Welcome to MLBB Hero Guide Tutorial In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use DIAMOND DRAW Event in Mobile Legends. How to increase your chances in Diamond Draw event.

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At the end of the event they will pick a winning number. If it matches the one you picked, you get a refund on all the diamonds you spent during the event. If your pick is close to the winning number a portion of the diamonds you used will be refunded. The closer number is, the higher the refund will be. The new rules allowed more players to win this event.

Here is sample, let’s say the winning number is 50. If you picked 50 you get 100% refund. But if you picked any number from 10 to 90 you get a 10% diamond refund. That’s a pretty big range right? If you picked a number from 35 to 65 you get 20% diamond refund.

If you picked a number from 45 to 55 you get 30% diamond refund. With the new rules, you have a high chance to get the 10% diamond refund.

Remember it’s the diamonds spent and not just top up. If you buy a hero with 599 diamonds during the event, you will receive 50 diamonds if you win the 10% diamond refund. So how can we increase our chances of winning?? According to the rules, the least picked will be the winning number. We have to assume that the numbers 1 to 31 will be a favorite pick because it’s based on birth dates.

So avoiding those numbers can be a good strategy. That narrows us down to the numbers 32 to 99. You can go for the mid part to cover more numbers. That leaves us with the number. I’d go for 69 but that’s a pretty popular number so I’d stick with 68. So what can you say about the higher chances on Diamonds draw?


That’s all for this How to Use DIAMOND DRAW Event in Mobile Legends guide tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.

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