10 Best Massage Chairs Reviews & Buying Guides 2022

With life today becoming increasingly mechanical and stressful, taking care of one’s own physical and mental health has become a challenge for most adults.

With multiple things to worry about on the career, household, and social fronts, adults these days hardly have the time to relax.

Stress-related diseases and burnouts are way too common for us to ignore. Under such circumstances, a massage chair is something that can work wonders.

If you have been wondering, ‘Is a massage chair worth buying?’, the answer is definitely yes.

The benefits of a massage are definitely not unknown to most people around the world. But where is the time to book a session, especially when one’s to-do list is already full?

A massage chair can provide you with the benefits of a massage from the comfort of your living room. A quick 30-minute session is all it would take to help you relax.

If you are wondering, ‘What is the best massage chair?’ you are in the right place. Read this article to find out the best massage chair available in the market at the moment.

Please take a look at the list assorted by us for your comfort and pick out the best massage chair that suits your needs.

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Best Massage Chair in 2022

Kahuna Zero Gravity Full-Body Massage Chair

Coming with the assurance of the trusted brand, Kahuna, this zero gravity massage chair is one of the best massage chairs available in the market.

Working in variations of the Shiatsu style, the Kahuna Zero Gravity Full-Body Massage Chair specializes in muscular healing and stress management.

With this product, Kahuna takes massage chairs to a whole new level by using body scanning to customize the perfect chair massage session for the user.

This massage chair makes use of an L-track style system for providing an effective shoulder to toe massages.

The price of this product ranges from $2500 to $2800. Overall, with its amazing features, this product is the one for you if you are looking for the best massage chair.


  • Easy to set up. It comes completely assembled.
  • All you have to do is plug it in to enjoy relaxing massages.
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty.
  • Does not take up too much of your living room space.
  • Provides three alternating positions.
  • It has an easy to clean exterior.


  • Expensive.
  • Has a really bulky body.
  • Difficult to move.

Panasonic Real Pro Ultra Prestige 3D Luxury Heated Massage Chair

This massage chair from Panasonic is another contender for the position of the best massage chair in the market.

With its six automatic massage programs, the user is free to choose and customize their massages according to their individual preference.

This chair comes with as many as 110 combinations of various massage styles like Swedish, Shiatsu, rolling and tapping, and kneading and ultra-kneading styles.

Featuring heated massage rollers, this Panasonic Real Pro Ultra Prestige 3D Luxury Heated Massage Chair scans your body to find out 1000 acupoints, according to which it adjusts itself.

With its super impressive quality and luxury, this high-end massage chair is sure to provide you some of the best messages of your life.


  • Comes with a voice-activated control system.
  • Impressive design and stylish appearance.
  • Plenty of massage options for the user to choose from.


  • Expensive.
  • Huge in size.
  • It will take up a lot of space.

Inada Flex 3S Massage Chair

The Inada Flex 3S Massage Chair is one of its kind. With its full body stretching capacity, this high-end massage chair is undoubtedly one of the best massage chairs available in the market at the moment.

At approximately $1900, this product would fix your posture, curing many major health issues.

This chair comes with a head to toe kneading massage system and makes use of a combination of roller and air compression massage techniques.

best massage chair
best massage chair


  • The most attractive feature of this massage chair is that it has a full body stretching feature, which is designed to correct your posture.
  • Impressive longevity.
  • Stylish build.


  • Does not feature heated rollers for the back.
  • Heated rollers are only available for hands and feet.
  • Does not fit everyone.
  • Not a great product for tall people.

SNAILAX Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat

The Snorlax Massage Cushion with Heat is not a chair but a cushion that can slide over any chair and provide you with luxurious, relieving massages.

If you desperately wanted a luxurious massage chair but were deterred by the high prices, they usually come in, and by the lack of a large living room space that a full-sized lounger takes, Snailax has come up with the perfect solution to your problems.

This cushion provides you with gentle massage in the bottom area and deep kneading massage on the shoulders and the back.

