Mobile Legends Guinevere Complete Guide and Best Build 2020

Welcome to MLBB Hero Guide Tutorial In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Guinevere in Mobile Legends.

I will explain Mobile Legends Guinevere Passive and Skills, MLBB Guinevere Build & Emblems, Guinevere Spells, Mobile Legends Guinevere Counters.

MLBB Guinevere Strong/Weak, Guinevere Skill Combo, and finally give you some Tips and Tricks to How play Guinevere 2020 effectively.

So are you Ready to know about Guinevere?

We have previously discussed How to master playing with other Mobile Legends, Heroes like Leomord, Harith, Khaleed, Thamuz, KaditaLuo Yi, Claude, Chou. So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Guinevere.

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What are Mobile Legends Guinevere Basic Attributes?

Mobile Legends Guinevere Basic Attributes

What are Mobile Legends Guinevere Passive?

Guinevere’s Passive will activate when this super magic bar is full. Using any skill or basic attack will fill up the super magic bar slowly.

Ones her super magic is full, her next basic attack range will increase. She will travel near to the enemy.

This enhanced basic attack will deal extra damage and also recovers 10% of lost HP. Guinevere’s damage will be increased by 25% when dealing damage to knock up targets.

Mobile Legends Guinevere Passive Super Magic

How to Use Mobile Legends Guinevere Skill 1 – Energy Wave

This skill deals magic damage to a single target and slows down the targets by 70%. When this skill hits the target, all her skills CD will be reduced by 1 second.

This skill’s CD reduction effect will work on minions and Monsters also.

Mobile Legends Guinevere Skill 1 – Energy Wave

How to Use Mobile Legends Guinevere Skill 2 – Magic Thump

This is a blink skill and it has 2 phases. On the first phase, she jumps to the location and knocks up enemies for 1 second and deals magic damage.

On second phase, she blinks in a direction, leaving a magic image of her. If enemies attack this magic image it deals magic damage in-return, and when this image disappears it deals magic damage to enemies nearby.

Mobile Legends Guinevere Skill 2 – Magic Thump

How to Use Mobile Legends Guinevere Skill 3 – Violet Requiem

Her ultimate deals continuous magic damage to enemies nearby. If the enemy is already in the knocked up state, this skill will additionally knock up the target 6 times.

Using other skills or moving joystick will cancel her ultimate skill. CC skills can also easily stop her ultimate. That’s all for her passive and skills.

Mobile Legends Guinevere Skill 3 – Violet Requiem

Mobile Legends Guinevere Best Spell

These are the Battle Spells I recommend for her

  • She already has enough escaping abilities, so use Retribution to farm faster I early game.


  • Aegis is also a good option for her. It comes handy in 1v1 situations.


  • Guinevere can be easily killed if CC’ed. So use Purify spell against a good CC team.


Mobile Legends Guinevere Best Emblem Set

  • Use Custom Mage Emblem for Guinevere. Spend Talent Points on CD Reduction and Magic Power. Use Mystery Shop talent. You can buy Equipment at 10% Discount with this Talent.

Mobile Legends Guinevere Emblem Set

  • Custom Fighter Emblem is also good for Guinevere. Spend Talent points on Physical attack and HP in first and second row. Use Festival of Blood Talent. It will increase your spell vamp upto 12%.
  • Assassin Emblem is a good alternate option for her. Spend Talent points on CD Reduction and Crit Chance. Use Bounty Hunter Talent. It will give you 100 Gold for Each kill.

Mobile Legends Guinevere Emblem Set 2

MLBB Guinevere Best Build

  • This is my recommended MLBB Guinevere Build. If you go full magic items, you have to highly depend on her ultimate for damage. Since, her ultimate can be easily stopped by CC skills.
  • Building full magic is risky. So, I choose this Hybrid Build. It really works well in-game. And with this build you can easily trigger her passive every 1 second while attacking a target.
  • If you want full damage build, just replace the Winter Truncheon with Divine Glaive.

Mobile Legends Guinevere Item Build

Mobile Legends Guinevere Best Teammates

Since, Guinevere’s ultimate requires the enemy to be knocked up state. A teammate with knock-up skill will be useful.

  1. Chou
  2. Gatotkaca
  3. Minotaur

Mobile Legends Guinevere Best Team-Mates

MLBB Guinevere Weak Against

  • Guinevere is weak against heroes with high burst CC skills, Like Chou, Eudora, Saber.

Guinevere Weak Against

MLBB Guinevere Strong Against

  • Guinevere is very strong against a hero that has no CC skills, Like- Alucard, Karrie, Pharsa

Guinevere Strong Against

Guinevere ML Skill Combo

  • You can also skill 1 first, but remember always use skill 2 before Ultimate to increase the CC duration.

Guinevere Skill Combo

Mobile Legends Guinevere Guide- Tips & Tricks

  • Skill Priority – Max skill 2 first > Max skill 1 > Upgrade ultimate whenever available

Start the match with Jungle item; Upgrade it if you are using “Retribution” as your battle spell. At level 1, go to clear lane minions or help your Mage or Assassin to take buff.

Guinevere doesn’t need a buff, leave the buff for assassin and mage. Her passive regen’s HP based on HP lost.

So try to aggressively while lanning. Use your skill 1 on monsters and minions whenever available, to reduce your skills CD. Ones you reach level 4, roam and help out other lanes.

In the early game 1v1 situations, poke the enemy as much and use skill 2 to maintain the poking distance.

While tower diving, make sure you always hit the enemy with skill 2. If you missed, use it again to escape. While ganking, aim your skill 2 correctly to hit all the enemies.

If you timed your skill 2 Second phase correctly, you can confuse enemies to use skills on your clone. In team-fights, always target main damage dealers first.

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That’s all for this How to Play Guinevere in Mobile Legends guide, tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.




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