Mobile Legends Granger Complete Guide| Best Build 2020

Welcome to MLBB Hero Guide Tutorial In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Granger in Mobile Legends. I will explain his Passive and Skills,MLBB Granger build, Granger Spells, Granger Skill Combo, and finally give you some tips and tricks to play Granger effectively.

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Mobile Legends Granger Basic Attributes"Mobile Legends": Granger Item Build Guide

Mobile Legends Granger Passive"Mobile Legends": Granger Item Build Guide

MLBB Granger has 6 bullets loaded into his Gun at a time, His each basic attack uses 1 bullet. His 6th bullet deals critical damage to enemy. If some bullets remain unused, he will reload his Gun after 5 seconds. He only gains 50% (half) attack speed from item and emblems. For Ex., Wind talker only give 20% attack speed to Granger instead of 40%.

Mobile Legends Granger Skill 1"Mobile Legends": Granger Item Build Guide

Using this skill will reload his gun immediately, this skill deals physical damage to enemy 6 times and the last hit will deal critical damage. You can’t change the direction of this skill after casting it. (Similar to Harley’s skill 1).

Mobile Legends Granger Skill 2:- Rondo"Mobile Legends": Granger Item Build Guide

This is a dash skill after using this skill his next 2 basic attack are enhanced to deal 20% more damage. This enhanced basic attacks lasts for 5 seconds. Each time his skill 1 hits an enemy hero, his skill 2 cool down will be reduced by 0.5 seconds.

Mobile Legends Granger ULTIMATE: – Death SonataScreenshot 20190710 224208 YouTube

MLBB Granger can totally fire 3 times dealing physical damage & slowing by 80%, the 3rd hit will deal Critical damage. This skill will deal damage to minions/monsters in the path & explodes when it hits an enemy hero. This explosion deal damage to all enemies nearby.

After each fire Granger will dash in the direction you hold the joystick. You can also make him stay at the same place by removing your finger from joystick. The skill’s cool down will be reduced by 15% for every unused fire.

Mobile Legends Granger Battle spell"Mobile Legends": Granger Item Build Guide

Sprint is the best battle spell for Granger, you can quickly engage or escape with it. Use Purify spell against HIGH CC enemy team. With RETRIBUTION you can easily solo farm early game.

Mobile Legends Granger Emblem Set

Marksman Emblem: – Use Marksman Emblem for Granger Spend talent points on Crit chance & Crit damage. Use Weakness finder or Weapon master talent for Granger, Both works well for him."Mobile Legends": Granger Item Build Guide

  • Assassin Emblem: – Use Assassin Emblem is also a good option. Spend talent points on CD reduction & spell vamp. Use Bounty Hunter talent it gives 1 Gold for every kill.

"Mobile Legends": Granger Item Build Guide

Mobile Legends Granger Best Build

This Item build is my recommended for MLBB Granger Build. This is full attack build.

Screenshot 20190710 224449 YouTube

  • Use this MLBB Granger build also as per required.
"Mobile Legends": Granger Item Build Guide

Mobile Legends Granger Defensive Build

Screenshot 20190710 224519 YouTube

Mobile Legends Granger Skill Combo

Start the fight with ulti from Long range, use skill 2 to gap close and finish of with skill 1.

"Mobile Legends": Granger Item Build Guide

Mobile Legends Granger Strong Against

MLBB Granger is strong against heroes with low mobility because he can easily hit them with his skill.
  • Cyclops

  • Miya

  • Sun

Screenshot 20190710 224613 YouTube

Mobile Legends Granger Weak Against

MLBB Granger is weak against heroes with CC skills or high mobility.
  • Fanny

  • Saber

  • Selena

"Mobile Legends": Granger Item Build Guide

Mobile Legends Granger Best Team-Mates

  • Heroes that has CC skills can help Granger to hit skills easily.

Screenshot 20190710 224727 YouTube

Mobile Legends Granger Tips & Tricks – Skill Upgrade"Mobile Legends": Granger Item Build Guide

Start the match with Hunter’s Knife & head straight to clear lane minions Use skill 1 to clear minions & to poke enemies try to last hit as much as possible. If you are solo mid-laner try to secure crab after clearing the minion wave.

If you are side laner stick to the lane till you reach level 4.Upon reaching level 4 roam & finish off enemies with low HP with your ULTIMATE. You can use auto-aim for your ulti if the enemy is moving vertical from your point of view. But you must Manual aim if the enemy is moving horizontal from your point of view.

Using skill 2 during skill 1 will increase the damage output try to combine it if possible. Aiming your skill 1 correctly is very important, if enemy has dash skill wait for them to use it first. Since Granger can use his skills while moving, make sure you damage enemies chasing you.

That’s all for this How to Use Granger in Mobile Legends guide tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.

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