It also has heating pads and uses shiatsu massage techniques.


  • Extremely portable.
  • It consumes very little electricity, especially when compared to the full-sized chairs.
  • Automatic shut off technology that shuts off the cushion after 15 minutes of inactivity.
  • Not bulky at all.


  • It cannot provide full-body coverage.
  • Limited massage options and functions available.

Esright Massage Recliner Chair

If you are looking to upgrade from your regular armchair into a recliner that provides you with massages while also fitting well within your budget, this Esright Massage Recliner Chair is just the one for you.

Although its features are pretty basic, it is the best massage chair available in the market for under $500. With a 360° swivel, this amazing chair from Esright allows the user to face any direction during the session.

It can recline up to 150 degrees and has extra padding with soft PU leather for maximum comfort of the user.


  • Affordable.
  • Attractive design.
  • Can be rocked back and forth.
  • Various control modes and intensity options.


  • Completely manually controlled
  • Requires to be assembled after delivery.

Snailax Vibration Massage Seat Cushion

We could not help but feature another massage cushion by Snailax in our best massage chair list. This product by Snailax is one of the most affordable massage chairs available in the market at present.

At its price range, the Snailax Vibration Massage Seat Cushion would provide you the best chair massage you can ask for.

Sitting comfortably atop any seat or chair, this product provides you with as many as five choices of massage styles and four levels of intensity adjustments.

Its automatic shut-off technology prevents overheating, and the heating pads located throughout its body ensure really comfortable, relaxing massages to the user.


  • Comfortable fabric that is smooth on your skin.
  • It can also be used in your car.
  • Extremely portable.
  • Easy to clean up.
  • Very affordable.


  • Massage functions like kneading, rolling, and tapping are not available.
  • No coverage on the feet or legs.
  • It cannot perform styles like the Shiatsu.

Kahuna Top Performance Superior Massage Chair

One of the most expensive massage chairs in the market, this product from Kahuna has been specifically designed to provide luxurious massages by enveloping the user from head to toe.

This high-end product has LED panels built into its sides that provide a calm, blue hue to soothe your mind while enjoying a relaxing massage in the dark.

It comes with nine comprehensive programs for you to choose from and uses six rollers to give you the feel of six hands working on your body.

The Kahuna Too Performance Superior Massage Chair can also provide you with zero gravity massages, with heating therapy built-in throughout the chair.

If you are willing to go a little overboard on your budget for extra comfort and luxury, this chair is going to be totally worth the price.


  • ]Comes with a two-year warranty.
  • Huge capacity can accommodate individuals weighing up to 320 lb.
  • Wrist massage facility.
  • Arrives completely assembled.
  • The footrest can be removed to wash.


  • Very expensive
  • It has a sturdy appearance that would not go well with the other furniture in your room.

HoMedics Pro Massage Cushion

Massage cushions have an added advantage over massage chairs as they are extremely portable and fit very well within your budget.

The HoMedics Pro Massage Cushion by HoMedics can be used as a chair cover on any seat available.

It has three massage styles incorporated into its system- gentle rolling, deep kneading, and invigorating percussion, to provide you with the perfect massage experience.

Its heating pads have been specially designed to provide comfort to your back and soothe any stress-related tension.

It comes with an extremely easy to use remote control and has head and neck massage accessories that can be bought as add ons. It is padded for optimum comfort.


  • Soft and comfortable fabric that can be cleaned very easily.
  • Uses the shiatsu massage style.
  • Very portable.
  • No setting up required can directly be used after unboxing.
  • Long life.


  • Too expensive for a massage cushion.
  • Cannot massage in the bottom area.
  • Gets dirty very easily.

Real Relax Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

This impressive massage chair by Real Relax is equipped with a rocking feature that allows the chair to rock back and forth during the massage session, taking the experience to a whole new level.

Although this chair does not really have a zero-gravity feature, it provides the user with an out of the world massage experience by reclining to a very comfortable angle.

It has eight massage points that operate in the backrest with four automatic functions.

