Mobile Legends Ling Guide and Best Tips and Tricks 2020

Welcome to MLBB Hero Guide Tutorial In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Ling in Mobile Legends. I will explain Mobile Legends Ling Passive and Skills, MLBB Ling build & Emblems, Ling Spells, Mobile Legends Ling Counters, MLBB Ling Strong/Weak, Ling Skill Combo, and finally give you some tips and tricks to How play Ling effectively.

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Mobile Legends Ling Basic Attributes

mobile legends ling build 1

What is Mobile Legends Ling Passive

  • Ling passive grants him a permanent 20% critical chance. But his critical strikes only deals 1.6x Damage instead of normal 2x damage. When resting on a wall, he regens 2 energy (also known as lightness points) per second. When dealing damage to enemy, he regens 5 energy per attack.

Mobile Legends Ling Passive Cloud Walker

How to Use Mobile Legends Ling Skill 1- Finch Poise

  • Each time you upgrade your skill 1, it will increase your crit. Chance upto 17.50% at max level. His skill 1 lets you climb on walls; this skill uses Energy to cast. This skill doesn’t have any cool-down when you jump from a wall to another. When Ling on a wall, enemies can’t target him with locked skills. And he will be invisible on mini map to enemies. His skill 1 can’t be used on border walls.
  • If he takes damage while on a wall, it will cancel the UN target-able state. Using skill 1 again will reset it. If he gets cc’ed while on a wall, he will fall onto the ground and his skill 1 will have a 8s cool-down. You can use basic attack or other skills to get down from a wall.

Mobile Legends Finch Poise

How to Use Mobile Legends Ling Skill 2- Defiant Sword

  • His skill 2 is a dash skill, it consumes energy to cast and it has a very low CD. This skill deals physical damage and also regens small amount of HP. It can also trigger basic attack effects like crit strike, Endless battle passive etc.
  • When using this skill from a wall, it deals same damage and slow down enemies by 30%. If this attack deals critical damage the slowdown will be increases to 45%.

Mobile Legends Ling Skill 2- Defiant Sword

How to Use Mobile Legends Ling Ultimate – Tempest of Blades

  • This skill doesn’t consume energy. When you cast this skill he becomes invincible for 1.5 secs. This skill deals physical damage and enemies near the center will be knocked up. There will be 4 swords at the edge of this skill, you can pick the swords to regen his energy. The swords will also reset his skill 2 cool-down. That’s all for his passive and skills.

Mobile Legends Ling Ultimate – Tempest of Blades

Mobile Legends Ling Best Spell

  • For battle spell, always stick with Retribution. I don’t find any other spell useful on him. Retribution helps him a lot to farm faster in early game. You can use Retribution while on a wall without losing your Camouflage (un target-able) state. Try to steal enemy farm as much as possible.


Mobile Legends Ling Emblem Set

  • Assassin Emblem is best suited for Ling. Spend Talent point on CD Reduction and Crit. Unlock Bounty Hunter Talent; it will give Extra Gold for each kill.

mobile legends ling build 5

  • Fighter Emblem is a Good alternative option. Spend Talent points on Physical att. And Physical Pen. Unlock Disabling Strike Talent. It will increase his skill combo Damage output.

mobile legends ling build 6

What is Best Mobile Legends Ling Build

  • Here’s my recommended Build for Ling. Ling has 260 base movement speed and most of the time you will be roaming around on walls so I didn’t add boots in my build. With Berserker fury’s 40% crit damage passive, his critical strikes will deal normal 200% damage.
  • His skill 2 can make use of Endless battle’s passive and Life steal. I added Scarlet Phantom because my target is to give him 100% crit chance, so whenever you use skill 2 it deals critical damage.

mobile legends ling build 7

  • You can swap these two items, to increase his survivability.

mobile legends ling build 8

Mobile Legends Ling Best Skill Combo

  1. Try to master this combo, it works every time. When using ultimate, bring the center near the enemy for the knock up effect. While using skill 2 after ulti, always aim towards the swords for the CD and Energy regen.

mobile legends ling build 9

Mobile Legends Ling Guide- Tips and Tricks

Skill Upgrade Priority-

  • Max Skill 2 first
  • Upgrade ulti whenever available
  • Max skill 1 last.

At level 1, unlock skill 2 at get buff first. Remember buff is important for ling. His skill 1 and skill 2 can easily consume a lot of energy. So he always needs buff to sustain his energy. At early game, focus farming. Ling requires 2 core items to deal burst damage. Buy level 2 Jungle item first, then go for Berserker’s Fury

When you reach level 4, you can gank other lanes. But don’t waste time too much time roaming farming is very important for ling early game. Try to steal enemy farm whenever possible using Retribution. When out of combat, always stay on a wall it will regen your energy fast and also you will be invisible to enemies on mini-map.

mobile legends ling build 10

You can use these spots to ambush enemies. Be careful against CC skill shot heroes they can easily cancel your skill 1. Using basic attack from wall allows ling to reach target faster than using skill 2. And also use basic attack when you’re low on energy. Aldous can be a threat to ling. But you can escape from Aldous using your ultimate.

That’s all for this How to Play Ling in Mobile Legends guide tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.

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  2. So my absolute favorite hero is Ling, I haven’t been playing for a while so I was astonished of how deadly Ling can be, but during this one classic game, I was playing Ling and noticed my teammates needed help, so I rushed over. If you know about Minsitthar’s ulti, then you should know that it prevents the player from using blink skills when in his ulti circle. I keep getting killed by Minsitthar’s ulti so I need advice on how to escape or counter that, thanks.


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