Mobile Legends Atlas Best Build & Complete Guide 2020

Welcome to MLBB Hero Guide Tutorial In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Atlas in Mobile Legends. I will explain Mobile Legends Atlas Passive and Skills, MLBB Atlas Build & Emblems, ML Atlas Spells, Mobile Legends Atlas Counters, Atlas MLBB Strong/Weak, Atlas Skill Combo, and finally give you some Tips and Tricks to How Play Atlas Effectively.

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What is Mobile Legends Atlas Basic Attributes

Mobile legends Atlas (Basic Attributes)

How to Use Mobile legends Atlas Passive – Frigid Breath

  • After casting a skill, Atlas generates frigid breath around him which lasts for 5 secs. If enemy stays within this Frigid breath for 1.5s, their Movement and Attack speed will be reduced by 50%. If the enemy leaves the Frigid Breath, the de-buff effects will be removed. This Frigid Breath also increases the Physical and Magic defense for 5 secs.

Mobile legends Atlas Passive (Frigid Breath)

How to Use Mobile legends Atlas Skill 1- Perfect Match

  • This is a Dash skill, Atlas enters ejected state by separation the pilot from the Mecha. After the dash, Atlas gains 25% movement speed and immunity to slow effects. After casting, the match starts to follow the pilot at an increasing speed. The pilot can’t move through walls, but the Mecha can. When the Mecha and the pilot meets, the enemies nearby will be stunned for 1.2s and takes magic damage.
  • In this state, the Mecha and Pilot share the same HP. Even if either one of them runs out of HP, Atlas dies. In ejected state, Atlas reduces the damage taken by 50%.  In ejected state, both the Mecha and pilot have their own separate Frigid Breath (Passive).

Mobile legends Atlas Skill 1 (Perfect Match)

How to Use Mobile legends Atlas Skill 2 – Annihilate

  • This skill explodes 3 times and deals magic damage to all enemies within the area. In ejected state, both the Mecha and pilot will cast this skill.

Mobile legends Atlas Skill 2 (Annihilate)

How to Use Mobile legends Atlas Skill 3 – Fatal Links

  • This skill has 2 phases, in the first phase he marks all enemies within the range and starts charging. Then he pulls and slams the targets to the ground. The longer you charge, the bigger the range becomes. This skill deals magic damage and slows the target by 40% on the first phase. It deals magic damage again while slamming the targets on the ground. This skill doesn’t have any number limit, it pulls all enemies within its range.
  • If enemies got out of this skill’s range while charging, they can escape from this skill. Using this skill in ejected state will make the Pilot and Mecha to merge immediately. That’s all for his Passive and Skills!

Mobile legends Atlas Skill 3 (Fatal Links)

MLBB Atlas Best Spell

These are my Recommended Battle spells for Atlas! Science Skill is mostly used to engage,

  • Flicker can be a good option to disengage from a fight.


  • With Sprint + Skills, you can quickly move around the map and start a gank.


  • Aegis is also a good option to save yourself or a teammate.


MLBB Atlas Best Emblem


MLBB Atlas Best Build

This is my Recommended MLBB Atlas Build

  • This build has 30% CD reduction combined with 10% CD from Tank Emblem. You get Max CD Reduction. Since His Ultimate skill has a very long CD, Max CD Reduction is very important. For Mask, you can use either Shadow of Courage Mask It’s your Personal Preference. Select Boots based on Enemy team composition.

Mobile legends Atlas Item Build

  • If you have very Low Level Emblem, you can buy Fleeting Time or Oracle to get Max CD.

Mobile legends Atlas build 2

Mobile legends Atlas Skill Combo

Skill 2 ­– Skill 3 – Skill 3 – Skill 1

  • Before casting ultimate position yourself correctly to cover all enemies within your ultimate range. Check the stun duration, when the timer is about to end. Use the 2nd phase of your ult.

Mobile legends Atlas Skill Combo

Mobile legends Atlas Combo without Ultimate

Skill 2 – Skill 1

  • Use Skill 1 when the Match gets close to the pilot and Make sure you position yourself near the enemy. By doing this, you will deal 2x damage to enemies. You can also use this combo, while clearing lanes and while helping in the jungle.

MLBB Atlas Guide – Tips and Tricks

Skill Upgrade Priority

  • Skill 1 – Max Last
  • Skill 2 – Unlock and Max First
  • Ultimate – Upgrade when Available

At level 1, unlock skill 2 and go along with MM or Assassin. Skill 2 is better to unlock first, coz it can stun, deal damage increase Movement and reduce damage taken. At early game, you can poke enemies with S2 and S1 combo. But don’t overextend unless you have backup. Because Atlas isn’t good when it comes to dealing damage. In a fight, while your skills are in CD.

Stay near Enemy MM or Fighter. Your Passive will greatly reduce their attack speed. When tower-diving, always go in with skill 2. Because after merging the tower damage will reset. Which will let you take more damage under a turret. Using skill 2 against a Thick wall will immediately trigger the Stun effect. Use it if necessary.

That’s all for this How to Play Atlas in Mobile Legends guide tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.

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