Mobile Legends X Borg Guide 2021 | X borg Best Build 2021

Welcome to MLBB Hero Guide Tutorial In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Mobile Legends X Borg in Mobile Legends.

I will explain MLBB X.Borg Passive and Skills, MLBB X Borg build, X.Borg Spells, X.Borg Skill Combo, and finally gives you some tips and tricks to play X.Borg 2021 effectively.

So are you Ready to know about X.borg?

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For now, let’s focus on X borg ML.

How to use X borg Skills?

MLBB X.Borg 1st Skill Fire Missiles

X borg activates the flamethrower & fire in designated direction. This skill stays activated for 2s & deals physical damage.

You can see the status of temperature on the enemy (A bar appears on Enemies). When X.borg loses its armor he adjusts flamethrower to narrow angle & lengthen the distance.

He Deals 60% less damage in armor less state. When Enemies temperature rises to limit, they will slow down by 30%.

MLBB X.Borg 2nd Skill Fire Stake

X borg fires 6 stakes at the edge of indicator. When fired they don’t deal damage. After 1.2 sec later the stakes are taken back into his body.

While Returning these stakes pulls enemies towards you & deal Physical damage to enemy hero.

When X.borg is in armor less state he send stakes farther away & reduces the gap between the stakes. If the Fire Stakes touches the Firaga supplies in its path it will take them back as well.

MLBB X.Borg 3rd Skill Last Insanity 

X borg charges forward in designated directions, shooting fire around himself (this lasts for 3s). Then he self-explode & destroy his current Firaga Armor.

If Xborg stop charging & slow down target by extra 30%. X borg deals Physical damage, when he’s throwing fire & deals true damage equal to 15% of enemy’s max HP.

He deals 50% damage to himself too, so be careful. This skill can’t be used without Firaga Armor. He can control the direction where he wants to go after explosion.

Mobile Legends X Borg Passive Explanation

MLBB X.borg doesn’t have a normal HP bar, it consists of half HP & half armor. When armor’s HP runs out, he’ll roll in the direction of joystick.

He won’t take any damage in this state. He continuously restores energy in armor less state. When energy is full, X.borg will re-equip the armor & restore the armor to 50% of his max HP.

MLBB X.borg fire damage warm up the enemies & when they reach highest temperature they release Firaga supplies when they take flame damage.

This supplies restore armor & HP in armor less state they restore energy.

Best Perfect Mid Lane Hero In MLBB 2021

Mobile Legends X Borg Best Emblem Set 2021

Fighter Emblem

Disabling Strike will increase his damage as he has massive slow down effect. You can also go for Festival of Blood for early game life steal xborg emblem.


Assassin Emblem

Assassin emblem gives massive early game damage & talent killing spree will be useful when he kills someone using ulti x borg emblem.

Or you can go for Bounty Hunter as he can easily kills someone in early game.

Assassin Emblem

Mobile Legends X Borg Best Build 2021

Sustained BuildThis x borg build 2021 make him survive team fights, also deal decent amount of damage to enemies.

X borg best build 2021

  1. Warrior Boots- 720
  2. Bloodlust Axe- 1970
  3. Blade of Despair- 3010
  4. Athena’s Shield- 2150
  5. Brute Force Breastplate- 1870
  6. Queen’s Wings- 2250
Mobile Legends X Borg Recommend Build
X borg best build 2021

Xborg damage build 2021

  1. Warrior Boots- 720
  2. Immortality- 2120
  3. Bloodlust Axe- 1970
  4. Queen’s Wings- 2250
  5. Blade of Despair- 3010
  6. Athena’s Shield- 2150

Full burst xborg item build 2021 deals lots of damage, defense items also increy damage as well sustainability.

Best Build for Xborg 2021

  1. Warrior Boots- 720
  2. Bloodlust Axe- 1970
  3. Hunter Strike- 2010
  4. Queen’s Wings- 2250
  5. Brute Force Breastplate- 1870
  6. Blade of Despair- 3010
Mobile Legends X Borg Recommend Build 2
Best Build for Xborg 2021

Mobile Legends X Borg Recommend Spell

  • Since he lacks escape abilities best spell for him are – Flicker, Sprint, Purify.
Mobile Legends X Borg Recommend Spell

Mobile Legends X Borg Guide & Gameplay Tips

  • MLBB X.borg has very high damage in early game & you should play him aggressively to stop enemy’s farm. Since he has nice Armor, be cautious of Magical heroes.
  • Since his HP regens because of his passive, you can easily farm & stay in lane longer. Before using ulti, make sure to use 2nd skill to pull enemy towards you.
  • X.borg can easily solo a lane, as he got perfect skills to clear minions. His ulti’s, passive damage is good for stealing Lord & turtle.
  • His range attack gives him a huge advantage just like Kimmy, he can lower their HP before they hit him. His ulti has great burst AOE damage, which is really deadly for MMs & Mages.
  • His armor generating passive is really useful, it increases his chances to stay more in team fights. Attacking while running is what makes him really special (Just like Kimmy).

Mobile Legends X Borg Role Explanation

As a Fighter you should be in fight, as you have sustainability as well as damage. That’s what I like most about him, he gets his armor back after certain time.

X.borg can take lord but not as fast as MM or basic attack fighters (e.g. Alucard, Zilong). So taking lord solo can be dangerous as enemy may steal it.

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That’s all for this How to Use Mobile Legends X borg in game guide tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.

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