Mobile Legends Lylia Guide 2021 | Lylia Best Build 2021

Welcome to MLBB Hero Guide Tutorial In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Mobile Legends Lylia in game.

I will explain his Passive and Skills, MLBB Lylia Build, Lylia Spells, Lylia Skill Combo, and finally give you some tips and tricks How to play Lylia 2021 effectively.

So are you Ready to know about Lylia?

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For now, let’s focus on Lylia ML.

How to Uuse Lylia Skills?

Mobile Legends Lylia Basic Attributes

Mobile Legends Lylia Passive

If her skill 1 hits the shadow energy, it will explode dealing magic damage to nearby targets and the shadow Energy will turn into a Gloom.

The Gloom has a range; if Lylia stays within this range she’ll get a 15% Movement Speed Boost.

There will be a timer running around gloom, if you place Shadow Energy within the range before timer runs out the gloom will upgrade its level. Gloom can reach upto level 5.

Here are the Bonuses you get at each level.

  1. Level 1 Gloom – +15% Movement Speed
  2. Level 2 Gloom – +20% Movement Speed, +30% Explosion Damage
  3. Level 3 Gloom – +25% Movement Speed, +60% Explosion Damage
  4. Level 4 Gloom – +30% Movement Speed, +90% Explosion Damage
  5. Level 5 Gloom – +35% Movement Speed, +120% Explosion Damage

Mobile Legends Lylia Skill 1

For Better Understanding, I will explain Mobile Legends Lylia passive after skill 2. Her Skill 1 is an attack wave, it deals magic damage to enemies in its path.

This skill also slows enemy by 40%. The slowdown effect lasts for 1.5 secs.

Mobile Legends Lylia Skill 2

Mobile Legends Lylia will place a shadow energy ball in the area, this can be stacked upto 5 times.

If you place this skill near an enemy, it deals magic damage and slows down 80%. If the shadow Energy balls you placed goes out of your screen view area, they will disappear.

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Mobile Legends Lylia Ultimate

The Shoe following her keeps track of her state (Position, HP, Mana) that she had 4 secs ago. Pressing the ulti will take her back to the past state and also regens additional 25% HP.

This skill also increases her Movement by 40% for 2s and it max stacks her skill 2. You can check the Location of Shoe in the Mini Map. That’s all for her passive and skills.

Mobile Legends Lylia Battle Spell

Lylia has Strong farming ability Retribution will help her to solo farm quickly. Lylia can’t use her Ultimate if she is stunned.

So it’s recommended to use Purify against decent CC team.

You can also use Sprint or Flicker to increase her Survivability.

Mobile Legends Lylia Battle Spell

Mobile Legends Lylia Emblem Set

Custom Mage Emblem

Mobile Legends Lylia Emblem Set

Magic Emblem

Magic Emblem

Mobile Legends Lylia Best Build 2021

This is perfectly suitable for MLBB Lylia Build 2021.  It has good damage, CD reduction slow down & Penetration. Buy two Mana Necklace at the start then upgrade it into Demon shoes.

Since her Ulti has very high CD. Fleeting time will help a lot in fights.

Ice Queen Wand’s Slowdown will help you hit Skill 2.

Lylia Best Build 2021

  1. Demon Shoes- 720
  2. Lightning Truncheon- 2250
  3. Ice Queen Wand- 2240
  4. Fleeting Time- 2050
  5. Divine Glaive- 1970
  6. Blood Wings- 3000
Mobile Legends Lylia Item Build
Lylia Best Build 2021

This build has high poke damage after getting the first 3 items & with this build you will have good amount of HP early game.

Best Build for Lylia 2021

  1. Demon Shoes- 720
  2. Clock of Destiny- 1950
  3. Lightning Truncheon- 2250
  4. Ice Queen Wand- 2240
  5. Fleeting Time- 2050
  6. Divine Glaive- 1970
Mobile Legends Lylia Item Build 2
Best Build for Lylia 2021

Lylia Mobile Legends Build 2021

  1. Clck of Destiny- 1950
  2. Arcane Boots- 690
  3. Genius Wand- 2000
  4. Lightning Truncheon- 2250
  5. Holy Crystal- 2180
  6. Blood Wings- 3000

Mobile Legends Lylia Strong Against

Lylia is strong against heroes with low mobility and heroes that lack CC skills. Lylia can easily hit Heroes with her skill 2, if the enemy lacks mobility.

  1. Lesley
  2. Chang’e
  3. Minsitthar
Mobile Legends Lylia Strong Against

Mobile Legends Lylia Weak Against

Lylia can be easily countered by heroes with High Mobility or CC Skills.

  1. Harith
  2. Saber
  3. Fanny
Mobile Legends Lylia Weak Against

Mobile Legends Lylia Skill Upgrade Priority

Mobile Legends Lylia Tips & Tricks

Mobile Legends Lylia Guide & Gameplay Tips

  • At level 1 Lylia will have her both skill 1 & Skill 2 unlocked which is a great advantage. You can stack skill 2 like this to clear minion waves quickly at level 1.
  • Else you can try to get First Blood at level 1. Place your skill 2 inside bushes while lanning, it will act as ward. Protecting you from ganks.
  • MLBB Lylia is very good at poking; enemies can’t even be safe under their turret. Make sure you poke enemies as hard as you can.
  • If you know for sure that enemy will go through a certain place, you can setup traps with skill 2 in bushes.
This trick will work better, if you have a CC teammate. 

When playing Lylia look at the mini-map more often your skill 2 gives more vision of your surroundings. If you see enemies approaching, quickly setup your gloom in that direction.

If your teammate is ready to gank, you can use your Ultimate to bait enemies. When doing 1v1 try to stay within gloom’s range, it will increase your movement speed & it makes hard for your enemies to target you.

When using her skill 1 & 2 always aim, don’t tap even in tight situations try to aim her skills. You have to very careful when using ulti.

Because the chances of ending up in between the entire enemy team during a clash is very high. So it’s better to take look at the mini-map before using ulti.

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That’s all for this How to Use Lylia in Mobile Legends Guide tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.

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