Mobile Legends Terizla Guide 2021 | Terizla Best Build 2021

Welcome to MLBB Hero Guide Tutorial In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Mobile Legends Terizla in Mobile Legends.

I will explain Mobile Legends Terizla Passive and Skills, MLBB Terizla Build & Emblems, ML Terizla Spells, Mobile Legends Terizla Counters. 

Terizla MLBB Strong/Weak, Terizla Skill Combo, and finally give you some Tips and Tricks to How Play Terizla 2021 Effectively.

So are you Ready to know about Terizla?

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For now, let’s focus on Terizla.

Mobile Legends Terizla Basic Attributes

mlbb terizla build

Mobile Legends Terizla Passive

Every 2% of Terizla HP lost will be converted to 1% Damage Reduction (up to 40%). Terizla Attack speed cannot be increased.

Per 1% extra Attack speed will be transformed into 1 points of Physical attack. Terizla has Damage Reduction Passive.

Basically Terizla will be harder to kill when his HP low. Here you can see Wintalker’s 40% Attack speed is converted into 40 point of Physical attack.

mlbb terizla build

Mobile Legends Terizla Skill 1- Revenge Strike

The marked enemy will then receive explosion damage after 3 seconds. The explosion damage is based on 10% of enemy’s lost HP.

So using this skill on low HP target will deal more damage. This skill also reduces enemy movement speed and increase Terizla movement speed.

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Mobile Legends Terizla SKILL 2- Execution Strike

The first 2 phases deal physical damage to all enemies in the area. The 3rd phase deal Massive Physical damage and also slow enemies in the area by 20%.

You can use Joystick to slightly change position while casting skill 2.

Mobile Legends Terizla ULTIMATE – Penalty Zone

Enemies hit by this skill will be pulled 3 times to the center, each pull deal physical damage. That’s all for his passive and skills.

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Mobile Legends Terizla Best Spell

  • Sprint is the best battle Terizla spell. Using Sprint before casting skill 2 will increase the range of the skill slightly.
  • Use Purify against High CC enemy team.
  • Since, MLBB Terizla doesn’t have any dash skill. Flicker is also a good option for him.

mlbb terizla build

Mobile Legends Terizla Best EMBLEM

  • Fighter Emblem

mlbb terizla build

  • Tank Emblem

mlbb terizla build

Mobile Legends Terizla Best BUILD

  • This is my recommended for MLBB Terizla Build. Use this build against a balanced enemy team composition.
  • This Terizla build can deal a great amount of damage and at the same time he will be tanky.

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Mobile Legends Terizla

MLBB Terizla Build Against high Physical damage dealers

  • Tough Boots- 700
  • Bloodlust Axe- 1970
  • Blade of Despair- 3010
  • Queen’s Wings- 2250
  • Antique Cuirass- 2170
  • Brute Force Breastplate- 1870

mlbb terizla build

Mobile Legends Terizla Burst Build

  • Tough Boots- 700
  • Bloodlust Axe- 1970
  • Endless Battle- 2470
  • Blade of Despair- 3010
  • Malefic Roar- 2060
  • Queen’s Wings- 2250

mlbb terizla build

Mobile Legends Terizla SKILL COMBO

  • When Enemies are closer.

mlbb terizla build

  • When Enemies are FAR/ against Mobile Heroes.

mlbb terizla build

Mobile Legends Terizla Guide & Gameplay Tips

  • At level 1, unlock skill 2 and head straight to clear lane minions. Terizla can clear waves very fast, just aim your skill 2 correctly so that it hits all minions.
  • If the enemy lanner has 2 or more dash skills try to play safe because they can evade your skills easily. If the enemy lanner is not so mobile, you can be aggressive and try to invade their jungle.
  • Terizla has great damage early game and his passive makes him tanky. Cut the waves in-between turrets if the enemy is in low HP.
  • If you are outnumbered while competing for crab, try to at least land your skill 1 on crab. You can also try this same technique to steal LORD / Turtle also.
  • Don’t Tower dive with Terizla, if there is no one else to tank for you. His slow skill animation isn’t that good at tower diving.
  • Only dive, if you’re 100% sure of securing the kill. If enemies try to tower dive, use ultimate to lock them under your turret.
  • Increasing Terizla Movement speed before casting skill 2 will increase its range.
  • Make use of it whenever necessary. When you use skill 1 try to hit the lowest HP enemy.
  • If the enemies are too close while chasing you, use your skill 2 backwards. Or use skill 1 to gain Movement speed.

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That’s all for this Mobile Legends Terizla Hero guide tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.

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