Mobile Legends Gusion Guide and Best Build 2019

Welcome to MLBB Hero Guide Tutorial In this post, I’m going to show you How to Play Gusion in Mobile Legends.

I will explain Mobile Legends Gusion Passive and Skills, MLBB Gusion build & EmblemsMobile Legends Gusion Spells, Mobile Legends Gusion Counters.

MLBB Gusion Strong/Weak, Mobile Legends Gusion Skill Combo, and finally give you some tips and tricks How to play Gusion 2020 effectively.

So are you Ready to know about Gusion?

We have previously discussed How to master playing with other Mobile Legends, Heroes like Leomord, Harith, Khaleed, Thamuz, KaditaLuo Yi, Claude, Chou. So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Gusion.

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Mobile Legends Gusion Let’s start with spell and emblem

The spell that I chose is retribution, it’s good for Gusion because he’s fast in taking jungle creeps when it comes to emblem, I chose mage emblem and mystery shop.

Mystery shop is good for Gusion to have a lead on items and because he is an assassin, it’s better for him to have items early.

I decided to start on jungle also because we don’t have a jungle hero that’s why I killed 1 jungle creep first before laning you will notice here that.

I will use my Retribution first so that if I’m going to take the crab it’s already cool down aside from that, when you start on the first jungle creep you will miss 1 minion but that’s ok because you will have a lead on exp and also your teammate.

Mobile Legends Gusion Lane Advantage

  • But if you think you have a lane advantage, you don’t need to take that jungle creep because you will be able to take the jungle buff faster if you clear the minions first just remember if you will start on the jungle, make sure you don’t have a teammate who will jungle aside from that after taking the buff I will go straight to the crab because I need to get level 4 fast. When you are using Gusion you must think.
  • How you will reach level 4 faster because when Gusion reaches level 4 fast you will be able to kill early you will notice here that in less than 2 minutes I was already level 4 it means we can already look for a team fight and because we are on the top lane, we need to try to kill this hero.
  • I just waited for Granger dash before going in when I hit him with my first skill it means I can kill him already here I know Franco will hook, I just waited for him to cast his skill before dodging it remember guys, think of the skill of your enemies first before going in now because I don’t have Ulti and HP.
  • I just need to get back to farming if you also want to learn how to rotate, I also made a rotation Guide that you can watch you can also improve your map awareness on that guide you will notice here that Chou is only level 4 but he still goes in. I was just waiting for the cool-down of my 2nd skill before using my ultimate.

Mobile Legends Gusion Buff tricks

  • The only problem is I double clicked my ultimate that’s why they were able to kill me Harith was able to double kill us and now they can take the turtle that trade was not good that’s why they were able to take the turtle. I will fast forward on the boring parts here I will back up on bot lane but when I saw that they caught Cyclops.
  • I decided to just go mid and farm my teammates still go there to defend the lane and that’s a good thing but for me, my plan is to just split push to trade towers but something good happens on bot lane if you look at the map the enemies went inside the tower and it means they were able to kill the enemies and because enemy blue buff also re-spawn.

Mobile Legends Gusion Buff trick

Mobile Legends Gusion how to team support

  • I can take it without anyone contesting it remembers guys; we took the buff at the same time it means it will re-spawn at the same time and after taking the buff you will go to the crab it means crab will also re-spawn I will make a separate guide about jungle re-spawn time, buff and also jungle items.
  • We are waiting for Harith and Guinevere to advance but instead of coming out of bot lane, they came out on mid lane it means we need to back up on mid fast and because they don’t have HP anymore, it’s easier for us to kill them and because we’re able to kill 3 of them we can now take an objective we can take the mid tower.

Mobile Legends Gusion Skill combo

  • The problem is Chou arrived, I don’t know why he didn’t kick me that’s why Tigreal was still alive aside from that Granger arrived also you can see Granger’s bullets, before going in on Granger I checked his HP first I paused this clip cause I want to explain something you will notice the combo that.
  • I will do here, 2nd skill + Ulti + 2nd skill I chose that combo because I think I can kill him even if I don’t hit my 2nd skill near him I wasn’t able to hit my 2nd 2nd skill but I was still able to kill him remember that combo and later I will show you why that combo is not always effective.

