Mobile Legends Silvanna Guide 2021 | Silvanna Best Build 2021

Welcome to MLBB Hero Guide Tutorial In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Mobile Legends Silvanna in game.

I will explain Mobile Legends Silvanna Passive and Skills, MLBB Silvanna Build & Emblems, Silvanna Spells, Mobile Legends Silvanna Counters.

MLBB Silvanna Strong/Weak, Silvanna Skill Combo, and finally give you some Tips and Tricks to How Play Silvanna 2021 Effectively.

So are you Ready to know about Silvanna?

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For now, let’s focus on Silvanna ML.

How to use Silvanna Skills?

Mobile Legends Silvanna Basic Attributes

Passive- Knightess Resolve

The Silvanna basic attack deals Magic Damage and it scales with both Physical and Magic Attribute.

Her Skill marks the enemy hero, this mark will reduce the targets Physical and Magical Defense by 6pts.

This Marks can totally stack up to 5 times. At max stacks, her skill deals extra 30% damage to the target. Mobile Legends Silvanna Passive- Knightess Resolve

Skill 1 – Cometic Lance

This Skill deals Magic damage to enemies in the range and stuns the first enemy it hits for 1s. After using this skill, you will get a 40% movement speed boost for 2 seconds.

Her skill 1 has 2 phases, Phases 2 will only be available if you hit an enemy hero. Phase 2 is a dash and it also deals Magic Damage. Mobile Legends Silvanna Skill 1 – Cometic Lance

Skill 2 – Spiral Strangling

This skill deals Magic Damage to enemies 6 times and slowly pulls enemies to the center of this skill.

This skill also gives her a shield based on her Magic attack. For every extra 50% attack speed added, she spins her sword 1 more time.

This skill only deals 75% damage on Minions. You can cancel this skill early by moving your joystick or by using other skills. Mobile Legends Silvanna Skill 2 – Spiral Strangling

Ultimate – Imperial Justice

This skill deals Magical Damage to all enemies within the area and slows them down by 40% for 1.5 seconds.

The enemy near to the center of this skill will be trapped within the circle for 3.5 seconds.

Best Perfect Mid Lane Hero In MLBB 2021

When Silvanna is within the circle, her attack speed and Magic Life-steal will be increased by 100%. That’s all for her Passive and Skills. Mobile Legends Silvanna Ultimate – Imperial Justice

Mobile Legends Silvanna Battle Spell

These are some of the Battle Spells I found useful on Silvanna. Execute is one of the best spell to use on Silvanna, it will be extremely useful in 1v1 fights. Execute

Use Aegis to increase her survivability. Very useful in team fights and tower diving. Aegis

Use Purify against a good CC Team.


Mobile Legends Silvanna Best Emblem Set 2021

Silvanna Emblem 2021

Custom mage is the best Emblem set for Silvanna. Spend Talent points on CD reduction and Magic Pen. Unlock Impure Rage Talent, it will deal extra damage when using skills.

Mobile Legends Silvanna Emblem Set
Silvanna Emblem 2021

Mobile Legends Silvanna Best Build 2021

This is my recommended MLBB Silvanna Build 2021. For boots use either Demon or Arcane boot.

Concentrated Energy works with both skills and Basic attack on Silvanna. Her ultimate has a very long CD.

So, Fleeting time is a must silvana best build. Use either Winter Trucheon or Immortality as last item.

Silvanna Best Build 2021

  1. Demon Shoes
  2. Concentrated Energy
  3. Genius Wand
  4. Fleeting Time
  5. Holy Crystal
  6. Winter Truncheon
Mobile Legends Silvanna Item Build
silvanna best build 2021

Best Build for Silvanna 2021

  1. Demon Shoes- 720
  2. Concentrated Energy- 2020
  3. Fleeting Time- 2050
  4. Holy Crystal- 2180
  5. Divine Glaive- 1970
  6. Winter Truncheon- 1910
Mobile Legends Silvanna Item Build 2
Best Build for Silvanna 2021

Silvanna Item Build 2021

  1. Demon Shoes- 720
  2. Concentrated Energy- 2020
  3. Necklace of Durance- 2010
  4. Genius Wand- 2000
  5. Fleeting Time- 2050
  6. Holy Crystal- 2180
Mobile Legends Silvanna Item Build 3
Silvanna Item Build 2021

MLBB Silvanna Skill Combo in team fight

Silvanna Combo 2021

Skill 3 > Skill 2 > Skill 1

Alternatively, you can also use skill 1 first, if the enemy is within the range. Then use your Ultimate.

MLBB Silvanna Skill upgrade Priority 

Skill 2 – Unlock and max first Ultimate- upgrade whenever available Skill 1- Max Last.

Mobile Legends Silvanna Guide 2021

  • At the start of a game, buy Tier 1 Jungle item, unlock skill 2 and head to any one of the side lanes. Use skill 2 to clear minion’s waves faster.
  • Silvanna has really good early game damage. So, try to play aggressive early game. Silvanna skill 2 can be cancelled using CC skills.
  • So, when fighting against CC heroes wait before using your skill 2. Her ultimate has a really good range, use this range to surprise enemies.
  • To escape when being chased, use skill 2 (Shield) > skill 1 (Stun) > skill 1 (Dash).
  • Use skill 1 speed boost to go back to lane faster after recalling. When using skill 1 Phase 2 if you hit an enemy you will stop immediately.
  • Aim it properly when using it to escape. Silvanna is really strong in 1v1 fights, just make sure that you hit all your skills.
  • In fights, always target main damage dealers. You can easily reach back row with your ultimate.

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That’s all for this How to Play Silvanna in Mobile Legends guide, tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.

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