Mobile Legends Ling Nerf Update 2020 Good or Bad?

Welcome to Mobile Legends Hero Guide in this post I will share with you Mobile Legends Ling Nerf update details.

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So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Nerf Ling update.

Mobile Legends Ling Nerf Update

What’s up everyone so a few days back I’ve been server got an update. So it looks like the most balanced hero in the game right now has got a Nerf.

Surprise I’m actually mad about this Nerf, it’s not because that I’ll not be able to play him or anything like that.

It’s actually because nobody’s going to Read my Ling Guide 🙁 anymore. So anyways, if you guys don’t know what the Nerf is they basically just made him target able when he’s on a wall.

Mobile Legends Ling Nerf Strategy

So now you can target him using basic attacks and also locked skills even when he is on a wall, and also now he’ll be visible on your mini-map that will make it much easier to spot him.

Along with this Nerf they also reduced his ultimate damage slightly. But that’s not a big deal.

So after the Nerf, I tried him on advanced server to be honest he still feels the same to me.

Mobile Legends Ling Nerf My Opinion

Of course enemies can deal basic attack damage to you but it’s easy to move away from them or just use your skill 1 to move to another wall.

Other than that he still has great mobility, damage and invincible Ultimate. So I don’t know but I think people are still going to ban him even after this Nerf.

So yeah guys, that’s my final thoughts on this ling’s Nerf.

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Let me know what you think in the comment sections and yeah that’s all for this post see you guys next time.

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