Mobile Legends Valir the Ultimate Guide and Best Build 2020

Welcome to MLBB Hero Guide Tutorial In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Valir in Mobile Legends.

I will explain Mobile Legends Valir Passive and Skills, MLBB Valir build & Emblems, Valir Spells, Mobile Legends Valir Counters.

MLBB Valir Strong/Weak, Valir Skill Combo, and finally give you some tips and tricks to How play Valir 2020 effectively.

So are you Ready to know about Valir?

We have previously discussed How to master playing with other Mobile Legends, Heroes like Leomord, Harith, Khaleed, Thamuz, KaditaLuo Yi, Claude, Chou. So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Valir.

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Because it’s a new season we went back to epic 2 and because we are in epic, our lineup is not that good most of the time.

When it’s new season everyone wants to take their role to rank up easily that’s why no one is adjusting I chose Impure rage on Valir.

So that he won’t run out of mana and next thing, the magic power given to Valir’s skills in not that high.

Mobile Legends Valir revamped

I also chose cool down reduction because Valir needs to have cool down reduction on his 2nd skill because if you have high cool down, you can use your 2nd skill twice on Valir’s ultimate.

If you don’t know that skills of Valir, do you think I should make a guide on him? Comment below if you think I need to make a guide for Valir.

Mobile Legends Valir Skills Explanation

  • What you need to do on Valir’s 1st skill is to hit the hero to make it cool down it can also stack up to 2 times it means that if your 1st skill didn’t hit once you need to hit the 2nd one to make it cooldown every 5 seconds his 1st skill stacks here, I was not focused on the map and I realized late that Harley was taking our buff I thought she was solo top my mistake there is I was not looking at my map next.
  • I took the buff that makes it harder for Harley but because it’s already there, we don’t have a choice, we just need to continue the game now I need to take the crab to reach level 4 so I don’t have a choice I need to steal it from her because if I am level 4 it will be easy for us to kill the top lane and because I was level 4.

Mobile Legends Valir Game Changer

  • We were able to kill Odette easily Valir’s passive is when he hit the enemies 3 times they will be stunned one more thing, Valir’s ultimate can hit far enemies because her skill range will increase if he uses his ult now I need to go back to mid lane to clear the lane it would be better if the tank is coming with me in case there will be a team fight, he will be with us here, we are about to go bot lane but when we saw Guinevere we just kill her.
  • here we ran into 2 assassins the problem is Gusion made a bad combo on me he should’ve used his 1st skill then 2nd skill, ulti then 2nd skill again, he could’ve killed me but he chose the 2nd skill, ulti then 2nd skill before he uses his 1st skill that’s why the damage of his 2nd skill was lower and he was not able to kill me if you want to understand how to use Gusion.

Mobile Legends Valir Damage

  • I bought star shard that’s why I need to stack to make that star shard full this item is good on Valir because (magic damage) items doesn’t give much damage on Valir’s skill aside from that it also has magic lifesteal and mana regen and if an enemy gets close to him, he has a retribution and can slow those enemies to save himself.
  • I will make a guide about jungle items and how to jungle he you will notice that there is a team fight on top it means we need to back up there here you will see that I was able to cancel Odette’s ultimate with my 2nd skill it means Valir can cancel channeling skills with his 2nd skill.

Mobile Legends Valir how to use his skills

  • There will be another team fight here we are able to kill Odette easily but Guinevere will arrive the mistake of Guinevere here is she targeted the tank it should be me or the marksman then Kimmy gets too aggressive, so when he gets close to me, he’s already dead and because 3 of them are dead we can take Objective, we are going to take the turtle my only problem here is I don’t have a retribution so it’s possible to get stolen.
  • But Minotaur did the right thing, he advanced forward so that enemies won’t be able to contest our turtle that’s one of the things a tank should do I also made a tank Guide that you can watch to make you understand what a tank role should be doing.

MLBB Valir Guide

  • Here, Kimmy gets close to me, he doesn’t know that if I can hit him with my 1st skill and stun he’s already dead so remember to stay away from Valir’s 1st skill because it will be cooldown if it hits you.  You can also hide behind the creeps so you won’t get hit by his 1st skill here I was able to hit Odette with my 1st skill, I’ll be able to kill her if I hit another skill but if she hides behind the creeps.
  • I might not hit her with my 1st skill here we can rotate to top because Helcurt is on top, I just don’t know why Mino went there next, I think Helcurt doesn’t know that there is a team fight near him it means he doesn’t have map awareness but it’s also possible that he ignores the team fight to split push and because he didn’t notice me.

Mobile Legends Valir improve your rotation and map awareness

  • I was able to kill him if you also want to improve your rotation and map awareness, I made a rotation guide that you can watch here you will notice that there is a team fight in mid, it means I need to back them up here I can see that Guinevere uses her dash, it means she doesn’t have an escape if she doesn’t have an escape, I can kill her here my next should be glowing wand but because I am already snowballing, I will build Holy crystal right away if you want to know how the right item build.
  • I made an Item build guide I will also make a part 2 of that for the items that are not there you will notice that there’s a team fight on their 2nd tower but Guinevere still doesn’t want to leave bottom lane I don’t know why or is she looking at us.

Mobile Legends Valir Tips and Tricks

Maybe because we are still on epic rank that’s why they think that way I will see Gusion’s ultimate here and because he already uses his ultimate, I can kill him as long as I hit my skills on him you will also notice that we are just roaming around the map we need to take an Objective to end the game, we are so focused on kill this is the problem with Valir.

He’s not strong in pushing, he can’t take Lord alone that’s why he won’t be able to take objectives fast, but he is so strong in team fight this is one of the reasons why I think we will see Valir on tournaments the Gusion tries to kill me here, but because he has “target on low HP on” he was not able to kill me and instead targeted Minotaur.

Another good thing about Valir’s ultimate is that he can cancel the stun, hold or crowd control skills just like Purify it’s almost the same as Miya’s ultimate but for Valir the skills are upgrading when he uses his ultimate if you also want to know how to use mage heroes, I also made a mage guide that you can watch because we have a huge lead here, we can end the game you will also see in the last team fight how Valir can 1 hit combo his enemies.

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That’s all for this How to Play Valir in Mobile Legends guide tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.


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