It can be customized to a large number of different intensities and has a full armrest panel that provides wrist and arm massages.

This Real Relax Zero Gravity Full Body massage chair also comes with a sleep function that provides extremely gentle massages and vibrations, enabling you to have a more comfortable sleep pattern.


  • It has two wheels in the back for ease of movement.
  • Very comfortable to fall asleep in without back damage
  • Can hold up to 400lbs
  • Serves as a great sofa or lounge when not being used as a massage chair.


  • It requires you to assemble it after delivery.
  • Very bulky and hence takes up a lot of space.

Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair

The kahuna LM 6800 massage chair is one of the best high-end massage chairs available in the market at a comparatively lesser price.

This massage chair is extremely popular among users and comes with great functionality.

It comes with 6 different automatic modes and futuristic features like smart body scanning and three different stages of the Zero Gravity feature.

This amazing chair has a price range of $2,000 to $2600.


  • Although this massage chair is a high-end one, it comes at a comparatively affordable price.
  • This chair has an excellent Zero Gravity feature, which provides the user with an exceptionally relaxing and therapeutic massage session.
  • This chair uses body scanning technology to identify and memorize the user’s needs.


  • Although this chair is affordable when compared to other high-end massage chairs in the market, its price is still going to be heavy on your pocket.
  • It does not come with color options.
  • The only color available is brown.
  • It cannot customize massage timings.
  • Massages are only 30 minutes long, and if you want to cut them short, you have to turn off the chair manually.
  • Longer messages are not available.
  • It is not very stylish and would not go with other furniture in your room.

Which Brand of Massage Chair is the best?

Now that you have taken a look at the best massage chairs available in the market in 2021, you have plenty of options to choose from.

It is a given that at this point, you must be extremely confused, trying to figure out which is the best massage chair for you.

10 Best Massage Chairs Reviews & Buying Guide 2021
best massage chair

Just like any other home appliance and self-care product, there are too many contenders for the position of best massage chair available in the market.

The decision to pick the one to provide you with the best chair massage therefore becomes even more difficult.

With every brand claiming that their product is the best massage chair, you need to look for a few features in the products to ensure which one really meets all your needs.

Is a massage chair worth buying?

Here are some factors to consider while trying to pick out the best massage chair in 2021:

Full Coverage

Most massage cushions and chairs available in the market only focus on a small region in the back, neck, and bottom area.

Always look for a massage chair that covers at least the upper and lower back. Only a chair that covers the neck, shoulders, head, arms, legs, and feet along with the back is the best massage chair.

Reclining Facility

A chair that does not recline would not allow you to relax completely and, therefore, cannot be the best massage chair for you.

Make sure whichever chair you pick for yourself, it at least reclines partially.

Heating Facility

Heating helps your body relax and relieves you from stress by getting your blood to flow. Therefore this is a must-have feature in the massage chair you pick.

Intensity Settings

Since the purpose of your massage chair is to provide you with a relaxing chair massage, make sure it comes with a choice of massage intensities so that you can decide according to your own needs when you want an intense massage and when you require a lighter one.


When buying something as expensive as a massage chair, you would definitely want to be covered in a long warranty plan.

One year should be enough time for you to check out every facility in your massage chair and to see if it works properly. So make sure your message chair comes with at least one warranty.


The massage chairs in the market come in a wide range of prices. The prices vary according to the features that the chairs come with.

Be sure to look for chairs that come within your preferred price range and look for maximum features within that range.

While the prices rise higher, make sure that the chair you are purchasing is value for money.

Massage Settings

For the chair, you are purchasing to be the best massage chair available in the market, it is important that it comes with a variety of massage settings.

It is important that your chair provides the shiatsu style or kneading. The more basic chairs just vibrate to provide the massage sensation.

However, the shiatsu style is the most efficient massage style as it resembles the motions of a human hand.

With the information that we provided above, we hope that you would be able to find the best massage chair to suit your individual needs.

So why wait any longer? Pick out your favorite massage chair from the list provided and order it now!

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