How To Play Mobile Legends Gusion

  • There is a lot of Gusion players who do that combo even if they don’t need to now because Granger is dead and turtle is open, it means we can already take it there will be another team fight here you will see that Granger’s HP is full here If I will use the 2nd skill + Ulti + 2nd skill I won’t be able to kill him that’s why I hit him with my 1st skill.
  • First to make my 2nd skill have more damage cause remember guys that 2nd skill will deal more damage if you are near the enemy aside from that, If I use 2nd skill + ulti + 2nd skill I might kill the first enemy but I won’t be able to kill the 2nd enemy, it means I won’t get double kill.

Mobile Legends Gusion 2

Mobile Legends Gusion Tips & Trick

  • Just remember guys, If you are using Gusion don’t use the 2nd skill + ulti + 2nd skill combo, if you can’t kill the enemy yet that’s the easiest combo of Gusion and a lot of players are doing it now we already taken down the 2nd tower of top and mid lane we should now take bottom lane here, I signaled retreat for us to get back you will also notice that Claude went back and my teammates doesn’t have ultimate.
  • It means we shouldn’t go for a team fight what we need to do is take the enemies jungle creep to lessen their farm but because we’re still on legend rank, there’s a lot of players who wants to go on a team fight even if they can’t that’s one of the reason why the enemies were able to get a comeback.
  • Just remember to take objective first, not kills I am also signaling the crab on bottom lane for Claude to take it Claude can take it already coz the enemies are defending mid and top lane it means there are no enemies on bot lane now because the game is still early, we just need to get some items I just want to farm on mid lane, but since Guinevere arrived, I want to try to kill her when I hit my first skill.
  • I wait for her to jump but she didn’t do it again that’s why I wasn’t able to hit my 2nd skill I was also caught by Franco, but the good thing is Guinevere still doesn’t do much damage that’s why when they were not able to kill me, Tigreal was able to ulti on them.
  • I made a lot of miss click on that team fight, I don’t know why my 1st skill didn’t work and I dash forward but because we’re able to kill them we can take the turtle the only problem is I don’t know why they still want to fight on mid lane even if we already killed the 2 heroes that turtle was supposed to be free and I also went outside the turtle range that’s why the HP regenerates.
  • We could’ve got it already and because the enemies are nearby, we didn’t continue the turtle because they can come easily another mistake that I did is that I used my Retribution on buff even though I didn’t need to I should’ve reserved my Retribution on turtle and because they are trying to take it we need to contest.
  • I was thinking twice here if I am going to take the turtle because I don’t have a retribution but Tigreal caught them at the right time that’s why we are able to take them all out you will notice here that we tried to chase Granger because of Cyclops Ultimate you will see my passive.

Mobile legends Gusion Guide

I will hit it first before using my 2nd skill to kill him faster and because we are able to kill them, we can now push towers you will notice on my item build, I already built my 3 main items on Gusion my 4th item depends on the situation and because I was able to kill the enemies on 1 combo.

Mobile Legends Gusion How to plan for Gang

  • I was planning to buy fleeting time to be able to use my Ultimate again and again if you also want to learn how to build items I made an Item build guide part 1 and part 2, I will also have a part 3 for those items that’s not there I will include everything on the description so you can watch it now, we should take the tower on bottom lane but if we can already push top lane, we can go straight this is the last clash that will happen.
  • We will learn a lot from here first, if you are using Gusion you should not be in the middle of the crowd control you will notice that I’m on the side of the crowd control just keep on using your 2nd skill until the enemies doesn’t have crowd control.
  • Aside from that because you are an assassin, your first target should be the damage dealer because I can’t reach Granger, I targeted Harith first when Granger is already near, I killed Granger first before killing Guinevere because he is the damage dealer for you to understand the role of an Assassin I made an assassin guide that you can watch I hope you learn a lot from this guide and because you reached the end.
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That’s all for this How to Play Gusion in Mobile Legends guide tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.


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