Mobile Legends Faramis Best Build 2020

Welcome to Mobile Legends Faramis Guide. In this post I’m going to featuring Faramis game-play.

In this Post Mobile Legends Faramis Emblem Configuration, MLBB Faramis Recommended Build, MLBB Faramis Recommended Spell, MLBB Faramis Skills Explanation, MLBB Faramis Passive Explanation, MLBB Faramis How to Gank? MLBB Faramis Best Team mates, MLBB Faramis Tips & Tricks.

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Mobile Legends Faramis (Emblem configuration)

For Faramis, I suggest 2 emblem configuration of each type.

Mobile Legends Faramis
Mobile Legends Faramis

Mobile Legends Faramis (Recommended Build)

Burst damage build, use it with mage emblem to make it more powerful. But you’ll be easy target for enemy’s assassins.

Mobile Legends Faramis

Full support & Tank build,use it with any emblem, I suggest support though if you want to be tankier, go for tank, for damage you got damage dealers, so don’t use mage.

Mobile Legends Faramis

Mobile Legends Faramis (Recommended Spell)

Since Faramis lacks escape ability, these two are best spells for him.These 2 will help him escape when situation gets out of control.

Mobile Legends Faramis

Mobile Legends Faramis 1st Skill (Shadow Stampede)

Mobile Legends Faramis
Mobile Legends Faramis

Faramis enters shadow state & increase his movement speed as well as physical & magical defense. When you click on spell duration of shadow at time bar Movement speed is 290, physical defense is 66 & magical defense is 33 in shadow form Movement speed is 476, Physical defense is 166 & magical defense is 133. When Faramis encounter enemy heroes in shadow form, he marks them & deals magic damage when he exit Shadow’s form, he pull those marked enemies towards him. When enemies pulled towards him, they get magic damage but if you go to further, he won’t pull Enemies.

The chain behind him disappears when you came too further He can pull all the enemies from enemy team, but check out for distance. When Faramis exit this state after marking enemies, he gets his HP regen, when enemies pulled towards him The more Enemies he pulls, the more HP gets Faramis can use all of his skills when he’s in shadow form. Whether it’s 2nd skill or ulti, you can use all of them.

Mobile Legends Faramis 2nd Skill (Ghost Busters)

Mobile Legends Faramis

Faramis extract a burst of evil spirits in a fan shaped area. These spirits deals magic damage to enemies in the area after hitting an enemy, these spirits bounce 3 times & hit other heroes. The bouncing of spirits, initiates from those who takes direct hit by Faramis. The more heroes you can attack using this skill, the more these spirits will bounce for spirits to bounce back, enemies should be in close range, don’t attack someone who is away with team. You can even attack enemy tank with this since I’ll bounce back & hit enemy behind him. While these spirits bounce 3 times on enemy heroes, they bounce just once on non – hero units this also includes jungle monsters.

Mobile Legends Faramis 3nd Skill (Cult Altar)

Mobile Legends Faramis

Faramis is famous because of his ability to change the outcome of team fight. His ulti allows him to instantly resurrect the dead for some time. The most amazing about it that you can control your hero after its resurrection & you have 100% of your HP & full attack power. Faramis cast a spell at certain area of battlefield, every allied heroes that die in this area is resurrected. This Alter stays for 10 seconds, no matter how many times you die, you’ll keep resurrecting.

Even if you didn’t die after resurrecting, a circle appears at your feet which act as a timer. After resurrection you can only stay alive for, around 10 seconds as you can keep resurrecting after dying in this alter. But if you died outside of this alter than you’re dead.

Mobile Legends Faramis (Passive Explanation)

Faramis passive is called Viciously Retrieval When units die near Faramis, they leave their souls at the spot. Faramis regens some HP after retrieving the soul. These souls stacks & reduce the resurrection time of Faramis (it can reduce resurrection time upto 90%). You can stack them upto 18 & when you die these stacks reset to 0.

Mobile Legends Faramis (How to Gank)

Because of his tanky properties he can easily initiate battle his 1st acts like Franco’s hook, but easy to use don’t forget to collect souls, they reduce your resurrection time. When your teammates HP is low, caste ulit whenever enemy attack & make sure they are in alter Always stay with your team, you should always be ready to save your ally or to initiate a fight. Stay ahead of your damage dealer, instead of focusing on yourself, focus on them be aware of them & ask for their coordination or you’ll die for no reason. When there is a burst hero like Nana, Kagura, Helcurt use your ulti, burst can easily kill your squishy ally.

Mobile Legends Faramis (Best Teammates)

Mobile Legends Faramis

As a hero with tanky properties & initiating skills he can easily cope up with mid lane heroes. There are other heroes like Kimmy, Helcurt & all the other MMs can sync with him easily.

Mobile Legends Faramis (Tips & Tricks)

Most of the tricks are given alongside with skills -When turret diving, make sure to go in your shadow form. Start game by unlocking 1st Skill, whenever you get ulti, try to gank inside enemy’s turret. No matter what build you use, always make fleeting time after shoes.

That’s all for this Mobile legends Faramis guide, hope you learnt something from this post. Please comments and suggest for your favorite hero guide.

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