 to instantly recover energy.
  • Before using Kimmy in a real match, i highly suggest you to try her in custom games Practice her aiming while moving, because it’s pretty hard to play her correctly. You can easily 1v1 against Marksman in early game.
  • Her skills 1 deal continuous high damage. Use ultimate before engaging into a fight, don’t use it when the enemies are near you. Always use skills to increase your attack range.
  • Use skill 2 to regain energy then use S1 again Before using ultimate, take a safe distance away from the enemies while you are being chased, use skill 2 first, then keep attacking them while running while farming, keep moving when attacking so that you will take less hits from monsters.
  • Master her 1-2-1 skill combo to bait and get easy kills. Use ultimate to initiate a team fight Use skill 1 and try to aim their damage dealer Her skills 1 has AOE damage.
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That’s all for this How to Play Kimmy in Mobile Legends guide, tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.



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