Mobile Legends Esmeralda Guide & Best Build 2020

Welcome to MLBB Hero Guide Tutorial In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Esmeralda in Mobile Legends.

I will explain Esmeralda Passive and Skills, MLBB Esmeralda builds & Emblems, Esmeralda Spells, Mobile Legends Esmeralda Counters.

Esmeralda Skill Combo, and finally gives you some tips and tricks How to play Esmeralda 2020 effectively.

So are you Ready to know about Esmeralda?

We have previously discussed How to master playing with other Mobile Legends, Heroes like Leomord, Harith, Khaleed, Thamuz, KaditaLuo Yi, Claude, Chou. So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Esmeralda.

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Mobile Legends Esmeralda Basic Attributes

Mobile Legends Esmeralda Basic Attributes

Mobile Legends Esmeralda Passive – Starmoon casket

MLBB Esmeralda basic attack deals damage twice. The first attack deals with physical damage and 2nd deals mage damage.

Her each attack gives enemy a shield equal to 150% of her Magic damage dealt. This same effect applies to her skill 2 and skill 3 also.

Her skill 2 and skill 3 deals damage twice and 150% of Magic Damage will be converted into shield to enemy.

The shield enemy gains will only last for few seconds. Damage dealt by Esmeralda will totally ignore the shield enemy has and any form of shield.

Esmeralda gets will be slowly converted into HP. The entire shield won’t be converted, only a small portion and the remaining disappear.

Mobile Legends Esmeralda Skill 1 – Frostmoon Shield

Her skill 1 gives her small shield and shortly increase movement speed by 40%. This skill also slowly steals the shield of nearby enemy heroes.

Mobile Legends Esmeralda Skill 2 – Stardust Dance

As I said before, her skill 2 deals damage twice a physical and a Magical damage. If skill 2 hits a target, her skill 1 CD will be reduced. This CD reduction effect works on Monsters also.

Mobile Legends Esmeralda Skill 3 Ultimate – Falling Starmoon

This is a Blink skill the longer you charge this skill the farther you can travel (damage remains the same).

When you release this skill, it deals damage to all enemies in the area and Immobilize for short time. That’s all for her passive & skill.

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Mobile Legends Esmeralda Best Spell

  • These are the battle spell I recommend for Esmeralda.
  • Sprint is the best suitable spell for her; you can combine it with skill 1 to achieve high movement speed. Since only her ultimate has dash ability.
  • You can use Flicker to add extra dash ability.
  • And of course you can also use Retribution to farm faster, but mostly try to stick with Sprint.

Mobile Legends Esmeralda Battle Spell

Mobile Legends Esmeralda Emblem Set

  • Use Custom Mage Emblem for Esmeralda Spend talent points on CD Reduction and Magic Power. Use IMPURE RAGE talent it will increase your skill damage output.

Mobile Legends Esmeralda Emblem Set

  • Tank Emblem is also a good alternate option, Spend talent points on CD Reduction and Hp. Use attack and defense talent, it will increase attributes & Mage power based on max HP.

Tank Emblem

MLBB Esmeralda Best Build

Mobile Legends Esmeralda Item Build

  • This Esmeralda build has 2 defensive items. Use this build if enemy team has high CC heroes.

2 defensive items

  • This isn’t a Esmeralda troll build, it actually works but I still don’t recommend this in real match.
  • You can try this build in custom; it can deal very high damage (works similar to Claude). The problem with this build is you need 2-3 core items to start dealing high damage.

troll build

Mobile Legends Esmeralda Skill Combo

  • This is Esmeralda basic skill combo; you can always use this combo in any situations.

Mobile Legends Esmeralda Skill Combo

  • MLBB Esmeralda Unli-shiled

Even with 40% CD reduction you can’t use skill 1 consecutively without resetting the shield. So the Trick is when both Skill 1 and skill 2 are ready, use skill 1 before skill 2 and while using skill 2 make sure there is a target within the range.

So that it will reduce skill 1 CD. Combining this technique will make the shields stack, resulting in an unlimited shield.


Mobile Legends Esmeralda Guide – Tips & Tricks

  • MLBB Esmeralda Skill Upgrade-

Mobile Legends Hero Esmeralda

Start each match with 2 Mana necklace, then upgrade it to Demon shoes. To poke hide in bush then use skill 1 to increase movement and then use skill 2.

Using this poking technique, you can easily reduce HP of enemy Hero that doesn’t have dash skills. Ones you reach level 4, start to roam and gank.

While roaming use skill 1 whenever available to move fast between lanes. To ambush engage with your ultimate at max charge to surprise enemies.

You can stack shield even while Jungling, just follow the skill 1 > skill 2 combo on jungle monsters. Don’t dive recklessly in fight before diving make sure enemy cc skill down.

In fight always try to take out enemy damage dealer first. While tower diving make sure you hit the enemies with ultimate.

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That’s all for this How to Use Esmeralda in Mobile Legends guide tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.

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