Mobile Legends Aldous Guide 2021 | Aldous Best Build 2021

Welcome to MLBB Hero Guide Tutorial In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Aldous in Mobile Legends.

I will explain Aldous Passive and Skills,MLBB Aldous builds & Emblems, Aldous Spells, Mobile Legends Aldous Counters. 

Aldous Skill Combo, and finally gives you some tips and tricks to play Aldous 2021 effectively.

So are you Ready to know about Aldous?

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We have previously discussed How to master playing with other Mobile Legends, Heroes like Leomord, Harith, Khaleed, Thamuz, KaditaLuo Yi, Claude, Chou. So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Aldous.

Mechanics – In mechanics we will cover- Passive, skills & stacks. So let’s start with the passive.

MLBB Aldous Passive Contract Transform 

So his passive transforms his 3rd basic attack into a shield that lasts for 3 seconds. This shield effect occurs every 5 seconds.

This ability is very useful in turret-diving as well as team-fights and 1v1 battles.

How To Use Mobile Legends Aldous Skill 1- Contract Soul Steal

MLBB Aldous strengthens his next basic attack to deal 100 (+100% physical attack points). Press on the 1st skill and the next basic attack you do will deal a huge damage.

It also effects other enemies who are near the target enemy. Since this skill has very low CD and deals great damage, it can be used to finish off running enemies.

How To Use Mobile Legends Aldous Skill 2- Contract Explosion

He enters a defensive mode where he becomes immune to all basic attacks and reduces damage taken by 50%. This defensive mode lasts for 2 seconds, when it comes to an end.

He deals some damage to nearby enemies and stuns them. The duration of the stun is affected by the duration of the defensive mode.

This skill is very useful for stunning and killing enemies who have low HP. This skill also help to get away from enemies when your health is low.

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How To Use Mobile Legends Aldous Skill 3 Ultimate- Contract Chase Fate

All the enemies are exposed for 5 seconds, you can choose any enemy and fly straight to them. While in mid-air, press skill 1 so that your next basic attack will become enhanced.

We can also cancel the charge by pressing the skill-3 icon again.

Press skill 3 and choose in which direction you want to stop. This skill can be used to charge into team-fights or simply chase fleeing enemies.

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Mobile Legends Aldous Soul Steal Stacks

For every Soul Steal Stack, 8 points of damage is added to skill 1. It can stack up-to 500. For every creep or minion killed by basic attack, Aldous will gain 1 stack.

When you use skill 1 to eliminate creeps or minions you get 3 Soul Stacks. Always try to last hit minions with skill 1 to get 3 stacks.

Eliminating enemy heroes by Skill 1 gives you 10 soul stacks, but eliminating with basic attack will not give you any stack. Last hitting turrets with skill 1 will also give you 10 stack.

Whereas, if you just destroy it with basic attack then you won’t get any stack. This applies to both the Turtle and The Lord. Skill 1 last hit= 10 stacks, else 0 stack.

Mobile Legends Aldous Best Builds

  • Recommended Builds: – It is better to build half attack- half defense. Although you can replace a defense item with Blade of despair.

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Mobile Legends Aldous Builds & Emblems

Mobile Legends Aldous Pro Builds

Mobile Legends Aldous Pro Builds

Mobile Legends Aldous Alternative Builds

This is exactly the same as before but with Rapid Boots and Wings of Apocalypse.

Mobile Legends Aldous Alternative Build

Mobile Legends Aldous Best Emblem Set

Assassin Emblem with Movement Speed, Physical Pen and Bounty Hunter. You can also go with the 3rd talent as it provides speed-up after kills.

Mobile Legends Aldous Suggested Emblem

Mobile Legends Aldous Counters

Like all heroes, Aldous also have some heroes who can counter him. Khufra Bouncing ball is the only thing in the game which can stop Aldous ulti.

And Khufra also has great CC, hence he can counter Aldous quit easily.

Mobile Legends Aldous Counters

A good Chou player can put a stop to Aldous as Chou CC can easily prevent Aldous from doing much damage.


Mobile Legends Aldous Best Spell

Recommended Battle spell- Sprint or Flicker

Recommended Battle spell- Sprint or Flicker

Mobile Legends Aldous Game-play Tips

Skill Upgrading-

Skill Upgrading

Mobile Legends Aldous Recommended laneit is advisable to go side lanes in order to collect stacks from each minion wave. In mid-lane or jungle, you will become under-stacked.

In early game try to last-hit every minion wave and take creeps from time to time. By mid-game try to at least have 150-200 stacks.

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Recommended lane

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That’s all for this How to Use Aldous in Mobile Legends guide tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.

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